How to run an Instagram marathon. Organization, ideas, examples

A marathon in sports is a long-distance race. By analogy, a marathon on Instagram is training for a “distance” from 3 to 30 days.

The main topics of the marathons are painting, cooking, design and many other areas. Posted by one or more bloggers. They can be paid or free.

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In this article, we will tell you what an Instagram marathon is and for what purpose it is held. We will figure out how to organize and conduct it – from setting goals, determining an audience and publishing an announcement to summing up and evaluating the results.

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What is an Instagram marathon and why is it needed

Nobody would run marathons if they weren’t profitable. At the moment, they are singled out as one of the most effective methods of promoting expert blogs on Instagram. Probably, everyone held at least one such event: both eminent bloggers and accounts with a small audience.

However, there is an opinion among novice bloggers that it is difficult and expensive to run a marathon. They say they “no longer work” because the public has become boring. I would like to debunk these myths, since holding such events is not just useful for a blog. If you are a coach, trainer or consultant, you simply need them to attract a new audience and engage the existing one.

What for?

The idea of ​​a marathon for a participant is to learn something new. For the organizer – “sell yourself.” And it can be a “sale” in both a direct and a figurative sense.

The goal of a marathon can be:

  • expansion of the audience of subscribers / involvement of the “silent” public;
  • attracting the attention of subscribers to a paid product;
  • audience monetization.

You ask, is it necessary to run a marathon to solve these problems? Why not use other promotion tools: mutual advertising with other bloggers, involving posts or contests.

First, account promotion is a complex of activities. It is better to use all the tools rather than just one. Mix them to wow your audience. Secondly, Instagram is a platform for communication and entertainment, not for sales and advertising.

The “magic” of marathons is interactive and a sense of unity with other participants. People like to do a variety of tasks, learn something useful, find like-minded people.


A marathon must:

  • Be interesting… For example, not just training “How to lose weight”, but an event with an attractive feature. Low Calorie Sweets Marathon, Breastfeeding Weight Loss or Your Body Detox Week. The marathon should offer the participant to plunge into something new and previously unknown. And, of course, the theme should be adapted to the audience of the account.
  • Be practical… Give the participants a guarantee that they will not leave the marathon empty-handed. Invite them to work together to solve relationship problems, learn languages, or develop writing skills. Thus, you will win over subscribers.
  • Be simple… Do not “frighten” the audience with difficult tasks or scientific and encyclopedic material. The tests should be within the capabilities of the participants and should not take long to complete. It is better to present information in simple and understandable language.
  • Have a prize pool… It is important to awaken the spirit of competition. Encourage participants to be proactive by promising a nice gift. This works great. The vast majority of Instagram marathons reward winners.
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Examples and types of marathons

Globally, marathons can be divided into group and individual:

  • Individual… Held by one blogger in his own account. The theme corresponds to the theme of the profile.
  • Group… Organized by several bloggers. The general theme of broadcasts / tasks / content is invented and the prize fund is jointly sponsored. The trick is that to participate you need to subscribe to all the organizers at once.

What can a marathon be like? The topic can be anything. Let’s look at some examples.

Slimming marathon

The absolute leader among the topics, since everyone is losing weight in our time. Thanks to the fashion for healthy lifestyle. Here they teach “eat potatoes for the night and lose weight”, select vitamins, cook PP-dishes.

For example, at the group marathon “School of Harmony” @school_stroinosty, 25 bloggers conduct an educational program on this topic: from a nutritionist to a massage consultant.

Sports and fitness

Another fruit of the healthy lifestyle trend. Sports events are even launched by bloggers whose account topics are not at all related to training. This trend is so relevant.

Instagram coach Max Mukovnin @maks_mukovnin together with fitness trainer Artur Azizbekyan @arturfitt launched the sports marathon # startnewlife21 under the hashtag of the same name in order to encourage their subscribers to devote at least 21 minutes a day to sports.

Examples and types of marathons

Bloggers for bloggers

Today there are so many people on Instagram who want to develop their personal blog that there is a need for successful people to share their experiences. Marketing marathons are popular.

“Design and Visual in Marketing” @insta_marafon. The speakers declare that they will teach you how to broadcast uniqueness on your blog through design, structures, images. The marathon is organized by bloggers.

Example of a marathon

Creative marathons

Photographers, artists, designers and other creative experts offer participants challenges to upgrade their skills. For example, take 10 days in a row for a cool photo a day or write texts on assignments. There are purely educational events: “Learn to knit” or “We bake a new pie every day.”

