How to send messages to VK

Sending messages on VKontakte is a means of notifying users about community news, promotions, changes in rules or other important events. When working with clients, the speed of communication is extremely important.

In this article we will tell you how to set up a mailing widget, send bulk messages to your group’s subscribers, and build a mailing base.

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What is VKontakte messaging and how does it work

If the community is large, then it is physically impossible to send news personally to each of its members (at least, due to the VKontakte limit). And mass mailings help to reach an unlimited number of people at once, almost without spending time and effort. A smart feed on a social network leads to the fact that participants do not always immediately see new posts, the newsletter can help with this.

The process is carried out through special applications. Studies have shown that in the case of the usual mailings to e-mail, only a fifth of users open letters – and VK readability increases many times over. This is due to the psychology of the VKontakte user – he is used to reading messages that come to him.

That is why it is so important to make a high-quality and attractive newsletter that will not annoy, but will stimulate to action. You can make a targeted appeal in the mailing list, which always causes a positive response.

How to send a message to subscribers of the VKontakte group

The process includes 2 stages: setting up the newsletter widget and creating the newsletter itself.

How to set up a widget (application) for sending messages

Go to your community page, then to Manage. Find the Applications tab on the right.

Click “Go to catalog” and choose the mailing list application of your choice, there are quite a few of them.

How to set up a widget (application) for sending messages

Click the “Add” button opposite the selected widget, then select the community in the window that opens, in which this function is needed. Now the following button has appeared in the selected group:

Button subscribe to the newsletter in VK

Up to three applications can be connected to one VK group. To begin with, we chose the application, which is called “Messaging”. But in fact, there are a lot of such applications, and there are also special services that work by API and provide really impressive functionality.

Among them:

  • Simplest and free Happy Santa;
  • Shareware and more functional Gamayun;
  • Paid and positioning itself as a professional SMM tool Gandy Mail;
  • The most technologically advanced and fastest growing Senler.

Over time, you will surely find the most convenient option for yourself. And we will soon have an article on this topic.

Move on. In the “Applications” of the community, click the settings button next to the desired widget.

Configuring the Messaging application

Then we select the “Application Settings” button. And we create a list of users who will receive bulk messages, then add people to it.

List of users for mailing

On this screen, we come up with a name for the list and its short description (the second is optional). Click “Save”. Pgo to settings.

And we select the items there that will help form the list:

Newsletter VKontatka

For example, clicking “Add Users” will open a menu where you can manually specify account IDs. And the item “Collect subscribers to the list” will lead to the fact that using the Callback API, all users who have allowed the community to send messages to themselves will be included in the list.

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How to create and create a newsletter

Opposite the created list, click “Send mailing”. Coming up with text, attach photos or other content if necessary.

Creating a VKontakte mailing list

By clicking the “Test” button, you can send a test message to yourself or to one of the participants. If everything is in order, then select the previously created list of users (or several at once) and send messages.

Use the VKontakte mailing list carefully and selectively. It is best not to spam, but to do it only in exceptional situations: a very important and interesting post that the public will definitely like, a competition, etc. And not more often than once a week.

Message text

Here are some guidelines for creating effective newsletter messages:

  • The message should be short, but clearly convey the whole point. If the user does not understand from the mailing list that he wants him, he will simply close the message, or even unsubscribe altogether.
  • The commercial component should be moderate, you should not directly impose a product or service.
  • If the user has answered something to the letter, you should give feedback as soon as possible while he is online. So to speak, “take warm”. To do this, you can create a VK chat bot.
  • If you can’t make the text very small, then at least divide it into paragraphs of a couple of sentences.
  • Personal communication should not be too formal, no matter how large and serious brand you represent.
    Message text for mailing

How to collect a base for mailing to VK

Having an option to send bulk emails doesn’t mean you can annoy all subscribers at the same time. In addition, the VKontakte rules prohibit sending advertisements to those who have never entered into a dialogue with the community.

There are three ways for the user to agree to receive news:

  • Write to group messages. From the point of view of the social network, this automatically agrees to interact, but does not sign up for the newsletter yet.
  • Click on the button from the widget – for example, “Subscribe” or similar. The buttons are located on the right side of the group, above the list of participants. After clicking, a window will pop up where you must confirm your consent to receive up-to-date information via PM.
  • Write in the group messages a code word that means a subscription to the mailing list. This method is similar in functionality to the previous one, but has an important advantage: in case of any problems or complaints, you can prove to the VK Support Service that the person voluntarily took an action in order to receive messages.

To collect the base Really interested people, you need to start with a lead magnet: a post with a call for subscription and a clear indication of the benefits that the person will receive from it. Benefit is the only criterion that can convince a participant to see additional messages in their PM. A post with a lead magnet, if possible, is desirable to be fixed in the community header or launched in an advertisement.

Another good option is to make a subscription invitation using a special widget. A lot of fine settings are available for it through the “Application Designer”.

How to build a VK subscriber base

There is a variant of using parsing – but we just warn you that it is quite risky. You can collect in one mailing list everyone who has ever written to the community. However, not all recipients are ready for this. If too many people click “this is spam” in annoyance, you may be unable to send messages altogether. The application used for parsing is the Who wrote to the community extension for the Google Chrome browser.

Who posted to the community

Other options for attracting attention to your newsletter:

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Use the newsletter to increase sales, increase public activity, and also distinguish your community from dozens of competitive ones.

Finally, don’t forget about analytics and statistics. From unsubscription percentage (hopefully they won’t) to conversion rate estimation. Remember that in the beginning the effect will always be greater, says the thirst for novelty, which is in the blood of every person. Over time, the efficiency will decrease slightly and stop at a stable level.

Success in promotion!

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