How to set up native ads on VK?

In a previous publication, we made an overview of a tool that has appeared in the arsenal of marketers relatively recently – native advertising

One of the platforms where you can independently and very quickly launch native advertising (the one that is shown in the news feed) is the social network VKontakte. Today we’ll talk about how to set up native VK ads.

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How to set up native ads on VK correctly?

There are two ways to create native VKontakte ads.

1. Advertise an existing post
2. Create a new post from the ad account (the post will not be displayed in the group).

The advantage of the first approach is that the post from the community will gain likes and re-posts, and all this will have a positive effect on the attractiveness of the community.

The second approach should be used when you do not want advertising posts, for example, due to the fact that there will be a lot of them, not to spam the news feed.

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Advertising a post in VK from a group

In order to advertise an existing post, you can click on the menu in the upper right corner of the post and select “Advertise”.

After that, you will find yourself in the advertising office, where you will then need to set the conditions
targeting. We wrote about how to do this here

Advertisement of a new post in the VK feed

If you need to create a separate ad that will not be published in the group, then you need to do the following. Enter the advertising office by selecting the advertising tab in the left column or under it on the page.

vkontakte advertising

On the page that opens, select “Post promotion”.

Advertisement of a new post in the VK feed

A window will open where you will need to click “Create Record”.

Create a promotion post

After choosing the community that you will advertise, you can proceed to creating the advertising post itself. Write the text, insert a picture and a link as needed.

Sponsored post

Remember, you can use up to 5 emoji in an ad post, otherwise there will be problems with moderation.

Advertising in the VK feed

Finally, you can choose which button will be displayed in the post. If you use the button, then the maximum text length in a post is 220 characters. If the button is not needed or if you want to place a longer text, click on the cross to remove the button from the record.

Next, you also set targeting settings… And you start showing the advertising post in the VK feed.

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