How to shoot and post videos on Instagram Reels: a complete guide


Following the music in storis, Instagram launched in Russia a format of short videos – Reels. It is an approximate analogue of Tic Toc, only on the basis of Insta. If you don’t have Reels in your app, try updating or reinstalling it.

Let’s figure out how Reels works, how to record and post a short video, how to add music and set up a cover art.

What are Instagram Reels and how do they work

Instagram Reels are short videos that are up to 15, 30, or 60 seconds long, with a soundtrack.

The Reels button has now become the main button in the app. Clicking on it opens a feed of short clips in which videos are selected by Instagram’s algorithm. You can swipe up and down to move between videos.

Also, you can like any video, write a comment, or repost it in Direct or Storis.

Important: If you subscribe to a person in Reels, you’ll see not only his short videos, but also posts and storis.

In addition, the Reels section will also appear in the user’s profile if at least one short video is published.

Next, let’s look at the process of creating Reels step by step.

How to shoot and post Reels videos on Instagram: step by step instructions

So, to make Instagram Reels follow our text instruction.

Step 1: Open the app on your mobile device and on the home page, or profile page, click the plus sign in the upper right corner. On the bar that appears, select “Video Reels.”

Step 2 Next, there are several options for creating a video:

  • record a video;
  • add a previously created video;
  • upload several photos from which the video will be generated.
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To record a video, press the button in the middle of the screen and release it. To add a finished video or photo, open the gallery.

Important: do not reupload videos from Tik Tok, especially if they have a watermark, such videos will be pessimized by Instagram’s algorithm and get less coverage.

Step 3: Separately about creating videos with Reels camera. There are a lot of options here.

3. 1. Audio. Clicking on the icon in the form of a note, you can select the music to which you will shoot a video.

You can also set the track you want to use in the video. You can do this below on the audio track, just click and drag the item to the center of the screen.

As a hint, the words of the song are shown in the center of the screen.


3. 2. Length Reels. The next icon is a number inscribed in a circle. By clicking on it you can change the length of reels: 15, 30 or 60 seconds.


3. 3. Speed. Next is a number with a multiplication sign next to it. Clicking on it you set the speed of playback ready clip. It can both slow down – this value: .3x and .5x, and speed up – 2x, 3x and 4x. Normal playback speed is 1x.


3. 4. Effects. Here you can select and use any masks and effects as for storis


3. 5. Retouch. The icon in the form of a magic wand – when this option is enabled, the video will be retouched immediately.

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3. 6. Timer. Icon in the form of a clock. This is an option in case you do not have a personal operator. You set the timer time – how long you need to get away from the phone and get ready to record. The screen will count down before you start filming.

3. 7. Alignment. Icon in the form of two squares. This function is necessary if you want to make a video of several videos. The most obvious example is a video with an image change. You record the first video and then use this function to align the camera and objects in the frame.

With that sorted out, we’ll assume your video for Reels is ready.

Step 4. On the screen where we created the reels, at the bottom right, click “Preview”.

A preview of our video opens and a toolbar appears at the top. On it we can change the music – the melody icon, add a voiceover – the microphone icon.


Also, here you can save the video to your device, add stickers, a picture or text, just like in the well known storis editor.

If you add text or a sticker, you can select the time of appearance for it. To do this, click it, an additional panel will appear where you need to specify at what time the item should appear and click “Attach”.


Step 5. In the end, click “Share”.

The publish window opens. Here you need to make a description of the video, customize the cover art and choose your publishing options.

5.1 Description. The maximum length is 2108 symbols. You can use hashtags, references, and emoji.

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5.2 Cover art. Click on the video itself next to the description. The cover selection window opens. You can select any frame from your video as a cover or upload a picture from the gallery. It is better to prepare the cover in advance and do everything in the same style.

5.3 Publication options. Below you should choose whether to publish your video in the main feed or as a post (if switched off your video will not be shown to your subscribers).

If you want to publish Reels video in the main feed, you’ll need to select a piece of cover art that will be displayed in the feed. Trim profile photo button

Here you can also tag people in the video itself – the “Tag People” button, as well as specify the sponsor of the publication in the advanced settings.

To publish the final version, click “Share” at the bottom of the screen and your video goes into the Reels feed!

How do I know how many people watched my video?

To find out the reach of your video, click the three dots at the bottom and select “Statistics.”

Here you can see the reach, number of views, and all the interactions with your video.


At the start of this feature in Russia, it can and should be used by everyone without exception! As long as Instagram Reels has not moved some of it from Tic-Tac bloggers, and there are no stars of their own – the competition for the user will be relatively small. So it’s worth catching the moment and gaining an audience.

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