Humor “below the belt”, mate and cool photos: analysis of the SMM strategy of the SOOQA brand

Who would have thought that a handmade soap store called SOOQA would appear, and even gather a loyal audience with the help of jokes “below the belt” and obscene language? Let’s figure out how he did it.

What is the brand?

SOOQA is engaged in the production of bar soap. Both the name and the brand itself arose out of almost nowhere.

Its current owner, Alexander Tarasov, was discussing what hobby to turn into a source of income for himself, and then Her Majesty the Universe intervened.

By sorting through the options, it turned out that soap making requires a minimum investment in materials – they took it. And the word SOOQA was used by Tarasov’s friend in correspondence as a more censorship replacement for a consonant expression, and Alexander decided that this was the coolest name for the future brand. True, he later came up with a decryption for it – Soo Quality (“Very high quality”).

Now in the assortment of the store there are about 20 types of soap.

The brand does not hide that the formula for all bars is the same, and the differences are only in the flavors.

SOOQA is characterized by extravagant names: “Koryabloko” (soap with the scent of cinnamon and apple), “Vanlavda” (with the scent of lavender), “Kekpuccino” (cappuccino).

There are also examples of naming with frank irony: “Baby soap” (aroma of cognac and cigars), “Lamp chan” (vanilla).

Account registration

Now SOOQA has about 5,000 followers on Instagram. This is three times less than in the group on VKontakte, but in general, the activity is not much lower.

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For comparison: an identical post got 189 likes and 5 comments on Instagram and 173 likes and 16 comments on Vkontakte

The design of the hat is minimalistic, in the style of the logo: in black and white colors.

The account shows that the customer’s convenience has been clearly taken care of. All useful information is saved in the story: they answer all the basic questions of consumers (payment, delivery, composition, etc.), publish an assortment and repost reviews on soap from other accounts.

There is a link to the site right in the header

Content formats

The marketing and copywriting communities have raised the issue of the relevance of content like SOOQA’s on several occasions. They also discussed what the secret of selling was – as a soap or in a cool advertisement.

Until Alexander once had a “bomb”, and as a result such a post appeared.

Isn’t it a way to publicly collect dozens of reviews from real people?

Reviews are reviews, but the content is really quite non-standard.


In Stories, SOOQA publishes mainly information about new posts.

Photo of soap in different angles

There is clearly enough attention paid to product photography. Different backgrounds, angles, the presence of additional props and simply high-quality images.

Each soap has its own mise-en-scene.

For example, coffee soap is comfortably buried in coffee beans, and strawberry is surrounded by strawberries.


This format has appeared relatively recently, and it has an interesting feature: all reviews are designed in the same style of SOOQA accounts. In all such posts, the name of the client is indicated, sometimes his photo and a link to his Instagram account are posted, which inspires confidence.

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As a title, they take out a catchy phrase from the review itself, so such posts are gaining no less activity than all the others.


Humor is at the heart of SOOQA’s content strategy. Jokes are sometimes vulgar, but always with a reference to soap.

Implementing such a content strategy was a pretty daring decision. In order for the audience to adequately perceive such humor, it is necessary to make it as loyal as possible, especially given the fact that responses to comments from account administrators retain the same cocky style. At SOOQA you will not find any “We apologize for the inconvenience, we will solve your problem within X days / hours / years.” There will be something in the style of “Sorian, the problem has come out, we’ll figure it out.”

But judging by the reviews, the quality of the goods and the speed of solving occasional problems do not suffer.

Even the beautician was satisfied with the quality of the soap

There are jokes that can offend a certain category of people: believers, body positivists, feminists, and just opponents of foul language.

SOOQA is not rude, but does not seek to turn every visitor of the account into a loyal subscriber.

On Instagram, negative comments are extremely rare. By the way, there are not many of them in the SOOQA Vkontakte group, but a little more, but even there the style of communication with subscribers is identical.

Between the lines, it is felt that the authors of the posts are not trying to offend anyone, but simply grabbing various news feeds. Therefore, often even those offended quickly stop being offended and joke back.

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The brand reacts calmly to the fact that someone’s posts may not “enter”.

The reaction to criticism is no less adequate

Matom SOOQA also does not disdain, which is clear even from the name. How to relate to this is everyone’s personal business. But in fairness, the brand takes into account where obscene language is appropriate and where it is not. So, in social networks there are a lot of posts with their use, and on the site there is only a hint of them, and then only in the names of the goods: “Huyablochko”, “OYAEBU”.

Aggressive marketing: pros and cons

The brand, obviously, does not consider people without self-irony and a sense of humor as its customers and does not try to please everyone. This is very convenient for your own nervous system and the realization of creative impulses, especially in a tolerant world, where an enterprise, TM or a public person is ready to break for any careless word.

For example, Olga Buzova was hounded for a photo in a military uniform for Victory Day, although even children have been wearing it for holidays and parades by May 9 for several decades.

SOOQA broke all our marketing.

There is even a slight ridicule of modern content marketing in support of this.

Against the background of bored posts written as a carbon copy for the same AIDA, the content of this brand stands out significantly and, judging by the number of loyal customers and subscribers, breaks through “banner blindness”.

Therefore, this approach is quite justified if it does not aim to offend anyone, and the product is so good that any liberties in social networks will be forgiven. Well, a certain courage is needed, and to it – creativity: the content of SOOQA is impressive precisely because it does not copy anyone and does not imitate anyone.

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