How to tag someone on Instagram: in a photo, post, comment or story

Marks and mentions on Instagram allow you to mark friends, colleagues and brands in photos, posts, comments, stories and IGTV.

How it works, what gives the account, what does the promotion have to do with it, and how to mark a person on Instagram – read about all this in our article.

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What does it mean to mark on Instagram

A simple example – you went to a cafe with friends and want to share your impressions of your leisure time on Instagram. You can just post a photo and write the name of the cafe, or you can mark the official profile of the institution or mention its profile in the text. This is what an Instagram tag looks like – the icon in the photo.

If you click on the mark, then the login of the marked account appears, you can go to it or immediately subscribe right under the photo. Convenient – no need to search for it.

You can also mention the institution’s account in the post under the photo, for this you need to write his login with the dog @, it is clickable, you can also go to the profile using it.

What is Instagram tagging in a post

PS The difference between tagging and mentioning is purely symbolic, both of which are effective in promoting an account.

You can mark and mention institutions, friends, colleagues, business partners. The tagged account is notified. Posts with marks are displayed in the “marks” section. Going into someone’s profile, you can not only see the author’s publications, but also the photos on which he is marked.

How to see all the stamps of an Instagram account

If the account is closed, then only its subscribers see marks. In addition to posts, you can add tags in comments, stories and IGTV.

If the mark is not displayed for the marked account, most likely its owner has set the manual moderation of marks. This can be done in order to combat spam, so as not to send massive marks, or simply the author wants to control the placement of such content. Your checkmark may have been rejected or not yet reviewed.

Why Businesses Use Marks

  1. The tagged account has additional content.
  2. They allow you to attract a new audience, that is, they can become a source of additional traffic. The mark on the photo makes you want to look at your profile. If it’s interesting, guests can subscribe. If a blogger with a large number of subscribers appears with you, you can count on an increase in the audience. You can tag your friend or business partner and help him gain more followers.
  3. Pins are often used for promotional purposes, during collaborations, or for contests, marathons, and challenges.
  4. Pins allow sharing pictures with business partners.
  5. Bloggers sell posts with tags and mentions. You can make money selling such posts if you are a blogger. Or you can order a paid post with a tag from a blogger if you are a business owner.
  6. If you have several projects and a separate account has been created for each, checkmarks will help exchange traffic between them.
  7. Check-ins allow you to collect reviews and follow up on feedback.
  8. There are services that allow you to launch mass tags on photos and stories. But we do not recommend using flags for this purpose, as it is spam.
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How to tag a person on Instagram

On the picture

Add a photo from the gallery for posting on Instagram (+ button). Apply a filter if necessary. Click Next and get into the settings. Below the description block, click on “Mark people”.

How to tag a person on Instagram

You need to select the area where the mark will be. For example, if this is an advertisement for glasses, click on the glasses, if this is a joint photo with some person, click on him. The Who Is This icon appears. There will be a mark here.

How to add a tag to a photo on Instagram

We begin to write the login of the desired account. From the very first letter, Instagram offers accounts that begin with this letter, that is, you can mark any account in general, and not just the one you are subscribed to or which is subscribed to you.

How to mark an account in a publication

When you have written or selected a login, the login is displayed instead of the “Who is this” icon. Now you can post your photo.

Mark in a post

The mark can be deleted or moved. To move, just pinch and move to another location. To delete, click on it, and then on the cross that appears.

How to remove a tag from a photo on Instagram

You can also put a mark on an already published photo. To do this, open the publication and click on 3 dots, and then “Edit”. A “Tag People” button appears in the lower left corner.

How to change the flag of a post

Click on it and then, in the same way, select the place in the photo where the mark will be and write it as described above.

In post

Here you can additionally mention the account in the post itself, for this you need to write his login with the dog @.

In history

There are two ways to add a mark to a story:

  1. We create a story using the camera, upload a ready-made one from the gallery, or simply add a background for the stories. Then click on the text icon Aa.
    How to tag a person in Instagram StoriesWe write the doggy icon @ and the full account login that we want to mark in the story. Here you can also write the first letters and select the one you want from the drop-down list.
    Marking in Instagram Stories
  2. Using the “Mention” sticker. We go into the stickers. Find the orange sticker @ REFERENCE.
    Mention in Instagram StoriesAdd to the story and write the required login. The sticker is even more convenient, it is not necessary to register the dog here, it is placed automatically, you can start right away with the letters. Here you can also select an account from the drop-down list or register completely manually.
    How to tag multiple people in Instagram Stories
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Stories can contain up to 10 marks. They are also clickable, that is, any viewer can go to the mentioned profile. Mentions made in Stories will go to Direct to the person you mentioned. He can also add this story to himself.

