How to share a post on Instagram Stories

Instagram has never had and most likely will not have a repost function, as in VK or Facebook. There are third-party applications, but it doesn’t look very nice. But there is a function to share in a story. This is an analogue of the repost button, only with the amendment that you share your favorite post not in your feed, but in History.

You can share your posts to Stories, your best friends list, or with someone individually by sending them to Direct. The post you decide to share can be expanded and styled using all the features of Instagram Stories.

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How to add a post to your Instagram Story

How to share a publication in a story, we told in our video and further in the text.

To share a post on Instagram Stories, open your own or someone else’s post in the app. Click the paper plane button below the entry.

An additional plate will appear, where we tap

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How to share a post to Instagram Stories

After that, you will find yourself in the standard Story creation interface, where the record will be located in the center.

Reposting a story entry

You can rotate, scale and reposition the image, as well as complement it with your own text, hashtags, geolocation, gifs and so on.

When viewing a Story in which someone has shared content from another account, clicking on the username will take you to the original post. This feature will be useful when running contests on Instagram where you need to share a post. Also, you can use a repost in a story to draw attention to new publications.

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Why can’t I share my post on Stories

If you are unable to share the publication in the story, then most likely the account where the post was posted has a ban on reposts. It could also be that this is a closed account.

You can share posts only from public accounts and those for whom this is not prohibited by the privacy settings.

If you do not want someone to share your posts in their stories and do not want to make a private account, then you can set the appropriate account settings.

Go to “Settings – Privacy” and select “History”.

Why can't I share my post on Stories

In the window that opens, scroll down, and opposite the “Allow repost in History” field, turn the switch to OFF.

Disallow repost in History

Recall that recently it became possible to make deferred posts on Instagram through Creator Studio.

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