How to shoot and upload a video to Tik Tok

You already know how to register in Tik-Tok and how to set up a PRO account, you can move on and figure out how to make and upload your first video.

This article will show you how to shoot and add a video to Tik-Tok. How to properly set up shooting from a phone, add music, choose a cover and make a description. In the end, we will tell you what videos should be made for this social network.

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How to make a video on TikTok

To publish a video in Tik Tok, you can use both prepared in advance and shoot from your hand in live mode. Also, you can shoot blanks directly in Tik-Tok, save to your phone, mount and then add to your page.

Let’s figure out how to shoot a video and what editor features are in TikTok. We open a social network and tap the plus sign in the middle of the page.

Video length

The recording window opens. Below we can choose three options for filming a video:

  • 15 seconds;
  • 60 seconds;
  • Themes are more of a dynamic photo collage than a video clip. You can choose from 2 to 10 photos, which will follow each other in accordance with the selected effects.
    Video Topics
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We recommend choosing a video length of 15 seconds, since Tik-Tok is a social network where there is very high competition for the user’s attention. You can also download videos from the gallery.

How to upload a video to Tik Tok

Music on the background

To add music to the video, click on the top “Add Music”, and then select the appropriate track from the proposed ones.

Music on the background video

For convenience, all songs are divided into categories according to genres and user interests. The tracks you like can be added to favorites for future videos.

Settings: slow motion, filters, effects and timer

Before you start shooting video, you can immediately add the filters and effects you want. Let’s go in order.

  • Effects, they are also masks. Located in the lower left corner. When pressed, a plate appears at the bottom, with all possible masks. There are even special ones for cats and dogs.
  • Speed. Responsible for the speed of music playback. You can speed up or slow down the shooting.
  • Filters. The setting is also on the right side of the panel. You can choose any overlay filter.
  • The timer allows you to count down before recording starts and select the time when the shooting will end.

Shooting video

After all the settings, we proceed to shooting the video itself. Remember to use the vertical orientation for Tik-Tok. Then it will be convenient for users to watch your videos.

As for the content, it all depends on your creativity. As they say, who is good for what. But if you watch videos of others tiktokers, then we can say the cooler and trasher video is better.

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If you have a business account, then you shouldn’t rush into all seriousness, but also upload frankly boring videos like “We are a successful company with over 15 years of experience in the market …”… Definitely not worth it. TikTok is primarily about entertainment, adapt or die.

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How to upload a video to Tik Tok

When the video is ready, you can upload it to your social media account. First, click on the pink checkmark on the right side of the screen.

How to trim videos and captions

Before moving on to the settings, you can trim the video using the bar below. To do this, tap to move the pointer to the desired position. The change will be immediately reflected in the application and a preview of the trimmed video will be shown. Crop and click Next.

How to trim video in Tik Tok

The video will load and you can add additional elements:

  • Inscriptions. Suitable if you are uploading a square video.
  • Stickers to complement the video and make it more interesting.
  • Above is the volume control, you can listen to and change the volume of music and video in the final version.

How to crop a video

Video description

Before publishing your video, you need to add descriptive text. You can use regular letters, emojis and hashtags in the text. The maximum length is 200 characters.

Video description

Try to write engaging descriptions so that the audience doesn’t just watch the video, but also interacts: likes, comments, shares. You can even go to the provocation. This will help the video get into recommendations.

In the description, you can also mark your friends. You can select privacy settings under the video. Who will be able to watch this content: everyone, only friends or selected users.

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Video cover

The video cover is shown on the right and will be displayed by default. Click it to change and put your own.

How to publish a video on TikTok

Select the desired moment in the video and confirm it. You cannot upload any picture as a cover. The cover will be displayed on the profile page, it can be live as an animation or static as a picture.

Tik Tok video cover

Finally, click “Publish”.

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What videos to shoot for Tik-Tok

If we are talking about personal blogs, then first of all we need to follow the trends. Shoot your reactions to new tracks, variations of different videos with your own creative.

If we are talking about business, then given that the platform is entertaining, you need to make an amendment and think over a presence strategy in advance. It is clear that you cannot predict everything. Sberbank publishes short sketches for a younger audience. For example, “Once upon a time in geography class.”

What videos to shoot for Tik-Tok

If you have a big brand, you can beat the way people criticize you online. Also react to trends. For small companies, the presence in Tik-Tok is more of a prank than a well-thought-out business move, since in the social network, while there is no clear link between users to geo, the network is global.

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Brief summary: Shoot short videos, pick up the trending music, create unique designs and shoot. Before posting, be sure to add an engaging description and hashtags to ensure your video gets good coverage.

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