How to watch Instagram stories anonymously from your phone or computer

Anonymous viewing of stories is not provided by the social network, but this can be done using third-party applications and services. The author’s account must be open. The need for anonymous viewing may arise if you do not want to subscribe to a person, you have been blacklisted, the story has been hidden specifically from your account, or you simply do not want the author to know that you have watched his stories.

In the article, we will consider several services, applications, browser extensions and Telegram bots that allow you to watch other people’s stories anonymously.

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Anonymous viewing of Instagram stories online

For anonymous viewing of stories, we will use online services, applications and telegram bots.

Online services for anonymous viewing of stories

1. Storiesig.

The service is very simple – you just need to enter a nickname in the search bar where username is written and press Enter.

The nickname must be registered as in the profile, that is, without the doggy (@), quotes, spaces and other signs.

Browse stories anonymously

The service displays a nickname with an avatar, the number of stories, and when the last story was posted.

Online service for viewing stories

Click on the number of stories – they are displayed as files that you can view and download.

How to download Instagram stories

Under each file, you can see when the story was published. To download the file to your computer, click “Download”.

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Watching and downloading stories


This is a similar service, but here you can find a profile in three ways – enter a nickname with a dog, without it, or specify the full url of the account. Press Enter or click on the arrow. - a service for viewing stories

On the general screen, the last 3 stories and 3 publications are displayed. You can also view Highlights. Stories are played with sound.

Anonymous Instagram profile view

It is possible to download content to your computer.

Viewing Instagram stories from a computer anonymously


For the safety of your Instagram profile, it is better to use applications that do not require registration or entering a username / password from an account.

3. Story Post Saver – Incognito Mode

The Android application shows public stories posted in the last 24 hours, as well as archived stories (Highlights). It contains ads, you can pay for a paid subscription to remove it.

Story Post Saver - Incognito Mode

Story Post Saver works very simply – go into the application and immediately see the search bar, in which you need to enter the nickname of the person we are interested in. Select an account in the drop-down menu or just click Search.

Apps to view Instagram stories anonymously

If your account has archived stories, they will be displayed immediately.

Android application for viewing stories

The latest current history will be displayed below. It can be viewed or downloaded. To download, click download, the story will be saved in the phone gallery. Below the file you can see on what day and time the story was posted.

See trending stories anonymously

If there were no public stories in the account for the last 24 hours, then the application will say “No public story found”.

4.Profile + Story Highlight Video

The iOs application allows you to remain anonymous when viewing other people’s stories – their author will not see you among the viewers. It has a lot of ads, if it’s annoying you can upgrade to the paid Pro version.

Profile + Story Highlight Video

We open the application, the offer to pay for the subscription is immediately displayed, click “No, Thanks” if we want to use it for free. Next, we are shown a discount for Pro, click “Cancel” in the upper left corner, then “I don’t want it”.

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  Application for anonymous viewing of Instagram stories

Next, in the search bar, enter a nickname without a dog (@), and the application finds the desired profile. Here you can see the number of stories and posts in the account. Stories are displayed right below the word Stories, you can scroll through the list and see each story. You can also download content – for this, click the Save button (located in the center under the story). We close the advertisement.

How to watch stories from iPhone anonymously

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Browser extensions

You can watch someone else’s story directly from your PC browser thanks to Chrome extensions.

5. StoriesWatcher.

Allows you to watch stories on Instagram without even having your own account in the application. Find StoriesWatcher in the extension store and click “Install”.


We confirm the installation.

How to install StoriesWatcher

Now you need to drive in the link to the account you want to view in the browser line and press Enter. Next to the “Subscribe” button there is now a second “Stories” button, click on it.

Browser extension for anonymous viewing of Instagram Stories

We are sent to the site where you can download the latest profile stories published in the last 24 hours. To do this, click download.

6. Hiddengram.

The main purpose of this extension is to maintain anonymity. If it is installed and active, then after watching the stories you will not be in the list of viewers.


At the same time, on the main page of Instagram, stories look like they have not been viewed, even if you have already watched them. Unreviewed stories are always highlighted in a colored circle.

Instagram stories anonymously

7. Story Saver.

All this extension does is download a story in one click.

Story Saver for Instagram

After installation in the browser, open the story of interest to us and click on the icon with a green arrow in a circle. The icon is on the right side of the toolbar with all extensions. Stories download will start automatically.

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How to watch Instagram stories anonymously from your computer

Telegram bots

8. Insta spy.

Another way to view stories anonymously is with Telegram bots. One of the best – Insta spy @IGSpyBot

With this bot, you can anonymously watch other people’s stories and publications from Instagram, as well as download them to your computer. Photos and videos are downloaded by the album, while silent videos are saved as GIFs.

To get started with the bot, go to Telegram and find the bot in the search. We press “Run”.

Telegram bot for anonymous viewing of stories

The bot immediately throws off instructions on how to use it.

Insta spy

To view a specific profile, you need to send in a message its username in any of the following formats:

  • username;
  • @username;

The bot works only with open profiles, if you sent a link to a private account, a warning will be displayed.

How to watch other people's stories on Instagram anonymously

If there is a new story in the profile for the last 24 hours, the bot will send it. In the example, the story is without sound, so it is in GIF. To download it, right-click on the file and select “Save GIF” or “Save file as”.

How to save someone else's Instagram story

There is a function to subscribe to a user – with it the bot sends new Stories automatically. In addition to stories, here you can watch other people’s posts, broadcasts, current and IGTV. True, these functions are already available in the paid Premium mode.

Premium subscription price starts at 99 rubles per week. You can get several days of free trial by subscribing to the bot’s news channel.


Instagram does not provide for anonymous viewing of stories and there is no way to download them. To do this, you need to use third-party tools – online services, applications for Android or iOS, browser extensions or Telegram bots. Some services allow you to simply remain anonymous, while others allow you to download stories to your device.

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