How to shoot a video in Tic Toc over 15 and 60 seconds: instructions, ideas, tips


“How do I shoot videos in Tic Tac?” – is a frequent question for aspiring bloggers in 2021. As a sought-after social network among teenagers, Tic Toc is generating a lot of interest. About how to make cool broadcasts in this app that last up to a minute in this article.

Features of the application

Tik Tok is a social network where most of the time is spent by people between the ages of 12 and 21. It is noteworthy that the application was originally called and positioned itself as a karaoke program. But over time, the portal changed its name. And the main feature was the shooting of videos in Tik Tok. In most cases, the system offers a video that lasts no more than 15 seconds – with captions and a few frames. The developers decided that this interval is enough to make a cool video and not to occupy users’ time with unnecessary information.

But for those users who can’t convey the main idea in such a short time, the developers suggest making the video with the duration up to 60 seconds. But with one condition – without using a sound track. To do this, select the recording option without music. And no music can be uploaded at all – neither from your phone nor from the portal.

Public or private video

Tik Tok clips are divided into two categories – private and public. Public clips are uploaded to the service and remain there. The user can delete the program from a PC or other gadget, but the downloads will still be freely accessible to subscribers.

Private videos are not available to everyone until the user changes the status of the page. This is done for privacy purposes. Status can be changed at any time by performing simple actions:

  • Load the profile;
  • open “Settings”/”Privacy”.
  • Select “Private account”, click “On” or “Off” as needed.
  • Before you post a video in Tick Tok, it’s advisable to check the status of the account.


What you can shoot in Tik Tok – cool ideas

By analyzing the accounts of popular bloggers on Tik Tok, it’s clear that it’s important to regularly post cool profile videos. Creating quality content requires video ideas in Tik Tok. Here are the best ideas to consider so there are lots of likes:

  • Karaoke;
  • dancing;
  • duets;
  • slow Mo;
  • sketch

Initially, the social network positioned itself as karaoke by video. As a result, such videos have become a fixture of the social network. To make funny videos, you don’t even have to be able to sing beautifully. You can just open your mouth amusingly to the soundtrack. For the success of such videos enough to have an attractive appearance, funny move and be unlike others. For example, successful Korean bloggers like to sing Russian songs. Famous hits combined with a cute face gather millions of views.

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The videos in which people really know how to dance get the most comments. Sometimes bloggers who demonstrate absurd actions are of interest. But it is advisable to think through the plot in advance.


Joint videos (duets) allow you to increase interest in your account, thanks to the demand for another author. You can order paid advertising or cooperate on a barter basis. To activate this method you need:

  • Open another user’s page, add to friends, click on the phrase “Start duet now”;
  • After the other blogger accepts the invitation to share a video, you will get access to music selection, playback speed adjustment, color palette selection, etc.


The second way involves selecting an already uploaded file in your profile. But be careful with videos in which someone is insulted. You can get banned for that. Slow motion (slomo) is very popular with teenagers, the main audience of the social network. You can put the emphasis on the image, or on the sound. Such clips automatically gain much more views. And also go to the list of “Recommended.

Sketch – these are short and funny videos, which are fully available to those who have studied acting. Only people who know how to act on camera can work successfully in this genre. Many bloggers shoot video clips of game themes.

How to shoot Tik Tok in 2021 more than 15 seconds with music

To upload long videos with music, the user can shoot two full videos, split into parts. In the first part, specify that the sequel follows. This way, the user will shoot a video that is longer than 15 seconds with music and will keep viewers interested. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Login to your page and click on the “+” at the bottom of the display;
  • запись видео
  • At the bottom of the screen, under the red button, select a shooting time of 60 seconds;
  • Then press the red record button and shoot up to 1 minute;

After shooting, you can put music and add effects. Done!

For convenience, you can use the automatic mode – hands-free. The user sets a timer, and when the time expires, the process ends by itself. That is, you don’t need to hold down the button.

How to shoot video in Tic Toc with effects

To start shooting with effects, the user needs to:

  • open the application;
  • sign in (you can use accounts in other social networks);
  • at the bottom of the screen select the “Record” button, which is indicated by a plus sign.
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Then the user needs to start creating the 15-second video:

  • Tap on the red circle and recording will begin; if necessary, use the circle that changes the front camera to the main camera, and vice versa.
  • Decide on filters and effects.

