How to set up YouTube ads: the ultimate guide

Video, as a way to attract customers, works better than text and photos. Today we’ll talk about launching video ads on YouTube. Its advantages are more than obvious – more than a billion regular viewers of the video hosting, targeted targeting, low cost and high conversion, if done correctly.

You can use YouTube ads to promote your website, store, app, channel, or YouTube video. In this article, you will find step-by-step Youtube ad setup and some tips for creating a video ad.

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YouTube ad formats and types

We understand what types of advertising YouTube offers us:

1. Embedded video

This is a commercial that starts automatically at the beginning of the video (pre-roll), at the end (post-roll) or in the middle (mid-roll). A countdown timer is activated simultaneously with the advertisement. Usually after 5 seconds you can close the ad by clicking on the “Skip” button. In the AC settings, this format is called In-Stream. Average duration is from 30 to 60 seconds. Money is charged for impressions or clicks.

For an advertiser, this format is good because Youtube only charges money for an impression if the viewer has watched the video for more than 30 seconds. Then it is believed that he became interested in advertising. That is, you get the first 30 seconds of viewing for free.

If the ad lasts less than 30 seconds, then the money for the impression is debited if the viewer has watched the video to the end. If you choose to pay for clicks, then the money is withdrawn when the viewer clicks on the link.

If the duration of your ad is less than 20 seconds, then you can set up the ad so that it plays to the end without the “Skip ad” button. This format is more expensive than video with a button.

Built-in advertising is suitable for promoting sites, applications, stores.

2. Banner in the video

This is a static or animated banner that appears at the bottom of the video. It appears at about 15 seconds; to close it, the viewer needs to click on the cross in the upper right corner. When the user clicks on the banner, it is redirected to the desired site.

Banner in video

3. Banner in recommendations

This is a banner placed at the very top of the right column with recommended videos. This format is especially attractive to advertisers because it visually merges with the recommendation block + this block is one of the most viewed. Therefore, it is important to choose the right title and picture. The format is suitable for promoting your own videos. It is called Video Discovery in the settings.

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Banner in recommendations

4. YouTube Search Ads

This is an advertisement that is placed in the Youtube search. The viewer enters a search term and gets a list of videos on the topic, with ads above them.

YouTube Search Ads

Advertising with bloggers as an alternative

You can search for bloggers and order advertising from them. But there are pros and cons.


  • the blogger acts as an opinion leader. If his audience trusts him, then they will be loyal to the advertised product;
  • you can get wide coverage in a short period of time;
  • bloggers often come up with an idea for an advertising video themselves and take on the preparation of the content – you save time and money;
  • bloggers can advertise a product under the guise of using it themselves.


  • the human factor is not a fact that a blogger is good at advertising and video editing. Not the fact that he will do everything on time and efficiently. You need to carefully control the whole process, otherwise you can get the opposite result;
  • cheat – very often advertisers are faced with cheats among bloggers. And the would-be bloggers themselves live on one-time orders. Today you can cheat anything you want – subscribers, likes, views and transitions. As a result, you can get a lot of transitions and 0 orders, that is, be left with nothing. In this case, it is almost impossible to return the money back.
  • unreasonable prices. The blogger can name any price and it is difficult to predict whether the costs will pay off.
  • it is a laborious process. You need to make a list of bloggers, talk with everyone, analyze their accounts and experience of past advertising placements, solve all financial issues – this is longer and more difficult than just placing an advertisement on Youtube through an advertising cabinet.

Advertising with bloggers

Promotional video

How to make a promotional video? It all depends on the purpose of advertising on Youtube – promotion of the channel, website, specific video, and so on. This can be a regular staged video, animated (hand-drawn) or promo (reportage).

What should be a high-quality advertising video:

  • attracting attention, interesting and memorable;
  • able to convince the viewer of the need to make a purchase;
  • visually appealing;
  • simple and straightforward;
  • comply with ethical standards and not break the law;

For inspiration, check out a selection of cool promo videos from brands:

An example of animated ads:

An example of how a promo video might look (you can use templates for After Effects):

There are 3 options for how to make a promotional video:

  1. Remove and mount yourself;
  2. Take finished videos from stocks, cut, add music, text and voice acting;
  3. Contact an advertising agency or freelancer.
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If you want to make your own ad video, we recommend reading the article 10 Best Video Makers and 40+ Video Ideas.

Setting up YouTube ads: a step-by-step guide

You can enter the advertising account through YouTube Ads or through the account in Google Ads.

Step 1:

Youtube Ads

We go to the site, press the button “Start”.

