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When choosing a bookmaker, it is necessary to take into account many parameters. To make it easier for you to find and save your time, we have processed a large amount of information.

21 january 2019

When choosing a bookmaker, it is necessary to take into account many parameters. To make it easier for you to find and save your time, we have processed a large amount of information. In order to find the optimal solution, we bring to your attention the rating of bookmakers from the Online Bookmakers portal. Here you can find the most accurate TOP bookmaker companies by the most relevant factors.

# 1: “Leon”

It is one of the oldest companies that allows users to place bets on all kinds of sports events. “Leon” is officially licensed to carry out betting activities in the country. Online reviews from users reflect an objective picture – the bookmaker deserves the attention of every bettor. According to the reliability and the evaluation of the players, “Leon” takes the first place in the rating.

# 2: 1X Bet

This broker came in second place, since it was not possible to hide small flaws due to its great popularity. Users, according to an overall rating, rated this bookmaker at 4.9 points out of 5. The company offers high odds, favorable betting conditions. If you are a beginner, you can also start with this company.

# 3: Pari-Match

We also often find advertising of this bookmaker on the Internet. The company offers over 30 sports for betting. And upon registration, users have the opportunity to receive a bonus of 2500 rubles. The players rated this bookmaker at 4.2 points out of 5 possible.

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# 4: Winline

This broker is in fourth place according to user ratings. Winline’s short history will allow the company to reveal its advantages in the future. Now, to attract new players, the most comfortable conditions are being created with a bonus offer of 16,000 rubles.

# 5: Marathon

Marathon Beth is far from a new company. Its advertising is not so active on the web, so the number of users who voted for it is not so great. Upon registration, users can receive a bonus in the form of an advance bet. Another feature is the absence of hidden withdrawal fees. Everything is transparent and honest.

# 6: Melbet

Melbet is a promising bookmaker company. Its representatives should have worked more actively on the loyalty program, offering clients favorable terms of cooperation. This bookmaker has a good perspective if it can entice some of the clients of other companies.

# 7: Fonbet

Fonbet is an unremarkable bookmaker, which is noted for the stability and information content of the site. As with other bookmakers, with Fonbet you can place bets on Live events, bet multipliers, on single events, and follow online sports matches and fights.

# 8: Betcity

Betcity is a bookmaker focused on the Russian market. One of its shortcomings is the complete absence of a loyalty program. And of the advantages – Russian-language technical support, stability of work and reliability of payments. There will be no difficulties when registering adults.

# 9: Olympus

This broker has an average user rating of 3.6 points. Someone complains about the untimely withdrawal of funds, and someone about the difficult conditions of user verification. But there are no complaints about the reliability of the bookmaker, so it ranks ninth in the rating.

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# 10: League Betting

League of Betting is a completely legal bookmaker. Due to certain legislative regulations, users are faced with the difficulty of verification, the need to confirm personal data. For all other parameters, the company deserves the attention of bettors.

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