How to write articles in Yandex.Zen: instructions for the Zen editor

Yandex.Zen service, launched relatively recently, is rapidly gaining popularity. The audience reaches 20 million people per week. This allows authors more readers than through social media. Yandex Zen processes the history of requests and views in the browser and, based on this data, provides the user with interesting information. The author publishes an article in Zen, and it automatically appears in the news of people with relevant interests. Let’s figure out how to write articles in Yandex.Zen and also get access to a huge audience of readers.… But before that, don’t forget create a channel in Yandex.Zen

How to write articles in Yandex.Zen

First of all, you need to register with Yandex, create a personal account. Zen service opens on the main page of the search engine. This is where you create your channel that will broadcast your publications. You can link your own site to a blog. But here there is a condition that the site feed must contain at least 50 publications with an image. Also, for correct work with links, you should connect an RSS feed.

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Zen Editor Guide

Articles can be written with your own hand using the Zen editor. The editor’s functionality is quite limited compared to many writing tools. But it is enough to post interesting information on your blog. Let’s take a look at what is available to the author on the Yandex.Zen service.


128 characters are available for the table of contents of the article. It is important to be able to briefly and interestingly attract readers to your publication.


You can type the text of the article either manually or by copying it from any source. It is important to remember here that if you copy in Word, the text format is lost, and you may get a completely different appearance of the text that you expected. Several modes are available for text decoration. You can select it as a heading, in 2 modes, there is a selection in bold, italics, you can underline. In addition, you can highlight a quote in the text. This functionality is more than enough for news articles. Yandex saves the text of the article in real time, so even if you suddenly lost the light, you will not lose information. It will remain in the draft and can be added at any time.

Article text

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The editor allows you to insert links directly into the text. To do this, you need to select the desired word or phrase and click the Link button, after which a window for the link will open. Please note that the insert should be done after writing all the text. Otherwise, all the following text will be highlighted under the link.

How to add a link to Yandex ZenImages

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To add a picture to your post, make a new paragraph. At the bottom left, two buttons will appear, a camera and arrows. By clicking on the camera, you will open the window for adding a picture. You can drag it from your computer, add a link from another site, or download it from your hard drive. JPG and PNG formats are available.

How to add a photo or picture to a Zen articleVideo

You can add a video by simply pasting a link to it in a new paragraph of text. The two arrow icon will open the add video window. In the same window you can see. From which resources you can import video so that it is available to readers.

How to add videos on ZenPublication

When your article is ready, click the Publish button at the top of the editor window. Before the final publication, you have access to the editing of the article. You can change the title, correct the description, choose the title picture. A preview is also available to see how other users will see the article. When you’re done, click “Re-post” and the article will appear in your blog feed.

How to publish an article in Yandex Zen

After publication, the article can be edited and edited. To do this, the author has a button “Change” that appears when clicking on an article. Yandex.Zen also shows statistics of views and readings of your publication, which helps to control the level of interest in your content.

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A few tips for promoting articles in Yandex Zen

In order for your publication to be seen by as many people as possible, you should not rely solely on Yandex.Zen itself. Of course, the automatic system will show the article to those who have interests similar to the topic. But self-promotion has never harmed anyone.

  1. Your pages first in social networks will be a great place to post a link to your blog. To find it, go to your channel settings. Below the channel description, there will be an address where people will get to your main page.
  2. On thematic forums and discussions, there are users who will be interested in reading your publications. Share your channel link to reach your target audience.
  3. You can also order advertising your channel on various sites if you are prepared for this kind of expense. The more people follow the link, the more chances you have to collect enough audience to start monetizing your channel.
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Remember that Yandex.Zen allows authors who have fairly interesting publications to make money on their articles. But for this, the channel must have a certain number of subscribers. The more interesting your feed is, the more people will read it and the more chances you have to replenish your budget.

Do not despair if your channel did not rise to the top of the TOP list in the very first days. The more interesting articles you publish, the higher the chances of raising the popularity of the channel. The main rule of promotion is to post really interesting material. Bad articles can reduce the interest and popularity of your blog by turning away followers.

In the same material, we figured out how to write articles in Yandex.Zen, and in the future it all depends on your skill and patience.

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