Setting up YouTube ads: a step-by-step guide

On the right, there is a 3-step setup prompt. Click “Start” again.

Youtube Ads

We are being transferred to Google Ads. If you are not already registered there, then first you will be prompted to set up an account and the first advertising campaign. But you can skip these steps, for this you need to click “Switch to expert mode”.

Switch to expert mode

Step 2:

Creating an advertising campaign for YouTube

We find ourselves in the Google Ads ad cabinet. We go to the section with all advertising campaigns and click the blue plus sign “New campaign”.

Creating an advertising campaign for YouTube

We choose the purpose of advertising.

The purpose of advertising on YouTube

Below we select the type of campaign “Video – Video advertising on Youtube and other sites”.

Youtube video ads

Then select the campaign subtype “Standard” and click “Continue”.

YouTube ad setup guide

Step 3:


After creating an ad, we are redirected to a page with standard settings – campaign name, budget (daily or for the entire campaign), campaign start and end dates.

Here you can adjust the frequency of impressions, demographic targeting, interest targeting, ad placements. We describe the settings in order:


We indicate the display method “Standard” or “Accelerated” if you want to quickly collect impressions. The bidding strategy is “Maximum CPV” if you want to pay for impressions. Or you can choose to pay for clicks.

Display method

In the “Networks” section, select where the advertisement will be displayed. It is necessary to uncheck the box next to the item “Partner video resources in the CCM”.


Then you need to select the language and location of the audience and you can add resources to the exclusion where ads should not be displayed.

audience language and location

You can additionally specify which videos should not include your ads, for example, videos with profanity.

Excluded content

You can also exclude ads from showing in embedded videos, live broadcasts, and game content.

Excluded content types

Even lower will be the “Additional settings” tab, if you open it, you can configure the frequency of impressions and the schedule when the ad should spin.

Frequency capping

Next, we write the name of the ad group.

Step 4:

Ad targeting

Moving on to the demographics settings, where you can select gender, age, children, and family income.

Ad targeting

Below we indicate the interests of the target audience.

In the “Content” tab, register the required keywords.

YouTube Ads Keywords

In the “Topic” section, you can select the subject of the content in which the advertisement will be displayed.

Next, we set up the placements. For example, you can specify a specific channel or video where ads should be played. Or write a key phrase, and Youtube itself will suggest a video on the topic.

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Then comes the section with the maximum cost per view or click, and then setting up the ad video directly.

Step 5:

Setting up a promotional video

The video is added from YouTube, if you have not yet posted it on the video hosting, then you first need to upload the video to YouTube.

If you advertise in Russia and in the ad format put a tick in front of the In-Stream item, then the age of the audience must be indicated on the video, for example, 0+ or ​​18+. If this is not done, the moderators will not miss the announcement.

Setting up a promotional video

For the Video Discovery format, you can specify the age at the end of the video or in the title.

Video Discovery

It remains to click “Save”, and we see that the campaign is ready.

After the ad has been approved and launched, you can view statistics in the Campaigns tab.

Step 5:

Payment settings

For advertising to start working, you need to set up payments and add money to the balance. To do this, click on “Tools and Settings”.

Payment settings

Further in the “Payment” section, click “Payment settings”.

Payment settings

The balance can be replenished using Yandex.Money, Qiwi-wallet, ASSIST system or bank transfer.

How to top up your balance

To be able to work with Google Ads, you need to complete the setup of your account, namely, enter your commercial data. Individual entrepreneurs or legal entities can place advertisements.

Completing account setup

In the same section where you enter your billing information, you enter all the information you need to complete your account setup. We select the country where the billing address is located and the type of account – business or individual entrepreneur.

Completing account setup

Depending on the choice, you will need to enter additional information, for example, TIN. Even below you need to indicate your legal address and main contact – name, phone number, e-mail address. By default, the data specified when registering a mailbox in Gmail is substituted there, but they can be changed.

Tax information

You also need to indicate the amount of payment and addresses for document flow.

After completing all the settings, click “Submit” and you can start advertising to work.

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Tips and tricks for running YouTube advertising campaigns

How to make YouTube video ads more effective:

  • try to grab the viewer’s attention in the first 5 seconds;
  • integrate the brand or directly promoted product in the first 5 seconds of the video;
  • Involve influencers in filming if your budget allows. For example, famous bloggers;
  • find good music to go with the video;
  • add creativity and humor to your ad to make your video catchy and uncommon;
  • address the viewer;
  • experiment with the tempo – the rapid development of the plot keeps the attention.

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