Ideas for summer posts on Instagram, VK and other social networks


Presenting a selection of “Post Ideas for Summer 2019. Situational marketing is a trend in recent years. It significantly reduces the distance between the brand and the average user: it helps build trust and increases engagement.

By choosing our post ideas as inspiration, you will be sure of a positive reaction from readers. There is no need to reinvent the wheel – all the ideas are on the surface.

To make good use of the ideas in the selection, simply adapt the suggested options to your company and the tastes of your target audience. It is better to include them in the content plan in advance, so that you have time to prepare slowly for the creation of creatives and actions. This way you’ll think through all the details and avoid embarrassing mistakes!


Post ideas for June

June 1: Children’s Day

International Children’s Day. Celebrated since 1956, the holiday focuses on the growth of children’s well-being.


  • Tell the story of the holiday;
  • Hold a charity event and record a video of it;
  • Offer parents a discount for a happy family photo;
  • Have a children’s drawing contest;
  • hold a drawing for a gift among subscribers.


June 3: World Bike Day

The holiday was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 2018 to honor the most environmentally friendly and versatile mode of transportation.


  • Quotes from great people about biking;
  • The perks of bicycling;
  • How to choose a new bicycle;
  • Top 10 gifts for cyclists (try to include your products);
  • Photo contest “Me and My Iron Horse;
  • Bike storage ideas.


June 8: World Oceans Day.

This holiday began to be celebrated since 1992, thanks to the International Conference in Brazil. Its purpose is to create a stable ecological environment and protect the inhabitants of the deep sea.


  • Talk about the planet’s largest bodies of water;
  • Make a themed selection of music;
  • Publish a post about the pollution of the oceans and just water;
  • Hold a raffle for a prize related to water, the ocean, the beach.

June 9: Blowing Bubbles Day


  • The history of soap bubbles;
  • How to make beautiful and strong bubbles with your own hands;
  • a selection of funny photos with bubbles;
  • Photo contest “The Brightest/Biggest Soap Bubble”.


June 11: High Fashion Day


  • Talk about world-famous clothing, accessory brands;
  • Organize a “best couturier/brand/evening look” survey;
  • conduct a quiz on knowledge of modern trends;
  • make a selection of the most ridiculous images of celebrities on the red carpet.
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June 18: International Sushi Day


  • interesting facts about sushi;
  • simple and delicious recipes;
  • discounts on themed products;
  • A poll on “Most Favourite/Favorite Sushi”.

June 25.

In 1967, the Beatles’ iconic song titled “All you need is love” was played for the first time


  • Do a selection of beautiful covers;
  • Bring up the theme of eternal love, joyful moments in relationships;
  • post some wise thoughts about love;
  • share the translation of the song with your followers;
  • shoot your own version of the video.

Content topics for July


July 1: Encyclopedia Birthday

On this day 268 years ago, the first encyclopedia, Volume No. 1 of The Encyclopedia or Explanatory Dictionary of Sciences, Arts and Crafts, appeared.


  • Recall encyclopedias from your childhood;
  • make an encyclopedia of your own brand;
  • share interesting facts from your niche;
  • hold a contest for the best article for your company’s encyclopedia.

July 2: World UFO Day.

Aka Ufologist’s Day. The date commemorates a classified 1947 incident of a flying machine crash.


  • Interesting facts on the topic;
  • “Do you believe in UFOs?” poll;
  • a selection of photos and videos;
  • write a mock instruction manual “How not to behave when you encounter aliens”;
  • hold a “meteor shower of discounts”.

July 5: The Birthday of Tourism

The holiday commemorates the world’s first tourist trip, organized by Thomas Cook.


  • The best inventions in the field of tourism;
  • a fascinating itinerary around your city;
  • an experienced traveler’s checklist;
  • what to see in Russia/Italy/USA.

July 6: World Kiss Day

This is an unofficial holiday that is nevertheless happily celebrated in 60 countries.


  • Ask followers to share their memories of their first kiss;
  • Have a photo contest about it;
  • Make a selection of videos of the softest kisses;
  • Choose the top five iconic kisses;
  • Publish a post about how people from different countries express their sympathy;
  • create an infographic with all kinds of kisses.


July 11: Chocolate Day

The main holiday of sweet-tooth people. It appeared relatively recently (in 1995) thanks to the true connoisseurs of chocolate – the French.


