How to use SMMplanner – instructions for the autoposting service

The online service SMMplanner allows you to upload posts to your social media accounts in one place, with minimal time investment. In it you can set up automatic deferred posting, work on 8 sites at once, and edit images. The service is constantly keeping up with the times – for example, it allows you to publish polls on Instagram stories and works easily with video and GIF animation… A convenient control panel allows you to perform complex actions in a few clicks.

How to register

To register in the service, click on the “Login / Register” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

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A window with registration in the service will open in front of you. There are two ways to create an account:

By email… From the login page, go to the registration page – click the active hyperlink.

Registration in SMMplanner

Fill in the required fields, enter your exact e-mail address and password. Do not forget to agree to the terms of the three documents and check the box “I am not a robot” – the system will not miss registration without it.

Click on the “register” button and the system will redirect you to your personal account. There you can add social media accounts and get started with them.

To fully use all the features of the service, you need to confirm your email address – for this, follow the link in the letter.

Through social media… To register with the service using a social network, also go to the login page and select a suitable site. Now you can register in the service through Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and other instant messengers and social networks. To log in, simply click on the icon of the appropriate social network.

The system will ask for permission to access general information, audio recordings, photographs, wall and other parameters. To give access, just click the “Allow” button.

After that, you will be taken to the final stage of registration. The system will ask you to enter your email address. Specify it and click the “Register” button.

This method is practically no different from the previous one, but when you use it, you will immediately add an account. The social network account that you used during registration will be shown in your personal account, and you can immediately start working with it.

Features and rates

Like many other services, SMMplanner has both paid and free access. Immediately after registration, you get 7 free days of access with restrictions – you can schedule no more than 10 posts at a time. Then the system will offer to buy additional posts or use to pay one of the existing tariffs:

  • “Initial” – 450 rubles per month, the ability to connect 5 accounts at the same time
  • “Professional” – costs 600 rubles, can work with 10 pages
  • “Small business” – 2,500 rubles for connecting 25 pages at a time
  • “Medium Business” – costs 3,000 rubles and allows you to use 50 accounts in social networks at the same time
  • “Big business” – 7,500 rubles for work simultaneously with 150 accounts

In each tariff, you can buy additional packages of posts – for example, pay 990 rubles for 3,000 posts. Other additional services are available for money – for example, publishing a video costs 300 rubles in 30 days, and using your proxies – 100 rubles in 30 days.

Important: the service gives from 50 to 100 free posts every month. If this amount is enough for you, you can stay on the free plan.

How to use SMMplaner

How to add an account

To add an account, you need to log in to the site and go to the “Accounts” tab in your personal account. Open the social network, the page of which you want to add, and log in to the desired account. Then return to the SMMplanner website and click on the social network icon. You will see a window with a request to allow access – just click “allow”. Some sites require additional actions – for example, to add an Instagram account, you must first manually enter the username and password for the desired page.

How to add an account to SMMplanner

The number of added accounts depends on the tariff – we wrote about them above. You can add accounts of one social network or several pages of several platforms at the same time to the service.

What are projects and how to use them

Projects are created for easy adding posts to one or several accounts. In them, you can combine pages of social networks into groups and then publish the same posts with one click to several accounts at once.

Project management in SmmPlanner

To add a new project and combine accounts in it, go to the appropriate tab in your personal account. Click on “Create Project” and enter a name for the group. Each time you create a new group, you will be automatically redirected to the page for editing it. To add accounts, click Add / Remove Pages. You will see a list of previously added pages, as well as groups and communities over which the added pages have control. To select accounts, just check the boxes next to them. Changes will be saved automatically – no need to press additional buttons.

How to schedule posts

To schedule a post, go to the Posts / Create Post tab. Then click on “Schedule Post”. An editing window will open in front of you – in it you can write text and put smiles, add music to Vkontakte, place, poll, link and other types of content. To add a video, you need to pay for the service separately – we also wrote about this above.

How to make and post a VKontakte Story

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Review your content plan and create the post you want. If necessary, put a tick in front of the line “Automatically delete after” – then a window for editing the time will open in front of you, and the post will be deleted from the pages after the selected interval after publication. Then select the project you previously created by clicking on the blue plus. The post will be published on all pages of the project, regardless of how many of them – one or ten.

How to schedule posts

After you have added the project, a window with editing the time will open in front of you. Click on the calendar to select a date and on the drop-down list to set the time. This time scheduling format is not very convenient, but the service does not offer other possibilities.

After you have set the time, the last stage of post editing will open in front of you. On it, you can delete pages that are not needed, or make changes to the text / content. As soon as you click the “OK” button, the post will go to “Scheduled”.

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In the future, all posts will be displayed in your personal account with filters, indicating pages, publication time and other parameters. They can be deleted or edited, and for ease of viewing it will be possible to switch between the tabs of published and scheduled posts.

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What else you need to know

In your personal account, you can also add watermarks – captions on images that will subsequently be superimposed on images, UTM tags, your own schedule for posting. All these functions are located in your personal account, in the “Projects” tab.

Let’s sum up

SMMplanner is a fairly simple service with a clear interface, but the logic for adding accounts is lame in it (they must first be combined into projects and only then the list of pages for scheduling a post must be edited). An additional disadvantage is the inconvenient choice of time and date of publication. Otherwise, SMMplanner is slightly better than its competitors – for example, instead of a short test period, it offers 50 free posts per month. And he also gives recommendations to beginners in promotion – take a look at the “Blog” section in your personal account and learn a lot of interesting things. Use the program for promotions in VK and Instagram promotion

How do you feel about the service and do you plan to use it? Share your opinion in the comments.

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