You can also tag a person through a sticker challenge – when you create a challenge, you can challenge other people, for this you need to mention their accounts. They will receive a notification that they have been selected in the challenge.

Tagging a person for a challenge

In comments

In the comments they put marks under other people’s posts. This way you can fulfill the condition of the drawing (“Mark three friends under the photo”) or draw the attention of a friend to an interesting publication.

To put a mark in the comment under the post on Instagram, open the post of interest to us and start writing a comment. The marked account must be written with the @ symbol (dog) in front of the login. For example, @postiumru. The account will receive a checkmark notification. Up to 5 profiles can be specified in one comment.

How to tag a person in a comment on Instagram

If the account has limited the ability to check marks, a warning “Unable to @mention” will pop up.

Why you can't mention your Instagram account


If you use the IGTV application, then add a video via the + button in the upper right corner. If you upload a video via Instagram, then through the + button below (where we publish the photo).

Select the desired video in the gallery, click “Next”. Choose a cover for IGTV from a video fragment or download from the gallery. Next, the settings open. Here you can mark the account in the video description – through the dog. Read more in the article: How to upload a video to IGTV.

You can also tag a business partner or sponsor if your video is branded content.

In the profile description

You can also put a mark in the account profile, for this we simply register other accounts with the @ dog in the description.

Add a tag to your profile description

How to use marks and mentions on Instagram to promote

Possible ways to promote using marks:

1. Put a mark on the brand

Brand mentions and mentions generate more traffic than friends. We advise you to post a detailed, sincere review about a product or store that you really want to recommend to other people. What it does for you – if the brand likes the review, it will save it to itself, and some of its subscribers can follow you. Or, the brand might give you a thank you for your honest review, such as a discount on your next purchases.

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How to use marks and mentions on Instagram to promote

The rest of the tips are more related to commercial accounts.

2. Create multiple profiles and mark them

For example, you have a business account and a personal one. You can cross-mark and drive traffic back and forth. So people who subscribe to a personal account can go to commercial and become your customers.

An example is a chain of cafes. The main account periodically posts tags to regional restaurants and cafes.

Marks to attract followers on Instagram

3. Arrange contests with the condition to put a mark in the comments

This is the most common use of marks. You are creating a contest, one of the conditions of which is to mark a couple of acquaintances in the comments under the post on Instagram. Commenter friends will receive flagging notifications and can follow you by reading the post in which they have been flagged.

Competition with marks

4. Reviews with marks

Similar to the first point, only if the client posts a review at the call of his heart, without expecting something in return, but here you yourself motivate customers to write reviews with your brand mark. You can offer bonuses for reviews or posting a tagged post on Instagram.

5. Advertising

These are essentially the same reviews with a mark, but for a specific paid order. Or direct advertising. Find a blogger or media personality and he posts a post with your brand for a fee.

Promotional profile marks

6. Collaboration with another blogger

Now this is a popular feature among bloggers. They make a joint project, webinar, video and point each other in marks under the publication, exchanging audience.

Collaboration with another blogger

7. Mutual PR

The same, but for all users. For example, you can promote your friend in a post by posting a joint photo and putting a mark. If a friend is in business, you can also promote him, and he will promote you.

Mutual PR

8. Create a quest game

This idea will work well for a competition to increase engagement. The bottom line is that you create an account for the competition or post a post with a mark in the main profile. And several accounts, which will be followed by marks. For example, the game “Choose your look” – in the first photo, a person must choose a hat, then click on the mark to select the top of the wardrobe (in the second account), then he must click on the mark again to select pants (in the third account) etc. And at the end, it goes to a discounted account. Or you can come up with a detective story, where the plot changes depending on the choice of the mark.

The point of this is to engage the audience in the game process so that they interact with the brand’s accounts for as long as possible. Read more in the article: Games for Instagram followers.


Remember to use marks and mentions, and find a good way to do it. You can put marks just as a sign of respect and gratitude, or you can use them as a full-fledged tool for promoting your account.

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