How to upload videos to IGTV on Instagram

Let’s continue our IGTV exploration. We have already written about how to make an IGTV channel, today we will figure out how to add an IGTV video to your channel.

As a reminder, IGTV – “app in app»From Instagram to post vertical and horizontal videos. ANDThe algorithm for downloading it is noticeably simpler than for YouTube, but some of the nuances should still be delved into in more detail.

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So what will the article be about?

  1. Technical requirements for videos for posting in IGTV format.
  2. Step-by-step instructions with screenshots on how to: upload video using Android smartphone or iPhone; upload video directly from your computer; remove video from your account; share the publication in the account feed or stories.
  3. TOP programs and services for auto-posting on IGTV.

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Video size, format and length

Video files shot with a smartphone camera are automatically formatted by the service when downloaded through the application. The technical requirements can be helpful when uploading manually formatted videos or adding content from a computer.

  • Duration. At least 1 minute. Up to 15 minutes when downloading from a smartphone. Up to 60 minutes when booting from a PC.
  • The video format is MP4.
  • Orientation / ratio. Vertical video is 9:16, horizontal video is 16: 9.
  • The frequency is 30 frames / s.
  • Video resolution – at least 720 pixels.
  • Video codec. Progressive scan (non-interleaved), high quality, two consecutive B-frames, closed group structure (GOP), GOP at half frame rate, CADAK, color subsampling 4: 2: 0.
  • Audio codec. Channels: stereo or stereo + 5.1. Sampling frequency: 96 kHz or 48 kHz.
  • The size. Up to 10 minutes – no more than 650 MB. Up to 60 minutes – no more than 3.6 GB.
  • Photo cover. Format – PNG or JPG. Size 420 × 654 (ratio 1: 1.55).
  • Content. Moderated by Instagram for compliance with Community Norms. Can be deleted.

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How to post a video to IGTV

Let’s consider each method separately. The algorithms are very similar, but each has its own subtleties.

From an Android or iOS phone

How to publish a video to IGTV from your phone, we told in our video and further in the text.

Step 1… Click on the IGTV button in the Instagram feed or open the IGTV app.

Step 2. This is an IGTV feed. The “+” sign in the upper right corner will redirect you to the Gallery. Select a video file to add.

How to upload videos to IGTV

Step 3. You will see a preview of the video. You can view it. Click “Next” and you will be taken to the screen for working with the cover of the video.

How to add a video to IGTV

Step 4. The cover can be selected from video frames. To do this, move the slider. The required frame will be displayed in the preview area.

Customizing the video cover

Step 5. In addition, you can choose a cover from the Gallery. Follow the link at the bottom of the screen and select a suitable photo. Pre-cover your IGTV video.

Cover picture

Step 5. Fill in the video information and click the Publish button.

Video description and publication

Formatting and publishing of the video begins. This may take several minutes. The indicator will be displayed in the ribbon. When the video is published, you will see it in the center of the IGTV feed.

From computer

Instargam users are used to the fact that in the web version the functionality is extremely limited, but with IGTV, the developers have expanded the possibilities. Sequencing:

  1. Go to in any browser and log into your account. On your main profile page, open the IGTV tab. Click Download.
    How to upload video to IGTV from computer
  2. Drag and drop a video file that matches your technical requirements into the special field. Add a photo cover if needed. Fill in the video information. When finished, click on the Publish button and wait for the file to finish processing.
    How to publish a video on IGTV from a PC
  3. The download will finish and you will see your post in the IGTV tab. Done!

Automation: auto-posting services on IGTV

Probably, there are no people promoting in social networks and not using delayed posting. After all, this is a convenient SMM tool for optimizing work.

It should be noted that not all services and applications provide auto-posting of publications in IGTV format. Let’s talk about the most popular ones that provide such an opportunity:

SmmplannerSupports IGTV format and has many more advantages. The most significant: 50-100 publications per month for free. Agree, some do not need more. Economical usage rates: 130 rubles working with one account for 30 days or placing 50 posts for only 49 rubles. However, in order to use IGTV, you need to purchase the ability to work with video for 300 rubles / month.

SocialKit programA program for the professional promotion of Instagram accounts with democratic tariff plans – from 25 rubles / day. Supports IGTV video posting and allows you to set up auto upload to profile and create a posting schedule.

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How to delete a video

If for some reason you need to delete an IGTV video, you can do it in just a couple of clicks.

On Android or iPhonePlay the video and click on the button with three dots. The action selection menu appears. Click the “Remove” link.

How to delete a video

From computerPlay the video and expand the action selection menu for it. Click “Delete”.

How to publish an IGTV video preview on Instagram

To grab the attention of subscribers, publish a video preview on your Instagram account. This can be done in two ways: in the story and in the feed.

In the feed, the preview looks like a post with the beginning of the video and the button “Watch full IGTV video”. You can publish an IGTV preview in the Instagram feed right after posting a video, you just need to enable the “Publish Preview” function:

How to preview igtv on Instagram

Keep in mind that the preview can be removed from the feed and the video itself will not be affected. It will remain available for viewing in the IGTV tab.

To share a new IGTV video with your subscribers using Stories, simply click the Share button, and then click Add Video to Your Story:

How to share IGTV in Stories

Filling your Instagram account with quality and unique video content is a snap. IGTV is a great helper in this. Diversify your blog or business page and start new marketing breakthroughs!

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