How to set up cross-posting on social networks: Instagram, VKontakte, Facebook

If your company is present in several social networks at the same time, then for the convenience of publishing, you need to use cross-posting – this is when the same content is simultaneously published on all pages of the company in social networks.

There are special services that allow you to set up cross-posting on Instagram, VKontakte and Facebook. In this article we will consider Parasite – one of the most convenient services for solving this problem. Let’s figure out how it works, how the post editor works, and also how to prepare content for each social network separately.

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Cross-posting on Instagram, Facebook and VKontakte

We go to the service website: and register. Confirmation will be sent to the mailbox specified during registration – follow the link from the letter. We are inside the service + we have free 7 days trial period!

Step 1Social media connection… Now we need to add pages to the service for which we will configure cross-posting. We click on the “Add account” button.

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We connect pages on Instagram, Vkontakte and Facebook one by one.

Add social networks Instagram, Vkontakte and Facebook

In the case of VK and FB, the connection goes through authorization in the social network. And in order to connect a page on Instagram, you need to specify a username and password – this is due to the peculiarities of Instagram.

Step 2Post creation… A list of all connected pages and accounts will be displayed in the column on the left. To add the first publication, click “Add publication”.

How to post to multiple social networks at once

Next, we write the text of the post, if necessary, add emoji. Then we click on the photo icon to attach an image or video.

Create a publication

The photo editor will open, where you can crop the picture or change the scale. If you want to add another photo to the publication (for example, you need to publish a gallery on Instagram), then click on the plus sign.

Social media post editor

Step 3How to do cross-posting… After the publication is created, we return to the editor window, where we alternately click on the lines with accounts on Instagram and Facebook. The post is automatically copied for publication.

How to set up cross-posting on Instagram, VKontakte and Facebook

Now you can adapt the post for each social network separately. For example, for posting on Instagram, you can specify the geolocation and publish the first comment with hashtags.

Cross-posting on Instagram

It remains to indicate the date and time of publication below. Finally, click on “Add publication”.

Date and time of publication

All publications with a publication date in the future will be located on the “Scheduled” tab. Thus, you can do cross-posting even to several accounts of the same social network.

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Scheduled publications

The service offers 3 tariffs with different functionality:

Tariffs and prices

More about tariffs >>>

What else can Parasite do?

Posting stories on Instagram… The service also has deferred posting of stories. To create and publish a Story, click on your Instagram account in the left column. Then you need to go to the Stories tab and click add Story.

Posting stories on Instagram

The editor will open, where you can create a story in the same way as in the internal editor of Instagram itself. You can add stickers, questions, quizzes, and even GIF animations.

Story Editor

Direct communication… In addition, you can use Parasite to track new messages and reply to them in Direct. This is again convenient for those who have a lot of escort accounts.

Direct communication

View feed and comment on posts… Parasite allows you to watch the Instagram feed on connected accounts, as well as comment on any posts – this is convenient, because allows you to communicate with your audience directly from your computer.

View feed and comment on posts

Analytics… After connecting a custom proxy, you will have access to statistics on your Instagram account – graphs of likes, comments and subscribers.

Post analytics

Schedule of publications… In the service, you can set up the publication schedule – this will save yourself the need to manually specify the release time of each post.

Schedule of publications

Text templates… It is possible to save frequently used text as a template so that you can quickly insert it later when creating a post.

Post text templates

Teamwork… On the “Business” tariff plan, you can invite your employees to work in the service. This is useful if you want to track the work of your SMM or when different people are responsible for the publication.

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If you are looking for a service for cross-posting on social networks, we recommend that you opt for Parasite. It has a handy editor that allows you to easily adapt content for each social network. Plus, it is worth noting the advanced functionality for working with Instagram: story editor, support for Instagram Direct, graphical analytics.

You can also make money on the service if you connect to the affiliate program. From each invited participant who registers using your referral link, you will be paid 15% of all his credits.

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