How to run a YouTube contest: conditions, prizes, determining the winner

If you want to hold a contest on YouTube, we recommend reading our guide. Why do we need contests:

  • to attract a new audience;
  • increase the number of video views;
  • increase interest in the channel;
  • create a positive image;
  • promote a specific product / service or brand;
  • increase income from monetization (if ads are embedded in videos).

In this article, we will tell you how to create your own giveaway and determine the winner, what types of contests are and how to automate most of the process.

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YouTube contest mechanics

Common conditions for participants (you can choose several):

Leave a comment under the video… The participant must write one or more comments under the video, he is assigned a personal number. The winner is determined in one of two ways:

  1. Using a random number generator.
  2. The most creative or interesting comment is selected.

Come up with an idea or give advice… You ask a question, for example, on the topic of channel development, and subscribers should share their thoughts in the comments. The author of the most useful or creative commentary becomes the winner. This option differs from the usual competition with comments in that you do not just collect comments under the video, but you can get useful information from subscribers.

Subscribe to the channel… The participant of the competition must be subscribed to the channel, the winner is determined using a random number generator.

Like… Participants must like the video and click on the bell, the winner is determined using a random number generator.

Repost video… The participant must share the video on social networks, the winner is also determined using a random number generator.

Record a video review… Competition for the company’s clients. They should record their video feedback on your product or service and send it to you at the specified address or a link in the comments.

Complete a creative assignment and record it on video… Similar to the previous point – participants complete an assignment (for example, shoot a video with a product), post it on social networks and give you links.

Basically, YouTube uses a mixed mechanic, when you need to subscribe to a channel, repost a contest video on social networks, like and write a comment. The winner is determined by comments or likes (usually the first).

What can be played:

  • money;
  • product or service (if the competition is held by a company);
  • discount;
  • free access to the service, webinar, online lessons;
  • souvenirs, things with channel or brand symbols;
  • meeting with the channel’s author;
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Important: When running a contest on YouTube, you must adhere to community guidelines and comply with the privacy policy (do not share personal information of participants). Only free contests are allowed on YouTube, that is, you cannot ask for participation fees.

You can run contests on your channel or arrange joint sweepstakes with other YouTubers.

PS If you want to hold a joint competition with other authors, look for channels from your target audience.

How to make a contest and draw on YouTube using comments

The most common mechanic when creating a YouTube contest is picking winners from comments. Let’s talk about a convenient service You to Gift, which allows you to determine the winners in a couple of clicks.

Why use this service:

  • it’s free;
  • it is convenient – the service itself determines the winner, it is easy to check compliance with the conditions through it;
  • he is honest – You to Gift works only with conscientious YouTubers, therefore, participants in your competition can be sure that they will not be thrown. Each participant can check his serial number and availability in the lists;
  • the You to Gift website has a catalog of contests – since the service regularly buys ads, mentioning your contest in its catalog can become an additional source of traffic for the channel (and free);
  • the service supports 3 platforms for conducting contests – YouTube, Instagram and VKontakte.

PS Before you start using it, you need to think over the details of the competition – what are we playing, what are the conditions, on what dates to hold, where the results will be, how to advertise the competition in order to recruit participants.

You can add a contest to You to Gift in two ways:

  1. Place in the competition catalog – you need to write a description, write down the conditions, indicate the prizes, the number of winners and the end date.
  2. Conduct a competition in 1 click – when you need to quickly determine the winner using a random number generator.

Conditions of the competition

What to write in conditions:

  • what actions a participant must take to receive a prize;
  • on what dates the competition is held;
  • you can indicate that it is necessary to fulfill all the listed conditions in order to qualify for the victory.


Conditions of the contest on YouTube

PS You can hold the same competition simultaneously in several social networks, then you need to separately prescribe the conditions for each site.


Example of tender conditions

Registration of the competition in the video description

How to properly design a post about a contest – save yourself the template, which should be in the post text:

  1. Brief description of the competition with a list of prizes.
  2. Conditions of the competition.
  3. How the winner will be determined.
  4. When the results will be known.
  5. Where to find the results.

Design example:

Registration of the competition in the description by video on YouTube

Promotion of the draw

Ways to attract the maximum number of participants:

  • post the announcement of the competition on your channel and in all social networks;
  • launch advertising of the competition on other people’s channels or video with a partner, if a joint competition is planned;
  • place the contest in the You to Gift catalog.
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Example of a contest announcement on Instagram:

How to promote a contest on YouTube

How to determine the winner

Depending on the type of competition and its mechanics, the winner can be determined manually or through the competition services.

