How to start a challenge on Instagram: examples of +10 challenge ideas

The challenge format is popular on TikTok and has already reached Instagram. It seems that Insta cannot come to terms with the growing competition and is slowly beginning to take over the main functions of TT – there has even been an attempt to introduce a clip format, but so far this function is being tested.

In this article, we will tell you how to launch a challenge on Instagram and offer some ideas for challenges.

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What is an Instagram challenge

What are challenges and why are they carried out? Challenge is translated from English as “challenge”, and this directly reflects the essence of the format. You do something on camera and invite other users to repeat it. What does it give:

  • For regular users – ideas for content. You don’t need to invent anything from scratch, just find someone else’s challenge and do it better. It’s also fun.
  • Companies, media personalities – recognition, and essentially free advertising. You can add a branded hashtag to the challenge or make a video with your product. Any mention of yourself will do. For example, in Tik-Tok there was a challenge where you had to dance with a Pepsi can against the backdrop of the Magnit store. You can do something similar for Instagram.

On Instagram, challenges are posted to stories with the new #challenge sticker. Each challenge has its own hashtag, for example, the hashtag #stayhomechallenge is now popular, urging people to stay at home during quarantine. You can come up with your own, the main thing is to leave the word challenge at the end, so that it is clear that this is a challenge.

A ready-made challenge is a story with a sticker in which there is a cup icon next to the name of the challenge, and below are the users you challenge – that is, they must film their video response with this hashtag.

Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to launch your challenge and indicate the friends you are proposing to participate in.

How to launch challenges on Instagram

1. Statement of the problem

First, we think over why we need a challenge – what goal we want to achieve with our video. The goals can be rotated.

  • draw attention to your company or person (if you are a blogger);
  • to draw attention to a specific product or service in order to increase sales;
  • gain new subscribers;
  • just to amuse your audience without a specific task – while you still get the result – recognition;
  • remind of yourself when there is no time to regularly post content – for example, you now have no time to upload new photos and videos, you can come up with a challenge that will spread across the network and draw attention to your profile.
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2. Idea

You need to come up with a task – something not trivial that other people can repeat. It can be a cool dance, a flash mob, a demonstration of your creativity. Come up with a plot and shoot a few videos for trial, look from the side, which option is better. You can first ask a close circle of people to rate the challenge before publishing it to the masses. Cover hype topics, but keep intrigue.

Important: do not come up with anything traumatic, immoral, or anything for which you can be condemned or held accountable. You shouldn’t lose your mind and sense of responsibility in pursuit of likes.

3. Publication

After you figured out the idea, you can publish the video. We go to the Instagram story – on the main page of the application at the very top, you need to click on your avatar with a plus, under it is written “Your story”.

Shoot a video for stories or download a finished one from the gallery. Then go to the tab with stickers – the smiling square icon, it is located at the top of the stories. Find the challenge sticker there, click on it.

Challenge Instagram Sticker

It can be renamed and branded, for example, pepsichallenge or stayhomechallenge. When you start writing the name of a challenge, the application offers a selection of ready-made options.

Below we indicate to whom we are transferring the challenge – you need to enter a nickname in the line “My choice: @”. One or more people can be specified.

How to make a challenge on Instagram

All that remains is to publish the challenge to the Stories. The user who has been marked in this way will receive a message in Direct and will also be able to respond to the challenge.

How to answer a challenge on Instagram

⚠ Important: if you don’t have the #challenge sticker, please update to the latest version of Instagram.

10 Instagram Challenge Ideas

Since this format has not yet been promoted on Instagram, you can see the ideas of challenges on TikTok and on YouTube.

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1. Product in the video

We have already written above about an example of a dance with a Pepsi can. In general, this topic has endless scope for creativity, but the essence is the same – you need to light up your product, brand, logo, name in the video.

