IGTV: Instagram TV – what it is and an overview of how it works

Officially! Instagram has released an IGTV app in addition to its main one.

The new application will be fully synchronized with your main Instagram profile and will allow you to post long, vertical videos with a duration from 15 seconds to 60 minutes. Let’s download the application and figure out how everything works in it.

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IGTV Review for Instagram – How It Works

The goal of the developers was not to create another streaming platform with streaming video, but a platform as close as possible to the TV format. Launched the application and look right away. Wherein live broadcasts for the main profile are not canceled.

When you enter the application, the video starts playing immediately and there are 4 main sections:

  • For you – a selection of recommended videos;
  • Subscriptions – here are videos of those you subscribed to on Instagram;
  • Popular – videos with the most views;
  • Look beyond – entries that you overlooked.

To get rid of the bottom menu, just tap on the video itself and at the bottom you will be able to like and comment, as well as share the video. To return navigation – swipe up on the screen.

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As you can see, the main becomes popular and recommended content, from which we can conclude that IGTV in the form in which it is right now is suitable for popular blogger accounts and viral videos. To a lesser extent for recruiting a subscription base. At the same time, subscriptions and subscribers on IGTV and Instagram are also synchronized.

How to upload videos to IGTV

While the application is raw and it is not so easy to find the video download button. But we did it 😉

To do this, on the main screen, you need to click on the gear icon after that, then go to the settings and on the first visit, it will light there – “Create channel”.

How to upload videos to IGTV

Next, you will return to the main screen, where you need to tap on your avatar – after that your channel will open. There will be a button “Download video” – click and select a video on your phone (after downloading the first video, a new one will be added by clicking on the plus sign in the middle of the screen on the right).

Add video to Instagram TV

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Video requirements

Remember the app is built to show vertical videos, the horizontal ones will be clipped.

At the moment, the video is no less than 15 seconds long, but no more than 10 (in the future, 60 minutes).

MP4 format

Video settings

Before publishing, you have access to the following settings for the published video:

  • Cover – this can be a frame from a video or any picture from a phone (it is better to make it in advance);
  • Title – we write here, catchy headline;
  • Description – here we indicate what our video is actually about.
  • Link to Facebook page.
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After specifying all the necessary settings and clicking the “Publish” button, the video will go into download mode. Your channel page will have a progress bar showing when the download is finished.

Requirements and setting of IGTV video

After you upload and publish the first video on IGTV, on the profile page, a button will appear in front of the current stories to view your videos in the new application. At the same time, your subscribers do not need to install IGTV at all in order to watch your videos, like and comment.


At the moment, the statistics section is very scarce and you will find the following indicators in it:

  • number of views;
  • number of likes and comments;
  • audience retention.

How to share a video from IGTV

You can share video from your channel only by sending it in the form of stories to direct friends or a group of subscribers.

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What’s next for IGTV

Most likely, like Instagram Stories, the new addition will gain momentum and gradually build its audience. At the same time, full-fledged competition with YouTube is hardly possible, because YouTube is both a search engine and a more familiar format. I think a lot of commercial profiles will use this to create short presentation videos.

Also, the absence of advertising can be noted, but as we understand it is a matter of time and a new placement in the advertising office will appear very soon.

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