How to upload videos to Instagram from a computer

Publishing videos in SMMplanner is a paid feature. Video posting is included in PRO tariffs, and for tariffs “by post” it starts from 300 rubles per month. When buying for a year in advance – a discount.

SMMplanner will warn you if the video posting ends or you have not paid for the function.

Through the service, you can publish videos up to 125 MB in size and up to 1 minute, however, the video can be uploaded longer, and then cut it in a video editor.

We plan and publish the video to the feed

We press the button “Schedule post”. Choose a video or GIF file on your computer.

In the text field, write a description, hashtags. Here you can set up the first comment, geotag and insert a link. However, you can publish just a video file, without any text.

Links posted under Instagram posts cannot be clicked. However, SMMplanner, when publishing a post with a link, changes it to change it in the profile description. As a result, you can always link to the link in your profile.

When posting with a link, you need to check the box next to the “place a link”

When planning your fast, you can:
– upload your cover photo;
– edit the video using a video editor.

To put your own cover, select the “upload your cover” button in the lower right corner of the preview.

How to upload a cover in SMMplanner

To edit the video, you must click on the pencil. The editor is quite simple, but it is quite suitable for standard SMM tasks.

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The editor is quite simple, but it is quite suitable for standard tasks of SMMshchikov.

Built-in video editor SMMplanner will not allow you to do complex things, such as video editing in one file or sound mixing. However, it allows you to crop / crop video for Instagram Stories, crop video along the timeline, and apply stickers.

SMMplanner video editor
SMMplanner video editor

We plan and publish on Instagram Stories and IG-TV

As for posting Instagram Stories via SMMplanner, the process is similar.

There are only four significant differences:
– you can attach any stickers to the video, including text,
– you can attach a link if they work in your Instagram account,
– no need to attach a video cover,
– you can attach a video not only with a file, but also with a link from the Internet.

 select background - video - upload video
Select background – video – upload video
MOV videos are allowed to be uploaded only in Safari browser
MOV video can only be uploaded in Safari browser
updated view of SMMplanner service
Updated view of SMMplanner service

Or the old-fashioned way – just when planning a post, put a tick in front of the “Publish to Stories” item. In this case, the video will be automatically cut by the service into the required format. However, stickers will not be available to you – as well as scheduling the release of Stories.

To post videos longer than 15 seconds, the Stories section on Instagram is not suitable – you need an IG-TV section. Therefore, through SMMplanner, posting video to IG-TV only works for videos longer than 15 seconds. Working with this section in the posting service also begins with putting the necessary checkbox in the menu:

remember not to post videos to IG-TV and stories at the same time
remember not to post videos to IG-TV and stories at the same time

The service also provides fine-tuning of video previews in the Instagram feed – you can hide IG-TV. If you want to leave a preview of the video in the feed, then it will be published only for videos longer than a minute.

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More details in our article – How to upload video from computer to IGTV.

The article has been updated. First published: February 15, 2015

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