How to stream on YouTube: programs, promotion, settings, launch

Recently, many users prefer YouTube instead of watching TV. On YouTube, you can follow the news, watch movies, TV series and live broadcasts (streams). You can even buy a subscription and get rid of those annoying ads. But today we’ll talk specifically about live broadcasts and tell you how to stream on YouTube. What programs to use, how to set up and run the stream correctly. And also attract viewers.

What is YouTube Stream

Streaming on YouTube is a live video broadcast. To understand what a stream is, compare it to a live broadcast of a football match. The principle is the same, only instead of football – you yourself.

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The main types of streams:

  • answers to questions: those that came earlier or in chat mode, where subscribers can ask questions of interest;
  • unpacking, product reviews;
  • carrying out draws;
  • broadcast of games with comments.

The goal of streaming is most often additional earnings. There is a button “Donat“, By clicking on which subscribers can send the desired amount of money.

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Programs and services for streaming on YouTube

If you decide to stream on YouTube, then you need to download and install a special program. Below we describe the most popular programs for this:

  1. OBS Studio… This is the most popular program used by most streamers. It is distinguished by its simple, intuitive interface and a built-in Donate button. This software is free, you can download it on the official website.
  2. XSplit Broadcaster… The main feature of the software is that you can simultaneously stream several streams, for example, on YouTube and Twitch. To use this program, you need to buy a license, the maximum cost of which is 15,000 rubles; a beginner streamer can hardly afford such an amount. If you want to try the service, you can broadcast it in test mode for free.
  3. Ffsplit… The program has a fairly extensive functionality, but users note that the interface is incomprehensible. The software produces videos only in a single format – FLV, the installation of the program takes a lot of time and the installer is not translated into Russian – these are the main disadvantages.

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Create and stream on YouTube on Obs

In order to start a stream on YouTube, we use a free program – Obs. Without it, the broadcast will not work. Obs will help eliminate lags and other troubles, saves video in several formats: MP4, MKV, FLV and MOV.

To download the program, you need to go to the official website – ATSelect the correct version for your operating system and install.

How to set up a stream

In order to set up and start a stream, you need to check in the channel settings if this is available to you. Mandatory requirements:

  • more than 1,000 subscribers;
  • verified phone number;
  • no violations.

The last item can be checked by going to the channel’s creative studio by clicking on the “Status and functions” button.

If all these rules are met, you need to further tackle the settings. To do this, you need to allow the launch of broadcasts on your channel. Follow this procedure:

  1. Activate the option “Live streaming”by going to the same section where you checked to see if the channel violates community guidelines.
    How to set up a stream
  2. After that, you need to click on the video camera icon and select “Start streaming”
    Programs and services for streaming on YouTube
  3. Then the broadcast setting will open in front of you. At the very top, you can write its name, choose access: open, limited, by link. You don’t have to start the broadcast right away, you can select the date and time from the calendar. In advanced settings, you can turn on or off comments, age restrictions.
    Stream parameters

In order for the broadcast to lag, it is better to choose the following characteristics: 720p vs 10004000 kbps. After that, you need to go to the tab Live broadcasts, click on the button Start broadcast, scroll to the bottom of the page and copy the broadcast key, which will come in handy when starting Obs.


This completes the settings on Youtube, it’s time to move on to starting the stream using Obs.

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How to start a live stream on YouTube

In order to start a stream, you need to open the OBS program. Then follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the “File” menu, click on the “Settings” button and click on “Broadcasting”, enter the stream key, select the service YouTube, in the “Server” column click Primary
    Setting up Obs for YouTube
  2. Click on the “Exit” button. Here you need to adjust the bitrate, depending on the power of your computer, audio track and encoder.
    How to start a stream
  3. After all the settings are specified, click on the “Start broadcast” button.
    Start a live stream on YouTube

Before starting a stream, you need to check everything and start broadcasting. If something lags, you need to check if the parameters are set correctly.

How to broadcast live

If you decide to conduct a live broadcast, you must know how to do it correctly so that viewers are interested in watching you.

  1. Make a clear plan of action. Before going live, write on a piece of paper what you want to talk to the audience about. Of course, there may be unexpected questions, but you should not deviate from your plan. The sheet should be a hint, but you don’t need to read every word from it. Viewers are not interested in watching a person who reads a prepared script without emotion, they will quickly leave your broadcast.If you are broadcasting for the first time and are nervous, rehearse your speech in front of the mirror.
  2. Show what you are talking about… Watching the broadcast without changing plans is boring, you can only listen to it.If you run a culinary blog, then show the stages of cooking and ingredients, if you tell how to make money on the Internet, then give examples of graphics and diagrams, if you review products, then do not just show them, but use them in business. For example, if you bought a toy, show how it works.
  3. Forget about time. Starting a live broadcast, you should understand that it does not have clear time boundaries, because perhaps half an hour will be enough for you to answer questions and tell the audience about everything, or maybe two hours will not be enough. If you told only part of the information, but you see that the audience is not active, then it is time to end the live broadcast, you can cover all other questions in the next broadcasts.If you have told everything you wanted, and viewers are asking questions, do not rush to leave the broadcast until you have answered all the questions.
  4. Make a collaboration with other bloggers. If you have a small audience, then think about how you can attract it, you can broadcast with someone else at the initial stage.
  5. Communicate with their viewers. Even if the audience asks you provocative questions, you can answer them in a humorous manner, but you should not ignore the opinions of the commentators. Whatever topic you cover, speak to the audience in simple language, if you have complex words and terms in your speech, immediately explain what they mean.
  6. Run ads. If for no reason at all you decide to launch a live broadcast, you should not rely on millions of views. And in order to collect at least a couple of dozen viewers, you need to launch advertising and attract users.
  7. Leave a message… A live broadcast should end with a call to action – leave links to social networks, YouTube channel, offer to buy a product or service (if you sell something), announce the next episodes to attract an audience.

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How to promote a stream

The first streams will be very difficult for you, especially if you are just starting the path of a blogger on YouTube. In order for the audience to appear, you need to spend energy and money on promotion. The most proven methods are:

  1. Publication of the announcement. If you decide to launch a live stream, for sure there are subscribers on your channel, and most likely they will be your first viewers. You need to create an intriguing and exciting announcement. If possible, you can run ads on Google Ads
  2. Posting to social networks. Even if there are few subscribers on your social networks, you need to create a post about the stream, someone will decide to watch your broadcast, perhaps invite friends. At the initial stage, each viewer plays a role. You can also find sites where you can post ready-made videos for free. These can be small groups in VK, forums, thematic sites.
  3. End screensavers… In order for viewers to subscribe to your channel, you need to insert end screens and a button with a subscription at the end of the video.

The most important way of promotion is regularity, and if your first live broadcast was watched by 5-10 people, don’t worry – start a few more broadcasts, the viewers will increase with each stream. And, of course, you need to remember that you should be interesting to viewers, and therefore think in advance about what to talk about in your broadcasts.

Streaming step by step

Instead of a conclusion, let’s go over the above again. In order to stream on YouTube you need:

  1. Select and download a streaming program.
  2. Configure parameters in YouTube.
  3. Set up a stream in the selected program.
  4. Start live broadcast.
  5. Stream regularly to build your audience.

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