How to tie headphones and a thread in a Tik Tok knot with your tongue in your mouth: a tutorial


How to tie a knot with your tongue in your Tik Tok mouth? This trend has appeared relatively recently, and now thousands of users of the social network repeat their dexterity on camera. But this trend dates back to the 90s, when the Twin Peaks actor delighted fans with a trick of tying a cherry stalk in his mouth. Then the audience just blew up this scene, and everyone began to try to repeat it at home. In 2021, this fashion returned, and it was picked up by TikTok viewers. Below is a description of how to perform this trick.

How to learn to tie headphones and a thread with your tongue in a Tik Tok knot

Users of the popular platform of bright videos TikTok often use the tutorial format to transfer information. It is convenient to dance to music through such material, because the videos are short and memorable. It takes up to 15 minutes and is done with contemporary music. Most often, this type of video is shot on the front camera. The tutorial on how to make a knot with the TikTok language is easy, but requires a lot of training:

  • choose the right lace, thread or headphones;
  • before putting it in your mouth, show the audience on the camera that there are no nodules yet;
  • turn the headphones or thread twice around the tip of the tongue;
  • after turning, make sure that the folded cable lies longitudinally;
  • clamp the folded end between the teeth;
  • turn so that an X-shaped loop is formed;
  • hold one lace with your teeth, thread the other side through the loop;
  • ready.
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how to tie a knot with your tongue in tik tok

This does not always work the first time, so we advise you to do the rope trick several times. To consolidate the result, watch the videos of other bloggers.

how to tie a knot with your tongue on headphones

There is an alternative option:

  • put the thread in your mouth;
  • arrange so that it is folded in half;how to tie a knot with your tongue in tik tok
  • place one end between the teeth, and stretch the other along the first;
  • roll one end of the earphone or thread with a push in the middle;
  • bite one side, and tighten the other into a loop;
  • ready.

Tips and Warnings

how to tie a knot with your mouth in tik tok

When writing this tutorial, safety precautions are important:

  • the lace, thread or rope that will be in the mouth must be clean and intact – wipe it in advance with a cotton pad or an antiseptic napkin;
  • do not use rigid cables and wires for such tricks, as they will damage the enamel of the teeth.

Cherry stalk tricks are common. The algorithm of actions is the same. Then choose fruits with a longer and softer stem. Do not use frozen cherries for such purposes, as there is a risk of injury.

Once you’ve recorded your video, upload it to TikTok. Use popular tags to get more likes and views.


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