How to start a challenge on Instagram

2. Charity

In 2014, the sensational Ice Bucket Challenge appeared, in which many famous personalities participated, including Rihanna, Bill Gates, Vin Diesel, George Bush, Zuckerberg. I had to pour a bucket of ice water over myself and make a donation of $ 10 to a charity to fight a rare disease. Then it was necessary to pass the baton to 3 friends. Within 24 hours they had to do the same. Anyone who refused to douche had to deposit already $ 100. As a result, the company managed to collect more than $ 41 million in donations.

Of course, the idea is not straightforward, given that there are countries experiencing problems with access to clean water. In addition, such dousing for untrained people can be simply dangerous. Therefore, the challenge had not only fans, but also critics. But we think the essence is clear. You can come up with a really useful charity challenge, for example, filming videos with pets in support of animal protection organizations.

3. Topics of social responsibility (for example, eco-theme, healthy lifestyle, social problems)

The essence of such challenges is to draw attention to issues of concern to society. With this you will attract attention to yourself and will do a useful job. Such challenges are good because other people willingly join them. You can shoot a video of how you buy food from grandmothers, plant a tree, swing a press, bring toys to an orphanage, learn sign language, masterfully throw garbage into a trash can (and not past it), transfer ducks across the road.

Example of a challenge on Instagram

4. Unusual tricks

The #bottlecapchallenge that floated around Instagram immediately comes to mind when the challenge sticker was not even in the project yet. Celebrities also took part in it. It was necessary to open the bottle cap with a foot from the turntable so that the bottle would not fall. Some turned out epic, while others were just ridiculous. It is believed that the first MMA fighter from Kazakhstan launched the challenge.

Challenge idea for Instagram

5. Memorable dance

Come up with a fun dance or movement to associate with you. As the guys from LittleBig did – they launched the #unovisionchallenge with a characteristic movement from the video for the song Uno, with which the group was supposed to go to Eurovision 2020. You don’t have to be a musician for such a challenge, anyone can come up with their own moves.

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Dance challenge

6. Filters, masks, games from TikTok

TT is full of filters, masks and games that are not on Instagram, you need to use this. Shoot a video with a cool filter and upload it to a story. Invite users to record their video with the same filter and leave a link on Instagram to your TikTok account (in the TT video you can see what effect the author used). So you get a double benefit – a ready-made idea from TikTok and traffic to your TT account from Instagram.

Instagram Challenge Masks

7. Parodies and memes

In TT, these videos are tagged with the #when tag. People parody different life situations, for example, “when they called to eat”, “when you don’t understand the hints.” This idea can also be taken for Instagram. Parodies and memes are mostly filmed for fun, but you can use them for marketing purposes as well. For example, such a video of a cyclist would be suitable for advertising an English school.

How to run a challenge on Instagram

8. Challenge on the theme of memories from life

Also a popular topic from TikTok, there such videos can be found under the #remember tag. The essence of the challenge is that people are trying to reproduce their favorite photos from childhood.

Challenge from Tik-Tok for Instagram

9. Challenge – how to spend your free time at home

The TT challenge was launched with the hashtag #quarantinelife and, as you might have guessed, it is about life in quarantine. But the idea will be relevant after it. You can come up with different challenges about how you spend your free time at home. For example, #sporthome, #what is the breakfast, #fitnessin the kitchen. It is worth adding a creative, as in the example below (though you have to practice):

Challenge stay home

10. Funny Challenge

Any cool idea that will make you smile will do here. In TT, a non-standard sound is taken as a basis, under which users come up with an idea themselves. In the example below, the video was shot with the sound of Windows loading (at the end, the sound of a pop-up window with an error). For inspiration, you can look in TT that people filmed under the jingles Coincidance – Handsome Dancer, Homemade Beats, Patatak – mihnea.craciun, Kostyan save me.

Themes for Instagram Challenges 2020


Challenges are a new format that you need to work with now. It has proven its effectiveness on TikTok, now it’s Instagram’s turn. You have the opportunity to be one of the first to join the wave of Instagram challenges, while there are not so many of them on this social network.

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