Ideas for Instagram Stories. 29 cool ideas to boost your activity

If you have an Instagram account but don’t post a story, then you are making a mistake. Instagram Stories help promote your profile and attract new followers. They may contain an advertisement, an announcement of an event, or just a part of your life.

To keep the attention of subscribers on your account, we advise you to post a story as often as possible. Not sure what to post to Stories? In this article, we’ll share story ideas for different types of accounts.

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Ideas for Instagram Stories

What to post or write in Stories depends on which page you are promoting – a personal blog or a business account.

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For personal account

1. Day in 15 seconds.

Capture interesting moments from life and show subscribers how your day went. You can edit a story from photos and short videos and mark it with the hashtag # a day in 15 seconds.

Stories: Day in 15 seconds

2. Assistance in selection / polls.

Ask subscribers to help you choose clothes, a book, or an interesting movie. They will be pleased to participate in your life. In such Stories you need to add a “Yes / No” button. You can also create polls in stories, for example, ask what subscribers like more – yoga or jogging in the morning.

History Selection help / surveys

3. Before / after.

Have a new hairstyle? Have you lost 5 kg? Finally cleaned your room? Show how it was before and after the changes.

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Stories: Before / After

4. Location.

People are interested in knowing which places you visit. Add geolocation and show stories from travel, business trips, meetings with friends.


5. Entertaining content.

Gags, viral videos and other entertaining content always grab attention. But do not take pictures and videos from the Internet – it is more interesting for subscribers to watch stories with your participation.

Entertaining content in Stories

More details: Games for Instagram Stories

6. Boomerang and rewind.

Boomerang function allows you to post looped stories. And with the help of rewind, you can make funny videos where you, for example, walk backwards. Turn this format into a game – sing a song and rewind. Let subscribers guess what song it is.

Boomerang and rewind

7. A serial with a character.

If you have a lot of time and you want creativity, you can come up with a series with a character and show it in a story. For example, about a sock walking around the apartment or a potato running away from the kitchen.

Series with a character in a story

8. Life hacks.

Have you just learned to play guitar with your feet? Couldn’t sleep for three days? Laid out a frying pan you forgot in the kitchen a week ago? Tell everyone urgently how you did it! People love life hacks.

You can also publish master classes, lessons, advice on any topic.

Life Hacks on Instagram Stories

9. Emoji slider.

Stories have an interactive sticker – emoji slider. It allows followers to answer questions using a drag and drop emoji. This is how subscribers can share their feelings and emotions with you without words. You can ask how cool the new movie is, what mood your friends are, and whether they like your new photo.

Story Ideas with Emoji Slider

10. Question-answer.

Stories have “Questions” stickers. Convenient because you don’t have to come up with new topics yourself. Just get questions from subscribers, choose the most interesting ones and answer in the following videos.

Question-answer in Instagram Stories

11. Quiz.

Create a multiple choice question (up to four). If the subscriber guessed the correct answer, he will see the fireworks. If not, then the wrong answer will be highlighted in red, and the correct one in green. The voting results will appear in the Stories settings.

Run Story Quizzes

This function can be used for a commercial account, for example, to give a discount or cash prizes to those who answered the question correctly.

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More details: How to make a quiz on Instagram Stories.

12. Use the new Story Creation Mode.

Several new features:

  • the function “Cubes” in Instagram – shows a random post that you shared on the same day in the past;
  • function “GIF” – allows you to create a background in the story in the form of a gif;
  • generating random polls, quizzes and questions.

13. Repost the new post

Whenever you have a new post, to improve its engagement rates, share the post in Stories. In the story itself, add additional elements or write a short announcement.

Repost your new post to Story

14. Start the challenge.

With the challenge sticker you can challenge your friends or followers. To do this, write down a story where you repeat simple movements or do some trick.

Challenge Instagram Sticker

Challenges have already proven their effectiveness on TikTok, now it’s Instagram’s turn.

For a commercial account

1. Announcement of events.

Tell your subscribers about upcoming online and offline events – webinars, product launches, new store openings, and so on.

How to announce an event in a story

2. Promotions and discounts.

Stories with promotions and discounts work no worse than email newsletters, push notifications and promo videos. Plus, they’re free.

Discounts and promotions

3. The process behind the scenes.

Such stories help to be closer to the client. Show the manufacturing process, your office, your employees, how you spend your time during breaks.

Interesting ideas for Instagram stories

4. Question-answer.

Let customers ask questions about a product, service and company, and you answer them in a story.

ideas for Instagram stories with questions

5. Polls.

Conducting audience surveys is a good way to get to know your customers without resorting to marketing agencies.

Ideas for Poll Stories

6. Step by step instructions.

Create step-by-step instructions such as how to use a product, register on a website, or place an order. To do this, add some photos to your story and make a solid background.

ideas for decorating stories on Instagram

7. Competitions.

People love gifts. Make a contest on Instagram and give away a gift certificate, a discount, an event ticket in exchange for reposts. The growth of new subscribers is guaranteed.

Instagram contest

8. Customers in stories.

Show subscribers who won the competition. And also customers with your product. This will increase trust among the rest of your followers. In order for customers to post a photo with the product and put a hashtag, you can motivate them with discounts and gifts.

Clients in Stories

9. Reviews.

Submit real customer reviews. As in the previous case, you can promise a discount for a detailed and honest review.

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Reviews are a cool idea for Instagram stories

10. FAQ – answers to frequently asked questions.

If subscribers ask the same questions too often, you can create a story with answers and reinforce it in relevant stories.

FAQ - answers to frequently asked questions

11. How to use the product.

Show your subscribers how your product can be used. For example, if you are selling paintings, show how they will look in the interior. If clothes, make a story with fashionable images.

How to use the product

12. Prices for goods and services.

Sooner or later, an interested subscriber will ask about the price. In order not to waste time answering direct, post several stories with prices for each specific product or service.

Prices for goods and services in Instagram stories

Or add a “Write to me” sticker so that an interested client can immediately write to you in Direct.

13. News of the day / week.

What’s new in the company today? Another service has appeared, prices have decreased, some function has been added to the site – all this is important to inform subscribers on time.

Daily / weekly news in Stories

14. New article + link to the site.

Now almost every company or specialist has a blog section on the site. A new article has been released – let us know in your story! You can also add a link to the story on your site. Both functions are available to those who have more than 10 thousand followers.

Articles announcement

Direct IG subscribers to your site, make the most of the power of Instagram.

15. Timer with a countdown.

The countdown timer in the story shows the date, time and name of an event. A follower can subscribe to an event and follow the start of its start. In the settings, you can allow subscribers to turn on timer reminders and share stories with friends.

Stories idea with a countdown timer

The timer can be used to announce events, run quick contests, and encourage followers to make a purchase before the promotion ends.

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It was a list of ready-made ideas that would work for anyone. Take and adapt them for your account. For example, if you have a travel agency – do quizzes and surveys about travel, if your personal blog is dedicated to SMM, then tell how you visit conferences and share life hacks for promotion.

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