How to subscribe to Tik Tok per person

“How to subscribe to Tik Tok per person” is a popular request for newcomers in the social network. Like the video and want to get to know the user better. Subscribe to it so that new clips are shown first. There are two ways to get an idol subscription:

  • from the main screen of the video you like;
  • from the blogger’s profile page.

Read the detailed instructions in this article.

From the home screen

This method is the fastest, you can subscribe to the author of the video immediately, without interruption from watching. Follow these steps.

  1. Go to the TikTok application and log in to your account.
  2. The main page will open, where records of two types are broadcast (toggled at the top of the display): “Subscriptions”; “Recommendations”.subscription recommendations
  3. If you liked the video, click on the plus sign under the photo icon.If you liked the video, click on the
  4. The confirmation of the subscription is a check mark that appears for a second, after which it will disappear and only the photo will be displayed.

Now, when you enter the social network, you can watch more clips of this channel, and the author will see a new subscriber.

From profile page

The second method makes it possible to get to know the Tiktoker closer that he managed to interest him with his content.

  1. On the video, click on the user’s photo.
  2. This will take you to his TikTok profile.
  3. Here you will see full information about the blogger’s popularity: the number of subscriptions to other TikTokers; number of fans; how many likes were put under the videos.
  4. Below, click the red “Subscribe” button.Click subscribe
  5. A link to another social network, Instagram or YouTube, can be displayed next to it, where you can get to know the user’s life better and understand how they become popular.
  6. The confirmation of the subscription will be a small man that appears with a check mark.Subscription confirmation
  7. Done, watch the new blogger content in the news feed.
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If you want to thank an idol or ask about something, click on “Message” on the right. The chat will only be available for the two of you.

Now you know how to subscribe to Tik Tok per person. We hope the article was useful and you managed to fill your news feed with only the best video clips.

To be known about you, create more interesting short video files, put likes, comment on other people’s clips. This will help in promoting the channel and boosting views. Most importantly, do not despair if it does not work out the first time. All in your hands. Good luck!

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