How to shoot video in Tik Tok hands-free on Android and iPhone

Many aspiring TikTokers ask “How to shoot at TikTok without hands.” TikTok ( is a popular social network for creating short 15-second videos with music and communication between users. Where you can fool around without judging others and watch the jokes of other participants. In our article, we will show you how to make a clip without hands and a couple of little tips.

Shooting modes

First, let’s figure out the shooting options, in which modes it is possible to shoot a video. There are two ways:

  • manual – works until the user removes his finger from the capture button, which is sometimes inconvenient (meaning when a person independently starts the video recording);
  • automatic – a timer is used, that is, recording will start and end at the specified time, which minimizes the number of captured clips.

The second mode will be discussed in this article. Read below.

How to shoot hands-free on Tik Tok – step by step instructions

To shoot the roller without using your hands, follow these steps.

  1. Open the TikTok app and log into your account.
  2. Click the plus in the center of the lower menu bar.
  3. Select the second icon from the bottom “with a clock and three” on the right side of the screen – here you can set the timer for automatic start and end of to shoot tik tok without hands step 2
  4. On the timeline, check the box when you want to end the video, maximum 60 seconds. without sound, 15 sec. – with music.
  5. Shooting is automatically paused at the set time if a mark is made; otherwise, the recording goes to the end.
  6. When you have marked the time, click “Start Shooting”.
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After 3 or 10 seconds (whichever is chosen), recording will start. If you want to finish before the set time, press the button at the bottom of the screen to confirm the end of video recording. The time delay timer is also used when recording a duet with another user.


Before shooting a clip in the TikTok program in auto mode, select the music for your own video. To do this, click the “Music” section with the notes icon at the top of the screen.

how to shoot tik tok without hands step 3

A large selection of recommended ones is given: TOP, new items, in trend, TOP 2021, etc. Perhaps, if you added a sound to “Favorites”, so as not to search for a long time, look in the required tab. Or upload your own track. But remember that with music the video will only last 15 seconds.

To create a really cool video, edit it using special effects. You can apply filters and masks, speed up or slow down a clip (slowmo). All actions are available on devices with the Android and iPhone operating systems.

how to shoot tik tok without hands step 4

how to shoot tik tok without hands step 5

In this article, we described how to shoot a video in Tik Tok hands-free. We hope the instructions did not cause any difficulties, and you managed to please your own subscribers with an interesting video on the popular social network.

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