How video content affects Instagram profile growth and what to shoot in Reels


Adam Mosseri (head of Instagram) recently announced that Instagram plans to emphasize the development of video content – the social network’s algorithms will give preference to videos rather than photos. Brands, as well as ordinary users, will have to figure out how to deal with this update, so as not to lose coverage. The first to react to the news were companies that promote on social media.

I can say for sure that Instagram account owners will have to sweat to keep up with their competitors, because you can’t do without a pretty picture.

What are videos good for?

  • They evoke trust with subscribers. It’s now easier for bloggers to convey their travel emotions with short Reels.
    Increase engagement. Videos attract attention better than text or audio, plus it’s better for algorithms, since the user stays longer on videos than on photos, and long-form texts are out of fashion.
  • Suitable for mobile devices. On small screens, it is much more convenient to watch a video than read an article.
  • They create a viral effect. Users share interesting, funny, and useful video content more often than other formats on social networks.
  • Easier to perceive. This is already a new generation trend. People now prefer to watch movies instead of reading books. And news programs instead of newspapers.


But there are also disadvantages to this feature:

  • High production costs. Unlike a normal photo, video requires editing and has more difficulty in shooting.
  • The need for additional software. There are many applications and programs for video editing, but each of them requires certain skills, and some require funds to pay.
  • The risk of copyright infringement. You have to be very careful when using background music. Instagram can delete your video for unfair approaches.
  • Need for a storyline. Short videos don’t have to have a script, but you definitely need to think about the idea behind the video to keep the viewer interested and not kill engagement with your content.
  • High competition. With the advent of Instagram storizas and then TikTok, videos have become more accessible to every user. The battle for user attention and reactions begins.
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How are video views recorded on Instagram?

Only videos that were viewed for more than three seconds are counted. It doesn’t matter the uniqueness of the users. The same person can view a video many times, and each view will count.

Viewings have a direct impact on the showing of videos in recommended, selections, and search results. Accordingly, they play a role in the promotion of the page, which makes the owners regularly monitor the indicators, raise them, including advertising.

How to increase views on videos?

Regular posting of posts. It is important to publish informative, interesting or entertaining videos constantly. It’s advisable to make a content plan for publishing videos to train subscribers to expect new content.

Conducting interactives. Involve subscribers in chelongs, contests, easy draws to increase activity. For example, whoever’s first to find an Easter egg in a video gets a gift. This will increase engagement, views, and entertain viewers.

To increase views under different videos, it’s better to save them in Highlights (saved stories) and periodically invite viewers to meet the video under new posts.

  • Clickbait in the description. If you want to get a decent amount of views, every video you post should have a catchy description. But avoid spam and make sure the description matches the content of the video. Don’t use blatant clickbait, which will only cause hates from the public.

We also recommend staying away from paid apps that improve video views to avoid potential bans. Massclicking, massfollowing and massfollowing will lead to a drop in views and eventually a loss of your account.

  • Video selection
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It’s very common for bloggers to create video re-purposing – image changes that are well-liked by viewers.

  • Reviews

Absolutely everything and absolutely everyone. You can be a gardener and show new seedlings, you can be an athlete and talk about the best running shoes, a cook – and talk about new-fangled kitchen utensils. Ideas can be many, the more visually easier to perceive the information than reading a long list of pros and cons of goods or services.

  • Teaching videos

There’s a chance to compete with YouTube, but if you don’t have to shoot a long video and you want to have nice music (well, because YouTube has a hard time with copyright, Instagram too, but there are some tips), why not shoot a training video, how to make transitions for video, new applications for processing and editing, quick breakfasts or short videos for sports activities.


  • Capturing the process

Videos of the process of creating something are very popular on Instagram right now, rather than the finished result. That’s right, you can watch fire and water and someone working forever 😉

  • Cool editing

Yes, yes, there are plenty of accounts who work day and night for a 15-second video that will blow up the internet and then lead the world’s brands. Advertisers appreciate it, but it also costs a pretty penny to make a commercial like that.

  • Lifehacks

The most interesting and popular on the platform space. How to roll things up so they do not crumple, how to beautifully slice watermelon, or how to curl hair without a curling iron.

  • Aesthetics
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Any short video that could have been a photo.

Don’t despair if shooting a video is an impossible task for you yet, because learning to edit in a mobile app is much easier than on a computer. Moreover, TikTok is a good example of how you can quickly create cool videos (and by the way, there are a lot of tutorials).

Another advantage is that nowadays the trend is for naturalness, so you don’t have to think out how to design your video or add some transitions.

Whatever you can share, just shoot it. Just remember:

  • the duration of the video in the post is up to 1 minute, longer is IGTV;
  • content must be regular;
  • use non-copyrighted music;
  • don’t be afraid, get out of your comfort zone and try new things.

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