  • Select the segment where you want to apply the special effect and click “Save”.
  • Choose a soundtrack – recommended in “Favorites”, “Interesting” or shoot to your own music by opening the “Gallery”.


  • Once you’ve selected your music, click the “Use” button and wait for it to load.
  • Fill in the description, specify hashtags, invite friends, and set the cover art.
  • Decide on privacy, set up comments.
  • Include a reaction/duet and make a social media share.
  • Save your work in “Drafts” or click “Publish”. Done.

    Various additional filters are displayed afterwards:


  • asterisk – turning the beauty effect on and off;
  • colored balls – selecting menu shades;
  • timer with a number – the possibility of recording without sound;
  • melody icon appears after selecting a track, allows you to cut the desired fragment;
  • a square to turn off and on the flashlight.

    The user can use special effects:


  • use of special filters;
  • change of tones;
  • text;
  • camera selection;
  • slowing down or speeding up;
  • mirror video;
  • eye trending;
  • audio trimming;
  • image zoom;
  • clipping.

    Tic Toc allows you to use kittens, aging effects and other trend effects. The program offers 36 shades. They are applied during the recording of the video or in its processing. The author can shoot, both with a normal camera and with the front camera. This applies to all cell phones, regardless of the base on which they work.

    Only a certain segment of the tune can be uploaded to the video. To shoot at a set scale, you have to pull up the video camera icon. But this option is not available live. To make the video dynamic, you can divide it into segments. As soon as the user releases the button while recording, the circuitry stops. In this interval you can change the music, set filters. Once the button is pressed again the recording will resume.

    How to upload video to Tic Talk from Gallery

  • To upload a video from the “Gallery” just click “Upload”.
  • And from the displayed list select the necessary file

  • Set the playback speed.
  • Set the screen orientation to horizontal or vertical.
  • When you’ve set everything up, click “Next.
  • In the new window, click on the “Select Music” circle and find the track you want in the “Favorites” and “Interesting” sections.


  • After choosing a sound, click on the “Use” button.
  • Next, a window will appear in which you can trim the clip by clicking on the scissors icon.

  • Use the mixer to adjust the volume.
  • Make a description and choose relevant hashtags.
  • Put the cover art, decide on viewing access, and set up comments.
  • You can include a reaction/duo and don’t forget to share it on social media.
  • The final step is to save to “Drafts” or “Publish.”

    In the same way you can upload clips with your sound up to 1 minute from your phone. It is convenient to make such videos when there is no internet. And download after the connection is established.

    Capturing the smartphone screen

    Android and iOS (iPhones) operating systems have a special button that allows you to shoot video from the screen. To do this, you need to lower the screen curtain, press the appropriate button.

    If your cell phone does not have such a button as “Record screen”, download the application from Play Market or AppStore, after entering the appropriate query in the search bar.

    Shooting a clip with an emoji

съемка клипа с эмоджи

It’s much better to shoot videos with special effects in daylight so they don’t blend together. You don’t need anything but a camera to apply the filters:

  • think through the story first;
  • turn on the recording and determine the speed;
  • shoot the first part of the clip to the point where you need to set the emoji;
  • pause the clip;
  • change the speed to 0.5x;
  • start shooting and shake the video to the beat of the tune;
  • apply the necessary filters, trim unnecessary frames, load the video;
  • write descriptions and put hashtags.

Emoji are available on all phones, regardless of the base on which the smartphone is running.

Recording videos in Tic Toc via computer

The program positions itself as a mobile application, so there is no web version for PC yet. But there is a website, which allows you to enter a login from your computer. So there is a good chance that over time, the application can be used via PC. You can also install the Android emulator Bluestacks or an alternative option – Nox. After that, you can use the app through your computer.

How to create a viral clip in Tik Tok – recommendations

To make a viral clip, the user needs to:

Make the clips as dynamic as possible;
add effects;
put on pause;
change filters and pose;

The main thing is not to make boring recordings. Use every second so that you can’t take your eyes off the clip. And also properly use simple instructions to improve the quality of the clip.

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