Manually… Let’s say you’ve created a contest in which the author of the most creative comment will be the winner. To summarize, you need to re-read all the comments, manually select the best ones and choose the winner among them. This is done by the author of the competition, his assistants or a special jury.

If it is difficult to determine the winner, you can manually select 5-10 creative comments and choose one of them using a randomizer.

PS You will also have to manually check the fulfillment of other conditions (subscription, like).

Through services… The service itself counts the number of participants, checks their actions, assigns numbers and gives a ready result.

How to report results

It is best to announce the results of the competition live on YouTube or shoot a separate video with the process of determining the winner – this way you will inspire confidence in the audience and they will be more willing to participate in the next competitions. Some bloggers do not bother with individual videos and post the results in social networks or pinned comments under the video.

PS If you shoot a video, then it’s better to post it on the channel. On social networks, you can repost or announce the results in post format.

Contest through You to Gift

We show how you can use You to Gift service for competitions. First you need to log in to the service via YouTube. Further actions depend on the method of creating the competition and determining the winner (quick results through a randomizer or creating a competition page with addition to the catalog):

1. Standard (adding to the catalog).

Open the main page of the service and click “Add a contest”.

How to make a contest and draw on YouTube using comments

Choosing the site for the competition – YouTube.

How to make a contest on YouTube

We indicate the end date of the competition, and which profile the participants must subscribe to. If you have several channels or are planning a joint competition – click “Add YouTube profile”.

Start and end date of the competition

We load the video through the service interface and specify the task:

  • watch the video;
  • like the video;
  • leave a comment (be sure to indicate – take into account 1 comment from each account or all);
  • have an open account (it is better to leave a check mark here, otherwise the service will not be able to check the fulfillment of the conditions).

Contest video on YouTube

Further, we indicate additional conditions of the competition or a more detailed description in the section “additional task and note”. You can simply copy the post describing the conditions of the competition (under the video on YouTube), as in the example below and paste it into this section.

Additional assignment and note

We indicate the number of winners, currency and prize. If the prize is cash, we indicate the amount, if it is a physical prize, we write which one.

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Number of winners and prize

We indicate the country where the competition will be available and click “Create”.

How to create a YouTube contest

2. In 1 click.

You can hold a competition even easier – click on the main button “Conduct in one click”. We put a tick in front of YouTube.

How to run a contest in one click

Paste the link to the competition video and click “Start”.

Determining the winners in the contest on YouTube

We mark how many comments to take into account – one from each account or all. We indicate the number of winners.

Draw by comments

The service itself calculates how many subscribers you have, how many views, comments and likes under the video.

Results of the contest on YouTube

The winner can be determined using the built-in randomizer.

Random number generator on YouTube

Also in the service, you can check whether the participant fulfilled the conditions of the competition, for example, put a like and subscribed to the channel. If some condition is not met, press the button “Choose another” – the system will randomly select a new winner. You can not only find out the winner’s login, but also open his comment without leaving the service.

Checking the conditions of the competition

The service generates a picture with the winners, it can be posted on social networks and shown to participants.

Winner of competition

Step-by-step instructions on how to determine the winner based on the comments via You to Gift:

Results: analysis of the effectiveness of the drawing

After the competition, we publish a report with the results and award the prize. It will be more effective to shoot a separate video or live broadcast with the presentation of a prize if the participant is in the same city with you. If not, you can film the process of sending a parcel with a prize and ask the winner to send an unpacking video or a photo with a prize. Or you can limit yourself to announcing the results on social networks and simply send the prize to the winner without a receipt report.

Efficiency analysis… Now you need to understand whether the competition helped to achieve the goal. If the task was to increase the number of subscribers, views or interactions (likes, comments, reposts) – we go to the YouTube channel statistics and study the metrics for the period of the competition. How to work with statistics – read the article.

We also analyze monetization revenues through YouTube Analytics.

If the task was to increase the conversion of product / service sales, we study the number of sales on the days of the competition.


When used correctly, contests help promote a channel, brand, or products / services (depending on the goal you set). In order not to suffer with the manual selection of the winner, we advise you to use services that will do the routine work for you – they will count the number of likes and comments, check the participants for compliance with the conditions and determine the winner. This will save you time and effort.

We advise you to read: How to draw on Instagram comments.

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