How to set up Instagram ads on Facebook: a step-by-step guide

Targeted ads on Instagram are a great way to attract new followers and customers.

At first glance, it might seem that launching ads on Instagram is not that difficult. I’ll go in, put down the checkboxes and subscribers will flow like a river, and sales will skyrocket to the moon. But without careful preparation and practice, you can only increase the amount of the leaked budget.

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In this article, we will figure out how to properly make official Instagram ads on Facebook in 2020 and get the desired result. We will tell you about the types of advertising, the correct setting, the cost, as well as the advantages of this site in general.

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Types and methods of advertising on Instagram

There are only 2 types of advertising on Instagram that can be distinguished: official and unofficial.

  • Official advertising or target. You can run it through the Facebook ad account (this will be discussed in this article). Or via Instagram, using a quick promotion: a promotion or a quick advertisement in Stories.
  • Unofficial: in public, with bloggers, through advertising exchanges, etc.

The specific way for the advertising campaign is up to you. Better to test both the one and the other way of promotion.

Next, we will take a closer look at launching Instagram ads via Facebook.

How to set up targeted ads on Instagram with Facebook: a detailed guide

As you already understood, in order to launch official advertising on Instagram, we need a Facebook advertising account. To get into it, open your personal page in FB and select “Create – Advertising” in the top menu.

After that we find ourselves in the advertising office. It’s called “Ads Manager”. Now you need to link the card with which we will pay for advertising and indicate your TIN. In the upper left corner, click on the Ads Manager menu and select “Billing”.

Setting up payment for advertising on Instagram

On the right side of the screen, you will see your balance and the “Set up payments” button. We press it.

Set up payments

Once on the page with a summary of advertising costs, click on “Add funds” and enter the information required for this.

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How to top up the balance for advertising on Instagram

If you have any problems with your ad account, we have a separate article about it: How to set up a Facebook ad account. Also, to run ads, you need to connect a business account on Instagram.

Creation of an advertising campaign

We return to the start page of the advertising cabinet. There is a list of all advertising campaigns. Above this list, click the button Create.

Step 1:

A window for creating an advertising campaign will open. The first thing to do is choose a goal. There are 11 targets to choose from, divided into 3 categories.

Objectives from the category “Recognition” are suitable for those cases when you want your ad to be seen by the maximum number of people. “Leads” – to attract customers. “Conversion” – when you are ready to pay only for a targeted action.

The purpose of the advertising campaign

Regardless of the target you choose, the targeting settings look the same. We will analyze an example where we choose a goal. “Traffic”. This means that our task is to maximize the number of transitions to the site.

Step 2:

Campaign name

After selecting a target, additional information will appear below, as well as a field where you need to enter the name of the AC. Write the most appropriate name that will allow you to analyze advertising activities in the future.

Campaign name

Here it is worth including “Campaign budget optimization” so that Facebook itself optimizes advertising costs. We leave split testing disabled – this is for more experienced specialists.

Advertising budget

Select the campaign budget for a day or for the entire period and set a limit. Here everything is already individual. You can put “Daily budget” and start with small numbers: 200-300 rubles a day will be enough.

Step 3:

Additional settings

On the same page, just below, there is a very modest line Show advanced options. Let’s press it and see what’s in there.

Extra options

And here, depending on the chosen campaign goal, you can:

  • Change your campaign bid strategy
  • indicate the planning of the advertising schedule;
  • choose the type of delivery.

Rate per clicks and impressions on Instagram

To change the required parameter, a button will appear next to “Edit”. When you first start advertising on Instagram, you don’t have to change anything here.

Setting up targeting

At this stage, you can create ad groups, select the audience for which the ad will be shown, set the ad display time and budget limits.

Step 4:

Ad groups

With the help of ad groups, you can divide the audience into segments according to various criteria. For example, you can create an ad group that will be shown to women over 25 or men from Moscow. If you are planning such a division, enter the appropriate name.

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Ad groups

Step 5:

Facebook page

In this section of the settings, you need to select the Facebook business page to which your Instagram account is linked.

