How to shoot a dance with your hands in Tik Tok in 2021: training, trends

Hand dancing in Tik Tok is a new trend in the popular social network. Tik Tok occupies a leading role among applications. Used by both children and adults. The main task of the online platform is to create interesting videos and wind up the audience. The more subscribers, the higher the page is in the TOP. Bloggers create content and use a variety of promotion methods. One of the trends is Finger Tat. What it is and how to do it is written below.

Tatting and Finger Tat

Before filming the dance with your hands in Tik Tok, let’s study the rules. Hand movements are divided into several types. The most popular are Tatting and Finger Tat:

  1. The first option – simple geometric shapes are performed with the help of hands and elbows. These movements are quite complex. However, practice the technique with constant practice. The name of this dance comes from the name of the Egyptian pharaoh. Ancient Egyptian painting included images of people with bent arms;
  2. The second option is finger and hand movements. The name reflects the meaning of the dance. Finger from the English word Finger, which means finger. Clips like this are especially popular among teenagers. Dancing with your fingers on the table is easy enough. Find videos of such a subject and try to repeat it yourself. Come up with a personal technique. Launch a new challenge online.

Tik Tok Trends with Hands

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Download the Tik Tok app from the Play Market or AppStore. The program is free and available to any user. After registering in the system, you need to fill out a form. Go to the Popular folder and study the current trends. Cool tutorials or dance videos are in great demand right now. If you master the techniques, you can promote the page well.

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To master any dance with your hands, remember a couple of easy rules. The completed figures must have a geometric shape. If you are doing a square or triangle, try to execute the movements as clearly as possible. Practice in front of the mirror or record the video on your phone before recording. Look at yourself from the outside, study the mistakes and try again. Shapes with smooth lines look beautiful. To do this, you need to work with plastic. Use interesting slow transitions for a variety of tutorials.

It is possible to learn dancing with the help of special videos. Detailed tutorials are easy to find on the platform of the same name, as well as on YouTube. There is a separate Finger Fitness area. This technique allows you to stretch your hands. At the same time, the dance movements become smooth. What you need for cool videos.


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The platform has a folder with individual dance tracks. Enter fingertempo in the search bar. Look for tracks in the window that opens. Experienced bloggers use different ringtones to create these videos. It can be any popular song. The main thing is to get into the rhythm!

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How to film a dance with your hands in Tik Tok?

We offer short instructions for recording. To get the result, follow the steps in a specific sequence:

The social network has many built-in filters and effects. Add them as appropriate. Bright, interesting ideas get a lot of views.

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