How to view statistics on Instagram and draw the right conclusions

Instagram statistics allow you to analyze:

  • Audience reaction. Analysis of statistics will give you a better idea of ​​subscribers and their preferences.
  • The effectiveness of the selected promotion tools.
  • Sources of traffic. Good to know: how content gets to subscribers, how they learn about you.

The result of the analysis is a change or addition to the account promotion strategy. Making adjustments to the content plan, deciding to launch targeted ads, or choosing a more appropriate time to publish posts.

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The main thing is to be able to “read” the data, and also to draw the correct conclusions from them. The success of your personal blog or business page directly depends on this. In this article, we will tell you where to find and how to view statistics on your Instagram profile. Let’s consider the process of analyzing each indicator: what it means and how to improve it.

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How to view statistics on Instagram

Account statistics

Expand the menu of the main page of the account with the button with three stripes (in the upper right corner of the screen).

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In the menu that opens, select “Statistics”.

Instagram account statistics

You will see a page with 3 tabs.

What you can see on each:

  • Actions. Contains two sections: “Interactions” and “Interesting” (reach, impressions).
  • The audience. Account target audience data (for example, growth, TOP-locations, age).
  • Content. All publications will be here. You can compare the coverage or see more detailed metrics for each.

Instagram account analysis

Below we will take a closer look at the contents of these tabs.

Publication statistics

Data for a specific post can be viewed in two ways:

Method 1… On your account metrics page, in the Content tab, select the post you want.

Instagram post reach and impressions

Method 2… On the main page of your profile, select any publication, and then under the photo, click “View statistics”.

How to view publication statistics

Thus, you will find yourself on the publication statistics page:

Analysis of posts on Instagram

Below we will take a closer look at the content of the data for specific posts.

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Analysis of statistics: what is reach and impressions on Instagram, and other indicators

We have already posted an article about the analysis of story statistics. Now we will focus on analyzing the performance of specific posts and accounts in general.

Let’s take a closer look at each section of statistics:

  • what indicators it includes;
  • data value;
  • improvement methods.

Publication statistics

Instagram post statistics

  • Data on the number of likes / comments / reposts / saves. Lets you evaluate engagement of subscribers… You can improve it by posting engaging content (beautiful visuals, call to action, usefulness).
  • Interactions… Here we see the actions that users take when interacting with your account: how many people have visited your profile or clicked on the site after seeing the publication. You can increase the number of interactions by improving the quality of your content.
  • Subscriptions – the number of people following you after seeing this post. Shows how successful your content is in attracting new subscribers. You can increase the number of subscriptions by placing a call to this action in the text.
  • Coverage – the number of users who viewed the publication. Demonstrates “have you disappeared from the feed”, and this is directly related to the engagement rate. Therefore, the salutary measure is the same here: it is necessary to improve the content.
  • Impressions – the total number of post views, including multiple impressions to one user. The subparagraphs indicate how the viewers found this post: from “Main”, by hashtags, from a profile or from “Other”. It is important for assessing traffic channels, making decisions on advertising. You can improve it by working out hashtags.
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To analyze the statistics of publications, it is possible to filter posts by indicators. On your account metrics page, in the Content tab, click the All link. Next, select filtering options from the drop-down lists.

Constant filtering by metrics

You can filter by publication type, period and indicator.

Configuring statistics display

Account reach and impressions

The data is located on the account statistics page in the “Actions” tab.

What does reach and impressions mean in Instagram statistics?

  • Coverage – the number of profiles that have seen at least one of your posts. The total value for the last 7 days is presented, as well as the dynamics for this week in the form of a graph. For an account, as well as for specific posts, it demonstrates how “visible” you are in the feed and also depends on your engagement. The indicator should be increased: by attracting a new audience, engaging content, contests.
  • Impressions – the total number of views of all publications.

Interacting with your account

The data is located on the account statistics page in the “Actions” tab.

Profile visits

  • Profile Visits – The number of users who have visited the page in the last 7 days. The dynamics for this week is presented in the form of a graph.
  • Site Clicks – the number of visits to the site specified in the profile header. Showcases the days when content best encouraged this action.

The audience

Located in the “Audience” tab of the account statistics page.

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Analyzing account statistics and specific profile posts is a very useful tool for planning a strategy for promoting a personal or business blog. The correct conclusions from tracking the dynamics of page indicators allow you to do it better: build an audience, increase the reputation of your personal brand and sales.

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