How to repost on Instagram Stories: step by step instructions

The article has been updated. First published: October 3, 2018

First, let’s figure out what exactly you can repost in your Stories

  • other people’s Stories, on which you are tagged,
  • posts from your feed,
  • posts from someone else’s tape,
  • video from the IG-TV section – from your own or someone else’s account (preview 15 seconds).

Let’s see how it works.

How to repost Instagram Stories on which you are tagged

When your account is tagged in Stories, you receive a notification about the tag in your private messages. It also contains an active link “Add this to History”, which we need to follow.

How to repost Instagram Stories: steps one and two

After that, you will open a standard Story editing window – if you wish, you can add a link (available for accounts with more than 10,000 subscribers), stickers, text and filters.

Next, just submit the publication to your Stories. Done – you are amazing!

How to repost a video or photo from your feed to Stories

In order to share someone else’s publication in Stories, click on the airplane icon right below the post and select “Add a publication to your story.”

add post to story

You will see the familiar Story editing page, where you can add a link, stickers, and more.

Account selection and finished publication
Account selection and finished publication

Then just share the publication in your Story and enjoy!

By the way, if you don’t want your Stories to repost everything, just disable this feature in the settings.

disabling the function in the settings

But if you decide that the native functionality of Instagram is not enough for you and you want, for example, to repost a post to your feed, then use the Repost + application – download it, log in and copy the link to the desired publication:

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Instagram reposts are a useful feature for efficiently working on the content of your account:

  1. With the help of reposts of publications in Stories, you can announce new posts, warning subscribers. We recommend that you do this immediately or 4 hours after the post comes out. Everyone who missed the appearance of the post in the feed will see it in the story feed. Be sure to use catchy headlines for your announcements to encourage users to discover.
  2. By reposting with your tags, you can stimulate and generate user generated content. It helps you leverage social proof to build loyalty and trust in your products or services with subscribers.
  3. By announcing a video from IG-TV, you are helping to increase your video views. If the number of views grows significantly, the video will advance and be in the featured feed, which will also increase reach.

To get better at work and with Stories, take a look at the course “Instagram Stories for Business 2.0”. Read more about it at the link above.

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