How to wind up subscribers in TikTok: free and paid

“How to wind up subscribers in TikTok?” – a frequent question for those who wish to gain popularity on this social network in 2021. The application has recently been on the market, so there are not so many services offering cheating compared to VK so far. But there are options that are detailed in this article.

Why cheat fans

Cheating fans on Tik Tok is an important stage of promotion. An increase in fans and the number of views will allow you to get into the “Recommended” list and thereby attract real people.

How to get subscribers on TikTok – all the ways

You can add subscribers to TikTok in several ways – for free and for a fee. The paid option assumes the use of special services, the free one – increasing the quality of the content.

Useless ways

Of the useless methods, the following are worth highlighting:

  • publications without a clear schedule;
  • using unverified resources for cheating;

Effective methods are determined after testing different options, developing your own system.

Ways that work

To develop an effective promotion strategy, start by filling out a trivial profile. Explore popular resources.

How to start winding up subscribers in Tik Tok?

Before looking for special services and spending money on it, try to increase the popularity of the channel for free. Read more about the available methods below.

Filling out and setting up an account

“As you name a ship, so it will float” is not just a statement. To increase interest in the channel, you must:

  • come up with an interesting and easy to remember nickname;
  • register personal information: field of activity, hobby, etc.

Remember that an empty account raises suspicions, discourages the desire to subscribe to it.

Use hashtags

Use hashtags for active promotion. It is important to indicate only what you really show in the video. Hashtags are essential for quickly finding videos on a given topic. At first, it is advisable to see how other bloggers are doing it.

Shoot original and quality content

Nothing will help if the content you publish has no value. To increase audience interest:

  • choose the main topic right away, try to stick to it all the time;
  • use high-quality gadgets for video shooting;
  • Take an acting course to learn how to behave properly on camera.
  • use different filters

A well-thought-out plot, a bright background – all this will make the video more interesting. Suddenly filmed videos sometimes go viral. But this is more the exception than the rule.

The right music

Take care of the music for promotion. Try to match the selected track as much as possible with the main idea of ​​the video. To do this, browse through the new items. Stay on top of what young people like.

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Post videos regularly

Develop a schedule ahead of time when you plan to upload new videos. This will help you discipline yourself, and accustom viewers to a specific time of active visit to the account.

Communication with the audience

Read and respond to comments left by viewers. If at first you can’t come up with witty answers, just put emoticons. The audience needs to know that their comments are being responded to, they are important to the owner of the channel. Be interested in subscribers’ preferences, analyze the information and use it for promotion.


Live broadcast – captured video in real time. The blogger shows what is happening to him at a particular moment. Leads the narration in the first person. Live broadcasts can be conducted if there are at least 1000 subscribers. The function is activated automatically. But if the number decreases, then the service will become unavailable.

Connect to other social networks

Don’t just stop at Tik Tok. Create accounts on Instagram, Facebook and VK. Advertise your new channel on these social networks.

Collaborate with popular Tiktokers

Don’t ignore the famous TikTokers. For a fee, they will help you gain popularity among their audience.

Free promotion with challenges

Take part in challenges, create your own videos on this topic. Challenge is a viral video in which each participant needs to perform a certain action, show it publicly and motivate others to do the same. Many advertising companies hold such events.

Free services of mutual promotion

If the first capital for promotion is small, but you need to increase the number of fans, you need to use the services of services that work for mutual benefit – barter.

A portal that offers free cheating with the opportunity to earn money. Get 99 kopecks for 1 like or subscription. offers:

  • automatic check of performed tasks;
  • instant crediting of funds to the balance upon completion;
  • intuitive interface;
  • payments to Qiwi, Yandex or WebMoney.

To receive completed tasks, you just need to place an ad on the portal, pay the specified amount and receive the ordered service.cheat tik tok

The statistics confirm the positive dynamics.cheat subscribers in tik tok for free and quickly

Mobile applications to popularize your account

There are also special mobile applications that help to promote your TikTok account quickly and efficiently. They can be installed on both Android and Ios (iPhone). More about them below.

10 paid SMM services to cheat fans on Tik Tok

Special services have been developed that are aimed at winding up fans in Tik Tok. For a personal check of the effectiveness, it is recommended to check on a small number of fans, increase their number gradually.

