How to send and receive donations on TikTok

We have already published a guide to TikTok for beginners, and today we will talk about donations and in-system money. This information will be useful both for bloggers who want to monetize their account and for users who want to encourage their favorite TikTokers.

In this article, you will learn what coins in TikTok are, why they are needed and how to use them: top up the balance, transfer, cash out.

What are coins in Tik Tok

Tik Tok Coins is an internal currency that is bought with real money. With its help, viewers can purchase emoticons (emoji) and diamonds, and then donate them to bloggers.

Now donations can only be received by a limited circle of bloggers – to whom at least a thousand people have subscribed. These tiktokers have the ability to broadcast live. It is there that the function of receiving donations is activated.

The real price of online coins depends on the exchange rate. At the moment, 100 Tik Tok Coins cost $ 0.99. A maximum of 7,000 coins can be purchased. At the same time, the amount of the minimum donation to a blogger is one coin.

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How to buy Tik Tok Coins

The step-by-step wallet replenishment algorithm looks like this.

Go to your TikTok profile. Click on three dots to go to settings.

Open the “Balance” section.

How to top up a wallet in TikTok

Click on “Deposit”.

Tik Tok wallet replenishment

Choose how many coins you want to buy (from 70 to 7 thousand). Click on the corresponding price tag.

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Selecting the number of coins

Set up your payment method. To do this, select the “Add a bank card” item and then specify its number.

Please note! Virtual currency has an unlimited validity period. When credited, new Tik Tok Coins are added to the existing coins. And only adult TikTok users can replenish the wallet.

How to spend local currency

How and when to dispose of the coins is up to you. They are intended as gifts (tips) for bloggers as gratitude for creativity and useful information. The blogger will see a corresponding notification in the chat for the broadcast – so you will stand out from other viewers.

During the live broadcast, you can buy a smiley / diamond for the Tiktoker you like, which he will later cash out.

To do this, click on the gift icon.

How to send donate to Tik Tok

Then select emoji.

Stickers donat to TikTok

The system makes it possible to replenish the wallet right during the broadcast. You just need to click on the “Add funds” button.

Top up your account while streaming

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How to earn and cash out coins

Now information for bloggers.

To start making money on donations, you need:

  1. Get at least a thousand subscribers… Otherwise, you will not be able to conduct live broadcasts and, accordingly, receive a reward. We recommend using mass following to attract subscribers.
  2. Make the audience loyal and active… Next, you have to work on the quality of the content, establish a dialogue with subscribers – this is how you motivate them to send you donations.
  3. Conduct interesting, relevant to the target audience broadcasts… Focus on the preferences / interests of your audience. For example, during live broadcasts, you can show a backstage, organize a master class or an interview with an expert, answer users’ questions. Do not forget to announce the live broadcast in advance, clearly identifying the topic and format.
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If you do everything correctly, you will receive donations during the live broadcast. After the end of the broadcast, the system will automatically convert gifts into diamonds and add them to your balance.

Continue accumulating local currency until you collect $ 100. This is the minimum withdrawal amount for PayPal. Accordingly, you must have an account registered with this payment system.

Withdrawing coins from TikTok

Withdrawal takes 15-21 days. PayPal charges a commission of up to 3.8% per transfer (depending on your country).

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