In Odnoklassniki, you can configure action buttons in a group

The social network “Odnoklassniki” has launched action buttons on the pages of groups. Administrators will be able to add 1 or 2 buttons. Target action buttons will be located next to the group’s avatar.

Let’s figure out how to add main buttons in a group in Odnoklassniki and what actions can be selected for them.

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How to add an action button in a group in Odnoklassniki

To set up action buttons in a group in Odnoklassniki, go to the social network and open your group.

Step 1… Click on 3 points to call the group menu and select the “Settings” item.

Step 2… The community management window will open, here we go to the “Profile View” section.

Profile view in Odnoklassniki

Step 3… Next, you need to configure the “Main buttons on the group page”, for this you need to select the action of the first and second buttons.

For example, we selected “Action – Follow the link”, “Button name – More”.

The main buttons on the group page in Odnoklassniki

You can also choose other actions:

  • Posts»Users will be sent to the group’s private messages and will be able to ask questions.
  • Button “Call»In Odnoklassniki will allow you to make a call if you press it in the mobile version or in the application. In the web version of Odnoklassniki, when clicking this button, the user will see the company’s phone number.
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Finally, save your changes. Using action buttons, companies will be able to promote their website or application, and users can call or write brands in one click.

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