The application is easy to use. The user needs to copy the link to the publication in a special form, indicate the required number of likes / subscribers / views. The system will automatically calculate the cost of the service. After clicking “Buy”, pay for the service, use its to wind up subscribers in tik tok for free

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With the help of the beginner app, the blogger winds up live subscribers. Likes, reviews and views are made by real people. The blogger only needs to take care of the quality of the content, the audience will be provided to him for the first time by fans in tik tok for free

The portal works based on certain principles:

  • result guarantee – full refund if the order has not been completed;
  • live system – do not use bots;
  • cumulative system of discounts – a regular customer receives up to 20% discounts on services;
  • fast execution – without registration, the first results are visible after placing an order;
  • round-the-clock support service.

The system is 100% automated.cheat subscribers in tik tok for free for free

The portal divides services into certain tariffs.

The standard includes:

  • creating a review;
  • loading on the site;
  • providing a report on the work done.

Premium guarantees:

  • creating reviews that will definitely pass moderation;
  • payment only for those reviews that have passed moderation.

Reviews are an important factor in helping a potential subscriber determine whether it is worth spending time on a new resource or not.

The exchange for the exchange of likes, comments and subscribers will allow novice bloggers to promote their account, thanks to the help of each other.

  1. Register on the site.
  2. Collect tokens.
  3. Get likes.

Use a referral system that will allow you to earn more tokens.

Offers tiktokers to significantly increase views, subscribers, likes and reposts of videos in one place. The prices for the order depend on the specific service or their complex.cheating fans in tik tok

The services are also divided into special packages. The basic version is 100 likes for 95 rubles and 100 fans for 99 rubles.

A money-making service that offers simple tasks on social networks. To add a TikTok account, follow these steps:

  • open “Settings”;
  • select Tik Tok;
  • click on “Receive message”;
  • go to the application and log in;
  • select the account icon;
  • click on “Change profile”;
  • write a description, click “Save”;
  • copy the site name;
  • paste the copied link;
  • click “Connect”.

Account added. sells likes, comments and subscribers for 69 kopecks, and video views for 39 kopecks. The system starts working immediately after payment.

The site works on a barter basis. The user simply exchanges promotion with the site. The administration helps to create a video on TikTok with an advertisement for the site. And the service, in return, gives a certain number of likes and subscribers. The app does not indicate the exact number of fans that will appear as a result of the deal. The developers claim that it depends on the quality of the video. To get free videos, the user needs:

  • open the site, press “Menu”;
  • select “Free Promotion”;
  • read the terms of the deal;
  • go through authorization by specifying a username, password and email address;
  • make a promotional video;
  • specify a link to the resource in the announcement;
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The user, if necessary, can write a letter to the “Support Service” in order to receive answers to their questions.

This partnership is mutually beneficial. The resource is interested in promoting the ad, thereby increasing the number of views and increasing the blogger’s rating.

The program offers to use a referral system. A special link is assigned where you can receive real money. If a new user registers using this link, then the owner of the link receives 50% of his spending on the site. Money can be spent on promoting your channel.

Paid promotion with duets

A budding blogger can write to a popular colleague asking them to film a duet. This is a great way to cheat for a fee or on a barter basis. The image is visually split in half, allowing everyone to show their potential at the same time.

Promotion of views using axle boxes

Indicators can be increased thanks to special services. The method does not require a lot of money, it allows you to be sure that the videos get likes and views from real people. But people are not interested. You need to understand that the audience will be inactive.

Wmmail tasks

Any tasks for users to complete are added on this site. There are a lot of people who want to make money in this way.

  1. Register on the site.
  2. Go to the “Advertiser” / “Paid Jobs” / “Create New Job” section.

For completing such a task, the payment is small – $ 0.01. Top up the balance, check whether the performer has completed the task, get paid services. assignment

The resource has been operating since 2010 and has already taken a leading position in the market. Offers excellent conditions for making money and lucrative offers for advertisers. It is necessary to fill out a profile, set a task. The resource has the opportunity to earn money through a referral link. Attracting new users allows you to get money for their activities.

PR from other users

Many bloggers point out that this cheat option is the most effective, as it attracts the attention of live subscribers.

  1. Write to a famous blogger that you want to get advertising services;
  2. Check out the price list;

After getting 5-10 thousand subscribers, you can advertise on a barter basis. This promotion method increases the audience in a short time.

You can increase likes without assignments. Download TikBooster – an online game in which you have to spin the wheel, get likes on the uploaded video in Tik Tok.

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