How to tag a person in Instagram Stories: in a photo or video

In September 2018, Instagram became able to make mentions in Stories. This allows you to mark a person in Instagram Stories, both in video and in a photo. No more than 10 people can be marked in one Story.

Using mentions, you can tag friends, colleagues and any other accounts. Thanks to the new sticker, you no longer need to manually type the user’s nickname in text format. Just start typing the first letters of the name and Instagram will prompt the user you want.

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How to tag someone on Instagram Stories

Step 1… To tag a person on an Instagram Story, you need to start adding Stories as you normally would. Choose a suitable photo or video that will be beneficial to highlight the mention. Then, tap on the sticker icon at the top and in the set that appears, select “Mention”.

Step 2… After that, we begin to enter the nickname of the person we want to mention. During the input, hints will appear – users whose nicknames begin with the entered letters. The priority is given to your subscribers, and then to the most popular accounts.

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Using the Mention Sticker for Stories

Step 3… Further, by clicking on the mention itself, you can change its design and choose one of three design options: regular, transparent or colored.

Step 4… Finally, click on the “Recipient” and on the selection page for whom the History will be visible, select “For all”.

Instagram Stories Mention

A story with a mention will be published within a few seconds. When viewing Stories, clicking on the mentions will call up a hint with a link to the marked account.

You can mention any account, except those that blocked you.

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How to view marks in stories

If someone marks you in their History, the corresponding message will be sent to you in Direct. In the event that you are not subscribed to the user who mentioned you, the messages will go to the “Requests for correspondence”. When you are subscribed – directly into messages.

How to see mentions on Instagram

Once you open a message, you can view the History in which you were mentioned. Also, you can share this Story with your subscribers.

How to remove mentions on Instagram

It is impossible to completely disable mentions in your account’s stories until the social network has added this feature in the settings.

That being said, if someone posts inappropriate or negative content, you can welcome them. To do this, open the Story with a mention, click on the three dots in the “Send message” field at the very bottom of the screen.

How to remove mentions on Instagram

An additional menu will appear, where there will be one single button – “Complain”, after tapping on it, you need to select the complaint option “This is spam” or “Inappropriate materials”.

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Why is there no “Mention” sticker in Stories

Since the mentions appeared quite recently, some users may have a problem with their absence. Let’s list the possible problems and how to solve them.

  • An old version of the Instagram app. The application may not be updated, for example, due to the fact that the phone has not been connected to wi-fi for a long time, and the settings indicate that you can update only when connected to it. Decision: update the app to the most recent one.
  • In the event that after the update, the “Mention” sticker did not appear, then there may be a problem in the application itself. Try it reinstall
  • If all else fails, write to technical support.

Recall that recently Instagram has launched a new section “Shopping”and also allowed all users to pass account verification, to get a blue checkmark

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