How to shoot a dance with your feet in Tik Tok in 2021: training, trends

Dancing with your feet at Tik Tok is a new trend on the online platform. The social network became popular a few years ago. It is free and available to every user. Account holders create videos and clips. Tutorials and entertainment videos are in great demand. Interesting content is the main task for page development. Apart from this, users try different promotion methods. Video views and likes raise the profile in the rating. Top bloggers make money with ads. Therefore, for the development of the account, it is worth forming the correct content. Do not forget to keep an eye on all the news. It’s important to be the first to catch trends before they go mainstream.

Feet Trends

Before filming the dance with your feet in Tik Tok, let’s figure out the essence of the direction. Dance videos are popular in 2021. Many users shoot such videos and launch personal challenges. Foot dance in translation from English means dance with feet. Bloggers perform jumps and pirouettes. Often these videos are shot together. The performers try to jump over each other during the video. Such challenges are most often liked and commented on.


To get started, find a video tutorial on Tik Tok or YouTube. Search for the video you want. It is possible to download directly from musicaly. Repeat the movements in stages, and memorize the sequence. With the help of such videos it is possible to learn to dance. It may take a few minutes or hours. Correctly performed dance elements are the key to a cool video. Warm your muscles before shooting. For tricks to come out good, plasticity is required. With the help of various complex exercises, the desired result is achieved. This will help you perform the dance clearly and beautifully. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Come up with new hip-hop moves and launch your flash mob.

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The app has a separate folder with music trends. Using the search system, you need to find a specific song. For the direction of foot dance, special tracks have been created. It is possible to add any song. The main thing is that it fits the rhythm. The melody will add variety to any video fragment.

How to film a dance with your feet in Tik Tok?

Not sure how to shoot a dance like this? Use the instructions to get the result. What do you need to do?

  1. Download the program to your phone and register in the system;
  2. We fill out a questionnaire and enter personal data;
  3. We design the profile header and proceed to the formation of the content;
  4. We go into the application and open the tab for recording a clip;
  5. Click on the “camera” icon;how to shoot dance with feet in tik tok step 1
  6. Next, select a track, listen to popular songs. The melody should be suitable for the type of dance.
  7. We start shooting and invest in 15 to shoot dance with feet in tik tok step 2
  8. Save and add to the page. Before that, we write a description for the to shoot dance with feet in tik tok step 3

Be sure to add a filter or special effect. This will diversify the content. Smooth transitions or accelerations are popular.

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