How to set up an action button in VK, a map with addresses and a work schedule

When designing a VKontakte community, it is very important, in addition to visual design, to add an action button, a work schedule and addresses of all offices. Thanks to this, visitors will be able to quickly find out the necessary information about the location, opening hours and immediately contact you.

In this article, we will tell you what a VKontakte action button is and how to set it up, how to specify an operating mode and add several addresses.

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How to set up an action button in a VKontakte group

The action button is a button for quick communication. Call, message, purchase or go to the site.

To set up an action button in VK, go to your community settings and scroll down. Opposite the line “Action button” – click to enable.

Below, in the “Action Type” section, select one of the options:

  • write to the mail;
  • make a phone call;
  • call VK;
  • open the site;
  • open the community app;
  • open the mobile application.
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Select the item you want. For example, select “Open Site”.

Action type

After that, you need to specify the site address and select the name of the button. We have the inscription “More” on the button.

Action button name

Depending on your choice, you may need to provide a phone number, administrator, email, website or mobile application address.

Configuring the VKontakte action button

How to add a card with all company addresses

To add or change the address of the company, go to “Settings – Addresses”. Opposite the field “Addresses” put “Enabled”. And we put a tick in the “Show map” field so that a map with addresses is displayed in the group and you can see where you are.

How to add a card with all company addresses

Add the addresses where your offices or representative offices are located. Head office, when adding, mark as “This is the main address”.

How to change the address in the VK group

When a user views a group, the list will display the address that is closer to the user right now. To add more than one address, in the same “Addresses” tab, below, click “Add address”.

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You can indicate the work schedule in VK for each branch separately. To do this, either when adding an address, or after opening it in the settings and in the “Opening hours” field, select “Open at specified hours”.


And for each day of the week we put down the opening hours. Finally, click “Save”.

If you want to delete one of the addresses, then opposite it you need to click “Edit” and at the bottom in the window that appears, find and click “Delete”.

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When creating and designing a VKontakte community, use all the features of pages for business. This will make the promotion more efficient. In particular, make an action button, add all addresses and work schedules.

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