Instagram announced the next stage of IGTV monetization

Over the past few months, Instagram has been working to launch IGTV monetization. Instagram invited contributors to test IGTV commercials in March and has now announced a wide rollout of in-content ads.

Starting next week, IGTV ads will run on all long videos. Initially, IGTV ads will appear when people click on a video in their feed.

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Video ads will be mobile responsive. The duration of advertising videos will be no more than 15 seconds. During the year, Instagram will test various ad options, the ability to skip ads, and so on, in order to come up with a final option that will suit users, authors and advertisers.

Instagram will share IGTV ad revenue with video creators, giving them more incentives to create content. Authors will receive 55% of IGTV content ad revenue, which is in line with YouTube ad revenue. This will help Instagram become a more attractive platform for bloggers.

The lack of monetization tools for long Instagram videos has been a major obstacle to IGTV’s development ever since. But if creators are motivated to create and post more content, this can lead to rapid growth and development of the platform.

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Instagram will begin testing IGTV ads with a group of authors and advertisers in the US and will gradually expand as the experience improves.

Earlier, Facebook began testing viewing Instagram stories through the Facebook app.

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