Infopoints of the week: memes and trends to post for your business



What Happened

As more and more photos from the set of “Barbie” appear on the Internet, the number of memes with characters from the upcoming movie is also increasing. Previously, a photo with Ryan Gosling as Ken shot up; this time, the focus is on a scene in which the main characters are roller-skating in brightly colored costumes.

By the way, many designers paid attention to the pink color. Take a closer look and you.

How to use it

  • You can play on nostalgia and make a selection of things, as it was before and now;
  • Release a pink copy of your product (or draw a mock-up) and say it will supposedly appear in the new Barbie movie.


Stranger Things

What Happened

The fourth season of the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things” has been discussed all June. And on July 1, the final episodes of the fourth season of “Stranger Things” were released. To give you an idea of the scale – just in the first week after its release, the total viewing time for the series exceeded 7 billion (!) minutes.

How to use it

  • Think of contests and activations that will appeal to fans;
  • Use references and memes in your posts, but be careful about copyright.

Psychotherapy isn’t enough.

What happened.

In late June, the meme “Psychotherapy isn’t enough” (“Therapy isn’t enough”) became popular in tiktok. In commercials, the phrase is used to deal with abusers or solve a difficult problem.

How to use it

  • Make a clip/reel/story where your product proves to be more useful than therapy.
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The fast food chain KFC came up with a new cutlery item -… “finger sporks”

Interesting creativity from the international division of KFC.

Sweaty Elvis

What happened

On June 29, a news account on Twitter posted photos from the filming of “Elvis.” The photo depicts Elvis – sweaty, stern and creepy. He was photoshopped for a promo for the Hot Ones show (stars eat spicy wings in interviews), and others got involved next.

Clown Lawyer Girl

What Happened

Clown Girl from the Japanese computer game Ace Attorney went viral back in 2016 because of her outstanding form. But on June 22, a major YouTube channel released its new version of Ace Attorney. This gave a new spin to memes and drawings.

Goth girl behind the wheel of big machinery

What happened

Videos are gaining popularity in America’s Tic Tac Toc, in which a fragile goth girl winds up various large machinery and drives it. The videos are gaining a lot of views, as they cause dissonance in viewers because of so many contrasts. You can even find fan art on the Internet already.


What happened

The meme was popular in early June, but our selection didn’t exist then. The essence of the trend is to photoshop famous characters and people into a stereotypical zoomer hairstyle with a perm.

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