How to write to Tik Tok support – complaints hotline

TikTok support service is a must-have tool that every user needs. The social network Tik Tok is a popular video posting service. Bloggers post different content. Views and likes on videos raise the status of the page. Most often, you can see dance challenges or tutorials here. However, each program crashes. For this, separate chats for communication have been created. Qualified specialists will help you with any problem. Before submitting, you need to formulate a specific request. The article makes it possible to figure out how to make a request to the technical service. In addition, here you will find a list of tips and tricks for quick communication with operators.

Tik Tok support

Not sure how to write in support of Tik Tok? It’s worth noting that there is no direct telephone number. You can contact the operator through a special chat. The main thing is to write the letter correctly. Follow these basic tips:

If the answer you received did not help, follow the instructions:

  1. Click on the “Submit” button. It is located at the bottom of the display. After opening, you will see a line to write.
  2. Describe the problem in detail in the window.
  3. It is possible to add a screenshot or picture of the problem. In a separate new one, you need to write a work email address.tik toke write violations of community rules
  4. To the client on the “Send” button. All requests go to the “My requests” folder.what to write under the video in tik tok

How to report a video or user on TikTok?

The TikTok hotline is presented in an online format. It was created for the requests of users from all over the world. Each person can also report a video or an outside account. This requires “Complain” about the content or blogger. It is important to indicate the reason for the complaint.

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Business support center

Any business questions – account holders, companies, journalists, can make an inquiry by email. All links are on the official website of the program. We recommend that you keep them and use them as needed. When creating a request, use an e-mail or other social network.

Quick response assistance to prevent suicide

There are situations when the support service cannot resolve a functional issue. In this case, use the contact number in different countries of the world. Use the hotline in a specific country. If a friend needs support, encourage him to contact the address. The support service is designed to help citizens of any country and nationality. Qualified psychologists, social workers will help with solving any problem.

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