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According to data published by Instagram itself, about 200 million people visit at least one business profile of the social network every day. How do you make it your profile? Today we’ll figure out how an Instagram business card works.

What is an Instagram business card?

Insta business card is an analogue of a QR code that allows the user to scan an image and automatically get into your profile. Previously, Instagram offered a nametag function, but then decided to abandon it and simplified everything to QR codes. You can dictate the name of your account for a long time and tediously, but customers will still be wrong. Another thing is simple pointing the phone at a picture, you can’t get out of it.

An example of an Instagram business card

How to create an Instagram business card?

In order to switch to the mode of creating an insta-business card, you need to click on the sandwich icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and then select the QR code section.

By default, the system itself will suggest how to make an Instagram business card. Usually the selfie format comes first. To do this, take a self-portrait and you can decorate it with stickers. This option is suitable if you are doing QR for friends and do not have serious intentions.

If you are creating an Instagram business card for business purposes, then we advise you to choose something as serious as possible. For example, a gradient background or an emoji background. To replace the emoji with any of the standard keyboard set, just touch the screen once.

As you can see, Instagram offers some pretty playful options. What if you want to make a business card, for example, for legal advice? The built-in background for the Instagram business card will only have to be used when scanning from phone to phone. All you really need is a square with codes, everything else can be cut off.

How to share an Instagram business card?

1. Scanning by phone

The business card is in quick access in the QR code section, in the same place where you created it. Therefore, in personal communication, you can suggest just scanning it with another phone.

2. Electronic version

You can send out an electronic version of your business card. To save the image, go to the QR code section and click on the icon in the upper right corner, then select Save Image.

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3. Business card

If you do business on Instagram, it’s a good idea to put QR on paper business cards. So you don’t have to painfully dictate your address, and your clients will scrupulously retype the text. This means that the conversion to a subscriber will go smoother.

If you think that making a business card will be difficult, then you are mistaken. Save the image as above. Then go to Canva and type “business card” in the search bar:

Layouts in Canva
Layouts in Canva

Choose the template you like and load the saved image.

Uploading a QR code to Canva
Uploading a QR code to Canva

Now in place of the image – place your Instagram business card. Optionally, you can crop the image to fit a QR code to make it larger. However, even the size indicated in the example is sufficient for the technician to read everything without problems.

Business card design with Instagram tag
Business card design with Instagram tag

Alternatively, you can also make a vertical business card. On the one hand, place the image taken on Instagram, and on the other – all other information with addresses and phone numbers.

4. Signboard

If you are the owner of a coffee shop, gym, boutique, hairdresser or any other place where people often take pictures, an Instagram business card will also be in place. In this case, it is better to arrange it in the form of a poster or a small sign. Visitors will be able to tag you in photos and follow your account more often.

The main materials of manufacture are plastic, acrylic, composite. However, you can also find options from plexiglass, metal or wood. After all, even a business card printed on thick paper with a stylish frame is better than no one.

Signboard with Instagram business card
Signboard with Instagram business card

This option is also relevant if you are running a promotion at a fair, for example, and one of the conditions is to subscribe to your Instagram.

5. Printed products

If you use flyers or discount coupons, the QR code will come in handy too.
You can even ask for an image to be posted in the media in order to attract additional subscribers.

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6. Stickers

If you post special menu offers on your Instagram, feel free to place stickers with an Instagram tag on the tables. What is not a reason to get to know your customers better while they are waiting for an order. You can use a similar technique on clothing labels or wrapping paper.

Instagram business card in a cafe
Instagram business card in a cafe

How to scan an Instagram business card?

1. Via Instagram

You need to go to Instagram in the QR code section, select “Scan QR Code” and point the screen at this image. Resize the frame that appears on the screen, and you will immediately be transferred to the desired account.

Thus, you can scan the screen of another user, and the computer screen, and any paper version or sign. If the transition does not occur, there are several more ways to scan your Instagram business card.

2. Via a QR scanner

Don’t forget that an Instagram business card is the same QR code. Therefore, if Instagram is junk, a built-in QR scanner or a special application will work just as well. Also, a nice bonus: the built-in QR reader on the iPhone reads the image faster and instantly sends you to the app.

3. Upload a business card

Camera or scanner not working? No problem – you can just upload the image with the code and the system will do everything for you. Go to the QR code section, choose to scan the QR code, but instead of the photo, click on the small window in the upper right corner. The application will prompt you to select an image, read it and direct you to the address.

What is an Instagram business card for?

An Instagram business card is a simple and effective way to establish contact between you and potential clients without spending extra effort on it.

1. Grow your subscriber base

A beautifully designed business card is a silent invitation to follow you. And perhaps the most delicate way to nudge visitors into this action.

2. Showcase the complete range

If you work in retail and use the phrases “But we still have on Instagram …”, be sure to post a business card. So it will not sound like an excuse, but like a thoughtful transition to an electronic catalog.

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3. Simplify PR campaigns

If you have captured the attention of a visitor, then it is better to spend this time not dictation “S is like a dollar”, but talking about the benefits of your product. You can even print Instagram tags on your promoters’ jerseys.

4. Talk about yourself 24 hours

If you are the owner of a concert venue or store that is not open all day, Instagram business cards will also come in handy. This is an opportunity to tell about yourself to those who stumbled upon you when you are closed. And people can simply be in a hurry somewhere, and so, having saved your Instagram, there will be one more reason to return to you.

5. Get attention

Your customers have too much time sitting in line or waiting for their dish to be cooked. Again, better let their gaze fall on your Instagram than on someone else’s. All the same, people by inertia hang on the phone when they need to kill time.

When shouldn’t you use an Instagram business card?

No one has a second chance to make a first impression. Therefore, if you are not sure that you will leave the current account name or have not yet brought it to the optimal form – wait a little with business cards for now. Visitors must go to the account they want to stay in. How to correctly design Instagram – read this article.

The second case when an Instagram business card can do harm is if the offer that accompanies it is out of date. Imagine the frustration of a visitor who comes to you for a special drink or discount, and you tell him that he is late. The person will not blame you, but himself. So on the flyers, please mark the timing of the promotional offer.

If you’re running a social media promotion, use SMMplanner. There you can schedule all posts and even automatically delete posts on a schedule.

Also, don’t use a business card for a business card. In other words, if the link to your Instagram is more relevant, publish it. Instagram tags still work better when transferring people from offline to online, and it will be more convenient to click on the link in messengers and social networks.

Well, if you yourself have not fully figured out how to use an Instagram business card, then maybe it’s worth postponing with this advertising tool for now.


As you can see, you can make an Instagram business card online in a couple of clicks. And the benefits of complex promotion are enormous. We hope we’ve inspired you to try something new and grow your following.

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