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A group of artists and content specialists conducts creative #marathon_autumn_stories… Participants are encouraged to learn how to write incredible texts and pictures.

Creative marathons

Business marathons

Making money is always relevant. Besides, not everyone can do it. The issues of increasing income, proper financial management or legal reduction of tax payments are never left without attention.

How to find an idea for your own business, correctly conclude an agreement with a client, overcome fears that hinder development, was discussed at the group marathon “Svoe Delo” @marafon_svoe_delo.

Business marathons


A marathon can be assembled on almost any topic. Example: “Best You” @ lu4shaya_ty. Here you can manage your own life, and select an economical stylish wardrobe, plus even a live broadcast with a dentist blogger. 11 female experts found common ground in such different topics of their blogs and organized an interesting women’s event.

How to organize a marathon

How to organize a marathon

Stages of preparation for the marathon:

  1. Account preparation… Make a beautiful profile design, fill out a section about yourself, make relevant stories and so on.
  2. Determining the target audience… Who are you waiting for at this event? Write portraits of each category of participants, if there are several. The more detailed these descriptions are, the better. Something like: “Young mom, blogger, business owner, follows trends and strives for excellence in everything.”
  3. Formulate the theme of the marathon… Better to do this based on what makes your marathon interesting and useful. You need to consider what his goal is: to expand the audience, engage existing subscribers or stimulate sales.
  4. Consider organizational issues… The marathon can be held in your account or create a separate profile. Make a prediction of approximately how many participants will fit into the event and decide how the interaction between you will occur. It’s also better to come up with your own hashtag for the event.
  5. Organize your prize pool… You can play a trip to Bali, lipstick or a discount on your own paid product. It all depends on the goals of the marathon, your creativity and ability to pay.
  6. Form a plan of tasks and events… Schedule each day of the marathon. For example: “Day 1 – Live on crocheting”, “Day 2 – Task: knit a scarf without a pattern”, “Day 3 – IGTV video with a review of the best product based on the results of the first task” and so on.

How to run an Instagram marathon

Stage 1. Announcement of the marathon

5-7 days before the start, notify subscribers about the planned event. Prepare a post ad. The ad should contain information about why the marathon is interesting and useful. Review the benefits of participation. If you have a small audience of subscribers, start promoting your publication.

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Think over the design of all graphic materials that will be published during the marathon, including the cover of the announcement. Everything should be in the same style.

How to run an Instagram marathon

It is better to repeat the announcement immediately before the start of the marathon. You can make it not as official as the first announcement, but simply remind about the event in any post on your account.

It is better to share announcements in Stories so that more people can see the information about the event. And be sure to follow the comments below the ads.

Stage 2. Conducting the event

The time has come to deliver the promised material and offer the participants tasks.

Running a marathon on Insta

Don’t forget that the marathon is designed to make subscribers feel your interest in them. React to comments: like, reply.
It is important to provide feedback on assignments. Many bloggers provide reviews in the form of individual posts or live broadcasts.

It is encouraged to request feedback from participants. Ask, for example, if the material is helpful to them or what difficulties they have with the assignment.

Awaken your passion. Remind about prizes. You can provide information on the intermediate results of the marathon.

Stage 3. Summing up

Determine the winners (one or more, depending on the conditions). Post your results to your blog. Check out the comments below the post. Ask participants to write in their accounts feedback on the past event.

Stage 4. Evaluation of effectiveness

So, everything is over. Now it is important to draw the right conclusions. The assessment strategy depends on the goal that the marathon pursued. If you wanted to grow your audience or engage subscribers, then it’s time to get started. If the goal was to increase the sales of the product, then it is better to postpone and make an analysis after 7-10 days.

In any case, for the assessment, you will have to work with the account statistics. This can be done manually using the Instagram functionality or using third-party services.

What is important to analyze:

  • increase / decrease in subscribers;
  • number of likes under posts;
  • coverage of publications;
  • engagement (the ratio of responses to fasting to coverage);
  • number of blog sales.

After evaluating these indicators, you will identify strengths and weaknesses. It will become clear what worked and what didn’t.

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Even if the event did not bring the desired result, work on the errors and prepare the following. This format of account promotion and engagement can be used as often as you deem necessary.

Use Instagram marathons to grow your personal blog. Such events are incredibly effective for presenting expertise, “warming up” the audience and stimulating sales.

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