  • The history of chocolate;
  • types of chocolate sweets;
  • Drawing a sweet prize (e.g., a month’s supply of chocolate);
  • Live-tasting of unusual sweets;
  • guided tour of the chocolate factory;
  • a selection of photos, music or films on the theme.
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July 12: Photographer’s Day

The date coincides with St. Veronica’s Day, which is exactly what patronizes members of this profession.


  • A raffle for free participation in an interesting photo shoot;
  • the basics of photo posing;
  • the secrets of perfect composition;
  • a Photoshop lesson for beginners;
  • how to prepare for a photo shoot;
  • interview with a famous photographer.

July 20: International Cake Day

The holiday is dedicated not only to sweets, but also to friendship between people. Its motto is “I’ll come to you with cake.”


  • Post cake recipes;
  • Conduct a survey “Your favorite cake”;
  • Organize a themed photo contest;
  • Make a master class from the confectioner;
  • share a selection of the most unusual cakes;
  • suggest subscribers to come up with their own original variant of filling.


July 31: Harry Potter’s Birthday

Although “Scarface Boy” is just a literary character by Joan Rowling, that doesn’t stop him from being a cultural phenomenon.


  • Interesting quotes from the Potteriana books;
  • a “best book/character/scene from the movie” poll;
  • a contest for knowledge of the world of Harry Potter;
  • how the characters have changed, how the actors have changed;
  • a cosplay contest.

День рождение Гарри Поттера

What to publish in August

August 1: Back to School

Back to school is a month away-it’s time to start preparing for Sept. 1.


  • A checklist for the elementary/middle/senior high schooler;
  • How to choose a backpack and other school supplies;
  • the best stores in town;
  • stylish images for school and college;
  • a raffle of a training course;
  • a selection of teachers’ and students’ pearls.


August 2: International Beer Day

This unofficial holiday is celebrated on the first Friday in August. It has several purposes: to unite people from different countries under the banner of beer, to enjoy the taste of the foamy drink and to congratulate the brewers.


  • Everything about beer varieties;
  • The best beer snacks;
  • Types of unusual beer (dairy, rejuvenating, etc.);
  • tour of the brewery;
  • The cheapest and the most expensive beer in the world;
  • interesting facts about beer;
  • history of brewing.

August 5: International Day of the Traffic Light

The date of the holiday coincides with a significant event – the appearance of the first automatic traffic signal. This occurred in 1914 in Cleveland, USA.


  • History of the emergence of the traffic light;
  • thematic photo collection;
  • interesting facts;
  • monuments to traffic lights;
  • traffic rules;
  • “green light for discounts”.
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August 8: World Cat Day

An unofficial holiday honoring cats, encouraging love and care for purring pets.


  • “My pet” photo contest;
  • kitten gifs;
  • Curious facts about cats;
  • stories about cat heroes;
  • funny videos;
  • raffle of food, toys for cats;
  • Auction of some lot with further transfer of money to animal protection workers;
  • live broadcast from the shelter for homeless animals (give the staff food, ask them to tell about the cats who are looking for a master).

August 9: Book Lovers’ Day

This unofficial holiday is dedicated to reading and the promotion of books. Originally celebrated as National Book Lover’s Day in the United States, it later spread to all countries.


  • The best books of our time;
  • Top 10 must-read books;
  • a quiz on knowledge of the classics;
  • a beautiful poem about books;
  • thematic photo collection;
  • poll “When did you last read a book?
  • review of literary novelties.


August 10: PE Day

The professional holiday of teachers of physical education is celebrated annually on the second Saturday of August. It has been celebrated since 1939.


  • Share effective physical activities;
  • make a music selection for your workouts;
  • add a motivational video;
  • Tell the history of the holiday;
  • Have a marathon or live-streamed sporting event.


August 12: The official birthday of recording

It was on this day 142 years ago that Thomas Edison played the first sound track.


  • Thomas Edison’s 5 unknown inventions;
  • A biography of this American inventor;
  • History of the first soundtrack;
    voice gimmicks.


August 27: the first copy of the Guinness Book of World Records is published

This happened in 1955. The book was 198 pages long.


  • Tell the story of the formation of this publication;
  • make a compilation of the most incredible records;
  • write about how to get into the Guinness Book of World Records;
  • share your company’s little records.


August 29: Michael Jackson’s birthday


  • A selection of the best songs/clips;
  • How the singer’s appearance and work changed;
  • a brief biography;
  • rare photos of Michael Jackson;
  • style secrets.

Take our post ideas for summer 2019, adapt for your brand and your social media. Use the suggested topics to engage your audience and keep their attention.

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