FB page

Step 6:

The audience

People who will see our ads on Instagram. Who are they? In our example, these will be women over 25 living in Moscow.

How to target Instagram ads

Note that on the right side of the screen, potential reach is shown. When you change the parameters, it will also change. We do not recommend doing too large or too small coverage, it is better to stay somewhere in the middle.

When setting up a targeting audience, you can set the following parameters:

  • Location: country, city or any point on the map.
  • Age.
  • Floor.

In additional parameters, you can set the audience language and communication (for example, subscribed to us on Instagram).

Step 7:

Detailed targeting

Also, when setting up the target audience, you can set its interests. For example, if you have gynecology, then your interests may be children, childcare, motherhood. If a manicure, then beauty, fashion, sports lifestyle and more.

Detailed targeting

Step 8:


The most important customization point if we create ads for Instagram.

The default is “Automatic placements”. This means the ad will be shown wherever Facebook can show it. But we need Instagram, right? Click on the “Edit placements” item and disable all display locations, except for Instagram.


EIf you want to advertise both there and there, then create a separate ad campaign for Facebook.

Step 9:

Budget and Schedule

Let’s go through the most significant points.

  • Optimization for ad serving… If we choose the target traffic, then the system can optimize the display of ads for clicks (get more transitions) or landing page views (more people who open and wait for the pages to load).
    Optimization of ad impressions on Instagram
  • Reference price. Average price for the selected target action.
  • Timetable. You can set the start and end date of the RC. If you leave it by default, then the ad will start showing immediately after passing the moderation and will end when the budget runs out.

At the end we press Continue and move on to creating creatives.

Create an ad

Step 11:

Ad title and identification

At the very top, enter the name of the ad. Below we see that an Instagram page has appeared, on behalf of which advertisements will be displayed there. We don’t touch anything and move on.

Title Ad

Step 12:

Creative for advertising

Below we can create a creative to serve ads or select any published post.

Using the current publication. Switch to the tab with the appropriate name and click “Select publication”.

Using the current publication

In the window that opens, select the Instagram tab and the desired publication from the list. Brands can also choose to promote branded content.

Instagram post advertising

New announcement. In the tab “Create ad” inchoose “One image or video”

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Create an Instagram ad

We go down below into the section “Media objects”, click “Add media file – Add image”.

Image for advertising on Instagram

You can select or load up to 6 different images. Thanks to this, Instagram will alternately show different images in the ad, and those to which users react better will be shown more often.

Choosing an image for advertising

After selecting images, you can enable the option next to each of them – Automatically Crop To Square Image.

Cropping a picture

As an alternative to going to the site, you can make Instant Experience – format of pages with instant loading. The checkbox for connection is located in the same place as the ad formats.

Step 13:

Text and links

Below we add the ad text, title and link to the site. A preview will be available on the right. You can see how the ads will look like in the Instagram feed and in Stories.

Instagram ad text and title

Below we select the call to action that will be on the button in the ad. The default is “More”, but you can choose any other.

At the end we press “Confirm”. RThe ad campaign will be sent for moderation, after which the impressions will begin.

Passing moderation

Moderation usually doesn’t take long. After successfully passing the moderation, you will receive a corresponding notification on Facebook and by e-mail.

Ads rejected

The main reasons why ads do not pass moderation:

  • Text on picture… The image in the advertisement must not contain more than 20% of the text. To pass moderation, simply reduce the size of the text in the picture.
  • Age restrictions… Problems can arise with adult goods, healthcare, alcohol and tobacco products. To pass moderation, exclude a young audience from the show.

Also, for the convenience of advertising management, we recommend downloading the Ads Manager application. This will allow you to track all events in the advertising cabinet from your mobile phone.

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Official advertising is an excellent addition to the main methods of promotion, it allows you to increase coverage and target your target audience. We have analyzed all stages of creating an advertising campaign, showed how to create creatives and achieve the desired result.

I hope our material will help you take the first steps when launching ads on Instagram. In the comments, share your results, ask questions, tell us about your experience. Looking forward to your feedback!

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