Instagram account for an ophthalmology clinic: what to post


Yes, that’s a problem. Making a medical account original is not easy. We run an ophthalmology clinic publisher and face this all the time. How do you diversify serious content? How can I present complicated medical information in a clear and interesting way?
We tell you in this article.

We have been providing SMM support for 4 accounts of clinics. During this time we have adjusted the strategy, changed the design, was searching for information. But one thing has remained paramount – medical accuracy, expertise and at the same time ease and creativity of presentation.

The main product of the clinic is vision correction and all posts are built around it. Posting 3 times a week brings up the issue of finding different angles of view on the same thing. Signs of disease, diagnosis, surgery process, prohibitions after correction, working off fears and objections… All this has to be served in “different sauce,” and regularly.

Here is how we make the content varied:

Use questions from “direct”

It’s a gold mine. If you manage a medical account, you know that questions in Direct come in all kinds. Sometimes even curiosities. Use that in your posts.

Non-standard presentation of expert content

Doctor’s comments and his appearance in the posts are a logical and even obligatory component of a medical publicity. In order not to look boring, we make a dynamic video with the doctor. For example, in the style of “one day in the life,” or in the style of “portrait” with a story about the choice of profession and even the nuances of personal…

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Patient stories

This is also a dynamically composed video with a story in the first person of real patients who underwent eye correction. This, by the way, perfectly work off the objections of doubting patients. We are looking for different visual formats for these stories. Right now, for example, we’re in the experimental stage – we’re shaping patient feedback in a “carousel.” This should increase engagement (on VKontakte, too). But we haven’t accumulated a sufficient evidence base yet, so we watch…


We try to work with a wide field of interests of our customers and use bright infopods, introducing in them the information we need. That’s how we beat the FIFA World Cup:


We use different Internet memes and put them in the form we need. Or we take the classic problems of people with bad eyesight and play upon them very correctly.

IMPORTANT: What you need to keep in mind when running a medical account:
– You can’t make guarantees. It’s against the law! You can’t guarantee the result of a medical service, either in an advertisement or in an informational piece. It is punishable by a fine.
– On all visual and text materials, you must always write the full text: “There are contraindications, you need to consult a specialist”. This text should occupy not less than 5% of the area in photos and videos.
– Advertising posts should also include the number of the medical license.

In fact, there are many more tricks for making eye clinic content diverse. But, in our opinion, you shouldn’t go overboard with creativity in the medical publicity. There is a very fine line here, crossing which you will lose the trust of your patients. That’s why we’ve adopted the methods we’ve tested and follow a single strategy.

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