Ideas for VK stories: +31 ideas for stories

Against the background of TT, Insta and clips on VK, stories on VK seemed to have receded into the background, but this tool has great potential, as almost no one uses it (which means that the competition is lower than on Instagram) …

At the same time, stories are shown in the most prominent place – above the news feed in the mobile application and on the VK website. Additional coverage can be obtained using this tool.

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In the article, we will provide several ideas for VK stories – for personal and commercial accounts, as well as for communities.

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Ideas for stories in VK

The VK story editor is much inferior to the Insta editor, for example, it has fewer interactive stickers than IG, and in general there are few stickers – so far only 9.

PS What to do if the idea cannot be implemented using a standard editor – take a story from Insta or a video from Tik-Tok and upload it to VK.

For personal account

1. Tell us about your day. You don’t need stickers for this idea, just tell the camera how your day went and show some pictures. For example, entrepreneur Roman Gorshkov talks about his experience of intermittent fasting, the second screen in the story is training, and the third is a video from the embankment.

Ideas for stories in VK for a personal account

2. Boomerang. These are looped videos that play back and forth. On Instagram stories, they are made in the “Boomerang” mode, and in VK this mode is called “ping-pong”.

An example of such videos:

3. Collage. Lay out a photo collage – this can be a selection of family photos, photos from an event, personal photos (for example, different emotions in the photo) Yu goods (this is for a commercial account).

Collage in VKontakte stories

PS We have already written what applications you can use to create a collage for Instagram stories – this information is also suitable for VK stories.

4. Relay. This is one of the most popular types of stories (though mostly among teenagers). A story is created where subscribers are asked to choose a number, a word, a picture or an emoticon, for example, “Choose a number and I will tell you 3 facts about yourself.” You can add the designation to the numbers: 1 – personal, 2 – about study, 3 – about your hobby. Subscribers send their numbers, answers can be written down in separate stories or sent to subscribers in a personal message.

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The second use case is when the subscribers themselves perform the task based on their choice. There are groups in VK where users share their examples of relay races.

Relay in the history of VKontakte

This idea can be used for commercial accounts, as well as in communities (below we will write how).

5. Video / photo of leisure time with time indication. Social media users love to share their impressions of their leisure time – upload a photo or video and add a time sticker.

History with time

6. Stories with a mention sticker. Tag a friend, colleague, company account or institution in which you were resting in the story.

Stories with mention sticker

How and why to use mentions in stories, we have already written on the example of Instagram.

7. Congratulations to a friend on DR or any other holiday. Just congratulate a friend, colleague, or relative on a significant date. You can use a mention sticker in the congratulation (but not necessarily, if you don’t want everyone to know who the congratulation is about).

How to make congratulations in history

8. Stories with a geolocation sticker. A great way to share stories from a travel, personal or business trip.

Stories with a geolocation sticker

9. Question to subscribers. Ask subscribers questions or have them ask you questions. To get more responses, you can ask something provocative.

How to ask a question in VKontakte history

10. Questionnaire. Previously, there was entertainment at school – filling out questionnaires. Now such a profile can be created online and posted in the story. It differs from the previous idea in that here subscribers are asked several questions at once.

Questionnaire in VK

Something similar can be created for a commercial account or community to get to know your subscribers better, just remove too personal questions from the questionnaire. You can ask questions about the topic of the group or about the products.

11. Remembrance. What did you post on this day a few years ago? There is such a feature on Facebook and has now moved to VK – to post your memories (in the form of a post on the wall or status) of past years.

How to share a memory in a VKontakte story

12. Game “Finish the phrase”. You post the beginning of the phrase in the story, and subscribers should write a continuation through the reply sticker or in the comments.


13. Games and effects from Tik-Tok. There is no such functionality in VK, but you can increase subscriber engagement by uploading videos with effects and games from Tik-Tok. So at the same time promote your account in TT. Read more: Popular effects in Tik-Tok

14. Style and preferences. Show off your style of dress, a selection of your favorite books and films, your favorite dish, your favorite places.

15. Hobby or expert content. Share your hobbies with subscribers or post a story about what you are an expert in, for example, you draw well – show your sketches, a couple of life hacks on drawing, which brushes you use, how to learn how to draw, is it possible to make money from drawing.

