How to write a sales ad correctly: sample and examples

Why is the answer to the question of how to write a sale advertisement so relevant? Each of us sometimes has to write ads. We all sell something, buy something, look for a job and recruit staff. Only some get dozens of responses right away, while others wait weeks for at least one. The reason for this is simple: some know how to use the word, and some do not.

If you have not been able to write effective ads until today, this is not a sentence. Our article was created in order to teach you how to do this. The information in it will be relevant both for persons wishing to publish an ad on Avito and quickly sell an unnecessary thing, and for copywriters, SMM specialists and sales managers, for whom writing dozens of ad copy per day is part of their job.

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How to write a sale ad: structure

To write an effective and effective ad for your sale, you just need to adhere to the correct structure. Then what is written will make a proper impression on the readers. Let’s take a look at what it includes.


Headlines in ads are similar to headlines commercial offers, selling texts and landing-page, but are not tracing them. There is no need to add teaser elements, rhetorical questions and intrigue to them. Only the basic principle of construction is preserved: a short form, specifics and benefits for the reader. If you include all of the above in your title, your ad will at least be viewed much more often.

There is also one little trick. To make your headline even more effective, embellish the facts with some reinforcing detail. For example, not “iPhone 5 is on sale”, but “brand new iPhone 5 is on sale”. Well, or, as a last resort, “iPhone 5 is on sale in good condition.” Do you feel the difference? The amplifier helps not only to voice the name of your product, but also to stand out from the crowd. We can say this loose interpretation USP

Use amplifiers wisely. Don’t be shy, but don’t overdo it either. If you offer a really good thing, it’s a sin not to boast of its characteristics. However, if you add a bunch of sugary epithets and unfounded exaggerations, it is guaranteed to alienate most of the audience. Even when selling baby toys, puppies, or flowers, do not lisp or talk to your readers like idiots.


In the main body of your ad, try to showcase your product from all angles. Is there any part you don’t think is important? Indicate it anyway. Perhaps a potential buyer wants to know more about her. Amplifiers can and should be used, but, as already mentioned, in moderation.

Product Description

Also, keep an eye on the language of the story. For some reason, many believe that announcements should be written in official language. Say, it’s a document, not an essay on a free theme. No no and one more time no! You write for human beings, not robots. If you imitate the bureaucratic papers from the Security Council, no one wants to read you. Share your product the way you would tell a friend about a new item you bought the other day. Communicate with the audience, don’t read the text automatically.


There is a lot of competition on message boards, job sites, and sales groups. Every day hundreds of ads are published there, some of which will definitely be on your topic, especially if what you offer is far from a rare product. Therefore, you need to somehow stand out from the crowd.

Describe the benefits in your ad

To be remembered by readers, you should not be creative. It is enough to honestly and directly state the benefits of the product. Trust me, that’s enough. Alas, most do not know how to write ads correctly. They are either sweet-sugar, or dry-stationery, or mysteriously unsaid. If you find a middle ground between these extremes, your phone will be torn from calls, and your mail from messages.

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The cost of the goods must be indicated without fail, and so that it can be seen from afar. Coquetry, in the spirit of “call and we will agree” will not work. Few people want to waste their time calling an outsider so that they are likely not to get what they want. Better to let the dissenters drop out at once.

Special conditions + call to action

If you want to inform the client about important information about a discount, limited quantity of goods or a gift, leave it for last. It works very well in conjunction with the phrase: “Call us today and …”. This way, you force the client to rush to the decision.


Include work contacts at the very end of the announcement. It would be better if you offer readers several ways to connect. Perhaps someone does not want to call a stranger and it is easier for him to write, someone is not used to wasting time on e-mail and likes to resolve all issues by phone, and someone does not use either one or the other, preferring instant messengers. Consider the needs of your audience.


Perhaps photographs are the most important point. There should be a lot of product shots. The more there are, the better for you and the buyer. It is desirable that the images do not duplicate each other. If, for example, you are selling your phone, then take a picture of it from the front, back, side, in a case, without a case, with the screen on, in your hand, with headphones, with recharging. Don’t skimp on details.

A photo

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Where can I advertise for sale on the Internet?

Making an ad is half the battle. It is equally important to find a suitable site where it will not get lost. I suggest that you familiarize yourself with a few of them.

1. Bulletin boards.

“Avito”, “Yula”, “From hand to hand” and other similar projects are ideal for selling old things. You can also post resumes and vacancies on them – many freelancers claim that thanks to Avito they managed to find a couple of money clients. Therefore, don’t write off message boards, even if you are a child of social media.

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The main disadvantage that you will encounter is the limited number of ads per person. In addition, one and the same text cannot be given repeatedly in a short time interval.

2. Thematic groups in social networks.

There are more opportunities here to constantly remind of yourself. You can post the same ad to dozens of groups, as well as post them to your page. Nobody will ban you for this.

Among the shortcomings, one should single out a huge competition. Ads in each group are replacing each other at a breakneck speed, they are often overlooked or ignored. You will most likely have to spend a lot of time to get noticed.

3. Chats and groups in messengers.

Telegram channels are very well suited for vacancies and resumes. Many young specialists find their first profitable orders there. Buying and selling is more typical for Viber and WhatsApp.

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Each channel, chat or group has a moderator, so your ad won’t get lost in the information garbage. In addition, thanks to notifications, you will be seen faster than on other social networks. The only thing is that you have to negotiate with the admins directly and find a common language with them. Fight – there will be no publication.


To correctly write a sale ad, you need to try. But using the material of our article, any of you can cope with this task.

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