How to remove and post a Clip on VKontakte

We will tell you how to shoot and add video to VK clips. How to properly set up shooting with gestures, add music and stickers, choose a cover and make a description.

Finally, let’s talk about which videos should be uploaded to the new section.

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How to shoot a clip in VK: step by step instructions

Shooting clips in VK is available on Android version 6.0 and higher or on iPhone with iOS 10.3 and higher.

To publish a video on VKontakte, you can use both a previously prepared video and shoot it from your hand in live mode. Blanks for clips can also be shot directly in VK, saved as a draft on the phone, edited and then added to the social network.

How to record or upload a clip to VK

To get started, open the VKontakte mobile application on your phone and go to the “Clips” section. Next, in the upper right corner of the screen, click on the play button icon (if you don’t have such a button, update the application).

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The section “My Clips” opens. Here we click “Record Clip”.

Click on the Record Clip button

The camera will open. To add your video, click on the square on the left side of the screen and select the desired video from the gallery. To record a clip, press the button in the center of the screen.

How to upload a clip to VK

If you decide to shoot a video directly in the application, then the following options are available to you:

  1. Turn gesture control on or off (gestures are not supported on weak or older devices, and on iPhones they are only available since iOS 13).
  2. Timer – allows you to turn on the countdown before recording starts. You can choose 3 or 10 seconds. And also set after what time the recording will be stopped.
  3. The duration of the video is 15 or 60 seconds.

Regardless of whether you add a video from the gallery or shoot a clip directly in the application, after that the publishing process is identical.

Background music for the video

To add musical score, click on the notes icon. A plate will open where you can select any track from the VKontakte library. You cannot upload your own music.

Tracks for clips VKontakte

At the moment, there are three sections with music: popular, editorial’s choice and Russian hits. Alternatively, you can use the music search.

After choosing the music, you need to choose a moment from the song that will be used in the clip. To do this, simply hold down and move the sound wave across the screen.

How to choose a section of a song for a video

In the end, you can also adjust the volume of the background music and the original.

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How to add a sticker

To add a sticker to a clip, click on the sticker icon and select the one you want on the screen.

How to add a sticker to a clip

The following stickers are available: place, hashtag, mention, gif, poll, product, time and photo.

We recommend using stickers to increase the reach of your clips and to engage your audience.

How to add a caption to a clip

To add a caption to a video:

  1. Click on the icon in the form of two letters “Aa”.
  2. A panel opens where you can enter any text.
  3. To style the text, click on the icons above. You can make a selection with color, align the text to the center or right / left, and change the font.

How to customize the cover and publish the clip

At the end of all actions, tap “Next” and proceed to creating a description.

  1. Fill in the description field. You can use text, emojis, hashtags and mentions here.
  2. Choose a cover. To do this, click on the video icon on the right and select the moment, the video, which will be used as the cover.
  3. Below, choose whether to create a separate post with a clip on your wall.
  4. Click Publish. Done!

You have created a clip in VK and posted it, it remains to wait for views and user reactions.

Please note that in the “Clips” section you will have a separate profile page with your clips, the number of subscribers.

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What clips to make for VKontakte

Since, in general, this format is borrowed from Tik-Tok, you can focus on the trends of this application when shooting a video.

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For a personal blog, you can shoot reactions to new tracks, record short sketches, create clips with practical jokes, and more.

For the business page, you can make clips on more serious topics related to the company’s activities. Construction organizations can show how the work on the construction of a house is going on, legal ones – talk about the basics of law.

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that Clips on VK are entertaining content and this format is more focused on bloggers.


Create your own clips, select the music that is in trend now, come up with a unique design and shoot. Be sure to add an engaging description and hashtags before posting to ensure your clip gets good coverage.

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