Instagram added new effects to Boomerang mode: Slowmo, Echo and Duo

Instagram has added 3 new effects for shooting in Boomerang mode. Now, when creating stories, users can choose one of the effects:

  • SlowMo – allows you to slow down video playback;
  • Echo – with which you can add motion blur;
  • Duo – which sharply rewinds the video to the beginning with a noise effect.

This was reported on the official Instagram account on Twitter.

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How to make an Instagram story with a slowmo effect, echo and duet

To shoot and post on Instagram a story with new effects, start creating a story.

Select Boomerang shooting mode and record video. After that, click on the boomerang icon in the top toolbar.

A panel with a choice of effects will appear at the bottom: normal mode, slowo, echo and duet. We tap on the desired effect and see what happens.

How to Slomo Instagram Stories

Finally, we confirm the changes by clicking on the checkmark and publish the version you like.

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Boomerang effects on Instagram Stories

New functionality for recording stories is another step that brings Instagram closer to the Tik-Tok format. Earlier, we wrote that Instagram is testing features similar to the video editing tools in TikTok.

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