How to upload a video to VKontakte from a phone or computer

Video is a popular type of content on social media. VKontakte, you can add it to the wall, to your videos or to a group, send it in a message to a friend. VK videos can be used to promote business and services, as well as increase engagement and audience reach.

Today we will look at all the ways to add videos to VKontakte. Despite the simplicity of the process, there are a number of limitations and important points – you will learn about all this from the article.

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How to add a video on VKontakte

Let’s move on to step by step instructions.

From PC

Log into your account and go through the main menu to the “Video” item.

If you haven’t found a similar section on your page, then customize its display. To do this, move the mouse cursor over any menu item and click on the gear image. Find “Video” in the settings window that appears, check the box next to it and save the changes.

Go to the Video section and click Add Video.

Video section

Click on the “Select file” button, find and open the media file on your computer. The download will start.

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Loading a video from a computer

Limit on the size of the media file – up to 5 GB… To get around it, split the video into several parts and upload them one by one to the social network. To do this, use special software: Adobe Premiere Pro, VSDC Free Video Editor or Movavi Video Editor. You can also upload a video over 5 GB to YouTube (there is no such limitation) and then upload it to VK using the link.

From phone

The mobile version of the social network does not support downloading videos. Add videos via the official VK app, the principle of action is the same for both iOS and Android

Open the application menu and go to “Video”. Tap on the “+” in the upper right corner of the screen. Select the option to add a VK video recording: you can record a video and immediately upload it to the social network, add an existing video from a mobile device and attach a video using a link from an external source.

How to post a video to VK from your phone

From YouTube

To add a video from a video hosting or third-party site to your profile, enter the “Video” category and click “Add video”.

How to add a video to VK from YouTube

In the window that opens, select “Add video” and then “Add from another site.”

Downloading video from YouTube

After that, a window will open with a line for entering the url of the source. Copy the video address from the YouTube address bar there.

We publish YouTube video

This feature is useful because it does not require downloading the video to your PC first. It saves not only time, but also computer resources.

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Into History

Log in to your profile via the mobile application. Go to the news tab. Click on the plus sign next to your name and photo.

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How to add a video to VK history

Press and hold the big gray button in the center to start recording video.

Recording video in History

If necessary, edit the video and click “Submit”. After that, the Story will appear in your friends’ news feed. Please note: it will be deleted after 24 hours.

Now a few words about VKontakte Stories. Use only vertical video format, as horizontal video quality deteriorates and the picture is distorted. The maximum length of videos in Stories is 15 seconds.

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To the community

Enable the “Videos” section in the group settings – this can be done in the “Management” section under the main photo of the public.

How to add a video to a VK group

After that, a button “Add video” will appear under the contacts. Click on it and choose the option that suits you best:

  • select a file in the PC;
  • create a broadcast;
  • choose from my videos;
  • add from another site.

Further, the process is the same as when uploading a video to your personal page.

Uploading video to the community

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Setting the video display

Now let’s talk about the nuances of setting.

VK video privacy


When adding videos from a computer, phone or YouTube, you need to set the privacy parameters: who can watch and comment on the video. For example, just you, all users, only friends, friends of friends, or individuals.


If you download a video from a PC or mobile device, you can choose the cover you like out of 10 suggested. You can also upload your own cover by clicking on “+ Upload your own” in the cover selection field. You can do it by analogy with creating a cover for a YouTube video.

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VK video cover

When adding a video from YouTube or other sites, you cannot select / change the cover art.


Uploading a VK video allows you to leave the original name (as it was on the computer and in the YouTube video) or enter a new one. The title should be intriguing, communicate what information the user will receive when watching the video. It is advisable to add keywords to the title by which users can search for videos.

Examples: “Fast site optimization for search engines”, “How to monetize the Yandex.Zen channel”.

Description, links, tags

You can add a description of up to 500 characters to the video, including inserting links to a site or group, tags you need to promote. Use thematic hashtags that fit organically into the video description. For example, #business, #advertising, #monetization.

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What to do if the video does not load

When uploading a video to your page or group, you may encounter the following problems:

  1. The video has been uploaded but not available. Most likely, it is being processed. Its duration depends on the speed of your Internet connection.
  2. The added video is not played. If you added a media file not from your public, the authors of the video may not allow publication on other resources. You cannot watch videos in a third-party group.
  3. The uploaded video has been deleted. Apparently, the content of the video contradicts the rules of VKontakte. Better to choose another option.


Today’s article gave comprehensive information about uploading videos on VKontakte. If you still have questions, write them in the comments!

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