Instagram added “Serial” option to IGTV to categorize videos

This week, Instagram added a new “Serial” option to IGTV. This will allow creators to categorize their videos or collect them as series. Also, it will be possible to notify subscribers about the release of a new video.

The new “Serial” option will allow you to add marks to the video, corresponding to a category or topic. By clicking on this tag, the viewer will go to a separate tab where he can watch all videos on this topic, as well as enable notifications about new videos.

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How to Create a TV Show from IGTV Videos and Add Category Tag to Videos

To create an IGTV series and add the first video to it, proceed as follows.

Step 1… Open the IGTV app, start posting the video, and select the video on your phone.

Step 2… Customize your video cover by marking the frame you want or uploading a picture from the gallery. Click Next.

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Step 3… Enter a title and description for the video. After that, just below, click “Add to series”

How to make an IGTV series on Instagram

Step 4… The first time you do this, an information window will open. Click “Create your first TV series”.

Create your first series

Step 5… We write the name and description of the series, click to continue. A window opens, where the entire list of TV shows on your IGTV channel will now be shown. Below will be the opportunity to create another series. We mark the desired one with a tick and tap “Next”.

How to create a series on IGTV

Finally, click “Publish” video.

In addition to new videos, videos that have already been published on IGTV can be added to the series. To do this, simply edit them and add them to the appropriate category.

Let us remind you that earlier on Instagram it became possible to delete applications with access to your account.

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