How to write a content plan for Instagram: examples and templates

A competent content plan for Instagram is needed so that every day you don’t think about which post to publish today. A publication schedule for a week or a month will help you determine the promotion strategy in advance and select the required type of content.

Many, not knowing how to draw up a content plan, create a table in which they write down the date and time of publications. This is partly true, but it is advisable to supplement such a layout with the headings of future posts, so that before publication you understand what you wanted to say on that particular day. Better yet, write the posts themselves in advance and upload them to the delayed posting service.

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In this article we will tell you how to make a content plan for Instagram – from determining the target audience to creating a content structure. At the end of the article, you can download content plan template, which will only have to be filled.

Determine the type of account

There are two main types of accounts on the Instagram social network:

Personal blog… In it, they share their experiences, thoughts, opinions about a particular situation. For example, the accounts of many media personalities such as Olga Buzova belong to the format of a personal blog. Despite the fact that sometimes they advertise some products, 90% of the content is made up of personal posts.

The main features of content for a personal blog are its own style, its own vision for each situation and 2-3 topics that slip through in all publications. You can’t just write about everything, turning Instagram into a kind of personal diary: such publications will be of no interest to most readers. It’s better to identify a few topics ahead of time that you have something to say and actively develop them. You can also touch on the topics discussed: for example, even the federal media wrote about the battle of Oksimiron and Purulent, and this is a good reason to also express your opinion and get an influx of subscribers.

Express your opinion
..Or speak about the Mayweather vs. McGregor

A strategic approach to content organization will help you monetize your account in the future. If you write out a plan for a week or a month, you will know in advance for which target audience your posts are interesting, and you will be able to attract interested readers. This will help you gain a large number of subscribers.

Commercial account… Its main goal is to sell. It doesn’t matter what: information, product, service. Selling posts make up the lion’s share of content. But, as practice shows, if you publish 100% of “salesmen”, the audience perceives it negatively. Therefore, in the content plan, it is worth leaving space for entertaining and informational posts.

Commercial account
Registration of a commercial account

The main feature of a commercial account is its focus on attracting new customers and motivation for repeat purchases. For the owner of such an account, the number of subscribers is in second place, and the first is the number of sales. After all, you can sell 100 cakes a week to 50,000 subscribers, or you can sell 10-20 cakes with more than 150,000 subscribers.

A well-developed content plan will help not only to competently sell, but also further analyze posts, select the most successful and unsuccessful of them in order to improve the content for subscribers.

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Determine the content structure

Selling posts… They are only relevant for commercial accounts or personal blogs that have ordered ads. The optimal percentage of selling posts for commercial accounts is 20-40%, depending on the topic, target audience, niche competitiveness. In a selling post, you sell a product or service, present its positive aspects. This can be done in different ways:

  • tell a short interesting story that evokes vivid associations;
  • publish a list of the main advantages of the product / service / company;
  • work out the objections of potential customers;
  • limit the time of purchase or give a discount for 1-2 days, while showing the advantages of the product.

The last technique should not be used too often, otherwise readers will have a double feeling: they may think that you are selling a low-quality product if you run promotions all the time and rush them to buy.

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Entertaining posts… They are published on both commercial accounts and personal blogs. The percentage of entertainment posts in the overall content plan hovers around 30%. Usually this is a cute picture, short video or gif, 2-4 sentences. The main feature of such content is that it does not make subscribers think, actively process the information submitted. The categories of such posts include publications such as “good morning”, “landscapes of my hometown,” “our workshop from the inside”.

Entertaining posts.
An example of an entertaining post

Information posts… They are also appropriate for both types of accounts. True, in commercial accounts, their percentage rarely exceeds 50%, but in a personal blog it reaches 100%. In such posts, they talk about goods and services without emotion and subjective opinion or with it, express their point of view, describe a famous event and provide other information. The main feature of such publications is bright action or rich text: it doesn’t matter if it is under a picture or in video format.

Engaging content… It is necessary that the publications of the account do not lose coverage and go into recommendations. The essence of such content is to get feedback in the form of likes, comments and saves. To do this, you can use game mechanics, arrange voting and so on. Good examples of engagement in posts are below.

An example of drawing up a content plan for Instagram in steps

1. Select the type of account

If you already have an account, you probably know its type. Do you want to sell something through it? So this is a selling account. Do you want to have a lot of subscribers, share your opinion with them, and then earn money on advertising or other ways of monetization? So this is a personal blog. Well, if you don’t have an account yet, just create one.

2. Determine with the goal of promotion

It is clear that the main goal is to increase the profit from the account. But at this stage, you need to set yourself a short-term goal: for example, to attract more subscribers or sell 1.5 times more than last week. Based on this goal, it will be possible to form a content plan.

3. We compose the content structure in accordance with the purpose

Think about which posts will help you achieve your short-term goal. For example, to attract subscribers, you need to publish interesting infotainment content, and to increase the number of sales, you need to increase the number of selling posts. Also, think about what post format would be appropriate: a picture with text, just a photo, video or GIF animation. There is no one-size-fits-all recipe here: the overall design of an account is very subject-specific. You need to test, try different combinations, look at the result.

Content structure
Each topic can be split into several more topics

4. Writing a content plan for the month

Determine the optimal number of posts per day. On average, this is 2-4 posts per day. List each number: estimated post time and post type – sales, informational, and entertainment. You can immediately write titles for publications and, in short, their idea. Make sure that posts are distributed evenly: for example, do not overwhelm subscribers with selling publications for the first week, and publish only informational posts the second.

Example content plan
Example content plan

Where is the best content plan? Everyone chooses a convenient tool for themselves: some even work in a Word document. But Exel and Google Sheets are much more convenient. In them, you can make tables with a clear distribution of content.

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Ideas for posts

Entertaining. If you don’t have your own ideas yet, use the standard techniques:

  1. Take a narrow topic that fits the concept of an account and make a selection of unsolicited quotes.
  2. Show the workflow from the inside: for example, take a photo of the stage of making flowers in boxes.
  3. Share a funny incident related to you or your company.
  4. Discuss a trend: take a well-known event and share your opinion, but without unnecessary negativity.
  5. Share interesting statistics relevant to your account.

Information… As food for thought, the reader can be given:

  1. News about a company that will affect customers – for example, a change in product prices. …
  2. Some kind of rubric in which you will describe one topic – for example, interesting facts about the company.
  3. Description of the company’s business processes from the inside.
  4. A story about an interesting event, place, important event – for example, about participation in a conference.
  5. Information about yourself or a company, for example, is an interesting fact about production volumes.

Selling… The following ideas can be used as selling posts:

  1. Customer reviews with your comments.
  2. A competent product description with its benefits and a call to action.
  3. Working out negative reviews: for example, you can tell why the order did not work out and how you made amends.
  4. Announcement of new products or services.
  5. Definition of target audience: for example, you can take 2-3 products and write which audience each of them is suitable for and why.

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Download the Instagram content plan template

Posts should attract attention, bring in new subscribers, gain likes. Every week, you can analyze the content plan and repeat the most successful publications, rework the posts that brought the least likes. Do not forget that, ideally, the text under the photo should not exceed 700 characters – so much is needed to fit on the phone screen. Also include all information about the product, including the price, in the selling posts: don’t force the reader to search for data from your competitors.

For convenience, download the Instagram content plan template in excel (.xlsx) format. In it, you can quickly draw up a content plan: select post topics, distribute by day, time of day and location. Download content plan template

There is no universal recipe for drawing up a content plan for Instragram. But you can put some of the tips in this article into practice, get the result and share it in the comments!

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