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16. Stories with effects and masks. In VK there are effects and masks like Tik-Tok, although there are much fewer of them and they are simpler.

Masks for VK stories

More ideas

What else to upload to a story on VK? Good day wishes, the environment around, what book are you reading now, what movie are you watching, what you ate for breakfast, what you bought in the store, stories with friends, quotes, selfies, what is the weather like you, nature pictures, stories with pets, photos from the window a car or from an airplane (you will definitely be asked where you are going), a screen of funny or pleasant correspondence / comments, anecdotes and memes, photos of your favorite mug, dances, workspace, habits, dreams and your wishes.

For communities and commercial accounts

1. Music. You can advertise a music track or launch a mini-contest – invite subscribers to film a dance for a specific track, and then upload the best video to a story with a mention of the winner.

The idea of ​​a VKontakte story with music

For such stories, you can take orders from musicians who want to promote their music in VK.

2. Questions. This is nothing new – ask questions to community subscribers or company customers to get them active. The sticker “Opinions” is used.

Question ideas for VK history

3. Polls. Create polls with two or more answer options, if you have done such on Instagram Stories – there will be no problems, the appearance of the sticker is almost the same. Read more: How to make a poll in history in VK

4. Community videos. Posts in a group can go unnoticed if the subscriber hasn’t gone there for a long time, but the stories always hang at the top of the feed – this is a good way to remind you of yourself. Post a story on the topic of the group – if it’s about dogs, post a story with dogs, if a group with quotes, post them.

Video idea for VKontakte history

5. Video or photo of the product. It is good to advertise goods and services in stories – your own or someone else’s (partnerships / dropshipping).

You can post a photo or video with a product, or you can use the “Product” sticker – you are allowed to add products posted in the corresponding catalog in VK or from the Aliexpress website.

Product Story Themes

6. Reviews. Submit customer reviews to increase interest in your products and services.

How to post a review in VK history

7. Engaging stories, the purpose of which is to encourage subscribers to write to you in a personal, like, write a comment.

8. Examples of work (portfolio). Show examples of your work. In the story below, the tattoo artist shows the tattoo done and offers to sign up with her to get the same one. Motivates with discounts until the end of August.

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Work examples

9. Serial content. You can shoot mini-series with a plot or unfinished videos with a call to like / write a comment to see the second part (this feature is now very popular in Tik-Tok, you can adopt it for VK).

10. Tests. Use the Poll sticker to create interactive tests. You can come up with tests on a community theme, by brand (for a commercial account).

11. Relay. We already wrote above that you can use relay races for commercial accounts or communities. The simplest example: a story with the task “Write a number and I will send you a personal catalog of goods with a price list: 1 – a catalog of dresses, 2 – a catalog of shoes, 3 – a catalog with hats.”

By the way, you can also use the Poll sticker for this task.

12. Games and quizzes. The easiest way to entertain your community subscribers is to create games for them.

Examples of games:

  • collect a word from letters;
  • came to the comments on the stories with an emoticon with which our community is associated;
  • came to the community under a fixed post a photo of what your phone’s camera is currently looking at;
  • cities;
  • repost the story on your wall and see which emoticon will be sent to you in the comments (a list of emojis and the designation of each in the story, for example, “smile heart – love, winking smile – want to be friends”).

Examples of games for VK stories

13. Competitions. In a story, you can announce a competition in the VKontakte group or hold a competition directly in a story using an idea with games, polls or a relay race – the winner can be determined by the comments on the story.

14. Advertising. Everyone is used to ads in community posts, but you can also post ads in Stories. Above we have already written what is the advantage of stories over regular posts in the community.

15. Challenge. Tik-Tok challenges are super-popular, Instagram has already created a sticker with challenges, hoping to repeat the success of TT, but VK … there is nothing like that. Create your own challenge, add friends using the mention sticker – let them repeat.


Use personal stories and stories of VKontakte communities to engage subscribers and promote your account / public. In fact, a story on VK and a story on Instagram perform the same tasks – to attract attention and increase interest in the profile, stir up the audience, get new customers, remind about yourself, post a short video or photo when there is no time for a full post, spend competition, announce an event, tell about a product / service

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