How to upload a video to Yandex.Ether: step by step instructions

In the previous article, we already described how to create your own channel on Yandex.Ether and why you need to do it. Today we’ll talk about uploading videos to a channel.

Let’s take a step-by-step look at the process of publishing a video, figure out how to add links under the video, as well as put a cover.

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Video specifications

The video should be of high quality and clear, without compression artifacts and the effect of camera “shake”. Make sure the audio is literate, of high quality, in sync with the video, and pleasing to the ear. There should be no noise, sharp or too loud sounds in the audio.

  • Format: MPG, FLV, OGM, MP4, WebM, WMV, ASX, OGV, MPEG, MOV, M4V, AVI
  • Frame rate no more than 60 frames / s
  • Number of video tracks 1
  • Audio codecs AAC, MP3, Vorbis
  • The number of audio tracks is not more than 5
  • Minimum resolution 1280 × 720 pixels

If the video does not meet the requirements, it may not pass the review.

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How to add a video to Yandex.Ether: step by step instructions

To upload a video to the platform, follow our instructions.

Step 1… Open the Yandex.Ether service on your computer and click on the “Upload video” button at the top.

Step 2… On the page that opens, click “Select file” and select the video on your computer.

How to add a video to Yandex.Ether

Step 3… While the video is downloading (download progress is displayed on the right), we fill in the following fields:

  • Title – enter the title of the video;
  • Description – we write what the video is about, what you can find out by watching it. Any links can be placed here;
  • Category – choose the most suitable category for the video from the drop-down list;
  • Age restrictions – set in accordance with your content.

Uploading video to Yandex.Ether

Step 4… After waiting for the video to load, click on the window where the download progress was shown to put the video cover. A cover is a picture that a user will see when they find your video in the list with others.

Video cover in Yandex.Ether

Try to make the cover as informative as possible, read more about this in our article: How to make a cover for a video. Image format: PNG, JPEG, JPG. The recommended aspect ratio is 16: 9.

Step 5… Click at the very bottom on the “Save” button. After that, the video will go to moderation (yes, all videos in Yandex.Ether are moderated) – as a rule, this takes a couple of hours.

Video moderation

After passing the moderation, the video will be published and available for viewing by everyone.

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Yandex.Ether is a good platform for novice bloggers, since there are no eminent competitors with whom you have to fight for the user’s attention.

For businesses, this is an opportunity to gain additional reach and attract new customers. The main thing is to create quality content and work with the interests of your target audience.

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